Third Carnival of Children's Literature
A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life: Dana Reinhardt

The Never Ending Story Website

A visitor to my book lists site told me about a new, UK-based website called The Never Ending Story. Participants have to register to use the site. Once you register, you can participate in the writing of stories and poems. For each continuing story, people can sign up to write the next page. The site editors select what they feel is the best submission, and post it on the website. The idea is to publish a book once the story reaches a sufficient length. There is a similar continuing poem.

I think that it's an interesting idea, one that may appeal to people who would like to dabble in writing, and/or explore alternative paths to getting their writing published. Or, it might appeal to you if you just love stories. There is no fee to sign up.

I don't think that this is quite my thing - I like my stories long, continuous and uninterrupted, and reading a story a little bit at a time doesn't have much appeal. But I am all in favor of stories in general. And I could see this being of interest to some of the other visitors to my site. So I point you to The Never Ending Story website as something worth checking out.