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Receive Email Updates from this Site: FeedBurner and FeedBlitz

Since I started this site, I have supported the ability for users to subscribe to the site's RSS feed (where you automatically get news updates through an aggregator). I've recently started offering an RSS feed through FeedBurner, which will let me collect some statistics on how many people are viewing the content. To sign up for the feed, just click on the "subscribe to this site" link below the "RSS Feed" header in the right-hand column.

However, I think that many people who visit this site have never even heard of RSS feeds, and would be more comfortable receiving updates via email. Therefore, I've also started using a service called FeedBlitz. Through FeedBlitz, you can now subscribe to receive a daily email containing the full text of any articles that I've written that day. On days when I don't write any articles, you will not receive any email. The messages are sent out by FeedBlitz, and you can make your entry private if you like so that I don't see your email address. (To do this, log in to your FeedBlitz account, click on the Profile link, and check the box marked "Private").

To subscribe to receive email updates of this site's content, enter your email address in the form in the right-hand column, and click the "Subscribe me!" button. FeedBlitz will then send you an email message with a confirmation link. (If you do not click on the confirmation link, your subscription will not be added.) I think that this will be an effective way for you to hear about new content related to literacy and children's books. However, as FeedBlitz is a new service to me, please let me know if you have any problems with it. Thanks!! -- Jen

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