Children's Book Recommendations from My Nieces
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Children's Book Recommendations from Sara

My friend Sara, a counselor who works with parents and also the mother of two elementary school children, took time out of her busy schedule to suggest many great books, classified by age range. Sara's children also participated, making sure that their mother didn't neglect any favorites. As you can see, these are two kids who love books! Sara's list follows, with Amazon links.

Picture Books

Books with Pictures, But for Older Kids

Early Readers

First Chapter Books

Better Readers (About 2nd Grade)

3rd Grade Plus

I also spent a delightful evening at Sara's house in Lexington, MA over the holidays, looking through various picture books, and have added many of those to the list above. My thanks to Sara and her family for being such great friends, and for contributing these many children's book ideas. Happy Reading to All in 2006! -- Jen