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My Lists of Books (Read and To Read)

For about a year now I've been keeping my lists of books to read, and books that I've read, on a website. Until recently, I kept this list private. However, I was inspired by reading Jamie's lists at Once Upon A Story to go ahead and make my own lists public. You can find them at I have broken out my lists into several categories:

The Kids Recommended page may be of particular interest to readers from this blog. Here I'm listing not necessarily books that I've read, but books for which I've seen great reviews, or which my friends and site visitors have recommended. I will certainly be adding books that I especially like. The page is a work in process, and I welcome your feedback. The books are broken down by age.

One other note is that I do maintain lists of books that I didn't like or don't finish, but I have chosen not to make those public. I have a pretty short attention span sometimes, and don't believe that I've necessarily given these books a fair chance. Therefore, I would not want to harm any authors by going public with my "didn't like" lists. I think that writers have a hard enough time as it is. My goal is to support them, by giving other readers the opportunity to hear about great books (especially children's books). Vist my book list website for more information, and some great book suggestions.

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