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Using Audiobooks to Get Children to Read More

I just read an article by Karen MacPherson of the Toledo Blade (published in the Pasadena Star News). The article suggests that audio books are a key tool in getting children to read more. Some reasons listed why kids are attracted to audio books include the coolness factor (being able to download a book onto an MP3), and the ability to listen to an audiobook while also doing something else. (The latter makes sense to me. I listen to books on MP3 whenever I'm out walking. This has a dual benefit for me - I get to listen to great books, and I end up walking more, because I get interested in what I'm listening to.)

The article goes on to reference statistics about the growth of the audio book industry in general, and the children's book segment in particular, with the Harry Potter books as the new gold standard. Finally, Ms. MacPherson concludes by citing experts to make the point that "listening to books is a great tool to help students develop reading skills".

As someone who wants to see more students develop reading skills, and who also loves listening to audio books, I thought that the article made some excellent points. I am an subscriber, and used my subscription to listen to many great children's books last year, including:

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