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Children's Literacy Round-Up: March 3

Happy World Book Day!

Today is World Book Day, and also (not coincidentally) Dr. Seuss's birthday. So, take a moment to think good thoughts about Dr. Seuss, and to buy or borrow books for your kids. And take more than a moment to read the books with your kids. If you are looking for suggestions, the icWales website has a great article containing hints for encouraging reluctant readers, and listing favorite childhood reads of several London authors. There is, not surprisingly, a bit of a UK slant to the specific books listed, but many of the ideas are universal. For example:

  • From Debbie Williams, children's buyer for Waterstones: "Always keep a book in the car and pack a few favourite reads when going on holidays. Reading is a great way to while away any time spent in traffic jams." She add this advice: "The most important thing to remember is to let children read what they want to read. If they are forced to read what is 'good for them' they will soon be turned off books." She has a whole list of other great suggestions in the article, too.
  • Gwyneth Rees, child psychologist and children's author, suggests "Look for books that deal with a subject your child is really into (be it horses, football, fairies or whatever)" and "Ask the child about the book - be interested in it".

Read the full article for more details and book suggestions (especially if you are in the UK, where more of the suggested books are accessible). And wherever you are, if you have the chance, celebrate World Book Day by reading with a child. You'll be glad that you did.

You can also find a nice review of a biography of Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss) at BookMoot today. And there is a nice article about Dr. Seuss's legacy here. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! -- Jen