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Boys and Reading

Catching up on some blog reading after my trip to the East Coast, I noticed a link (and short review) on the Kids Lit blog to an article by Debbie Glasser in the Miami Herald about "tips that might make your son a reader." If you are a parent or caregiver trying to raise boys who are eager readers, you should definitely read this article. The article discusses some of the "unique challenges" that boys may face in trying to become avid readers. These include:

  • "a stream of electronic messages about what defines masculinity"
  • The fact that "boys may perceive reading as a girl thing.''
  • And the fact that primary school teachers (mostly female) and moms may make choices based on their own sensibilities.

The article goes on to discuss reasons why it's important for boys to become readers, with quotes from William G. Brozo, Ph.D., professor of literacy at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. It closes with some concrete tips for building literacy in boys. These include starting a book club, looking for books with male characters, and looking "outside the book" at magazines, comics, and books on tape. But you should check out the full article for details.