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Children's Literacy Round-Up: May 19th

Here are some community literacy-related stories that caught my eye and warmed my heart this week:

  • Canada.com published a nice feature article by Camille Bains on Saturday, May 13th, about how popular reading is among Canadian teens these days. "Brenda Halliday, a librarian at the Canadian Children's Book Centre, said books for young people are hotter than ever these days." The article particularly notes the proliferation of Canadian children's authors, a big change from 30 years ago. "This year, the book centre's annual book week will be held between Nov. 18 and 25 and will feature 29 authors and illustrators who will tour the country to read to young adults. "It's just like bringing in a rock star," recalled Halliday from her days as a school librarian." Isn't that great! Young adult authors being treated like rock stars.
  • An elementary school in Nebraska recently sponsored a family literacy night called "Books and Basketball Before Bed". According to the May 15th La Vista Sun, "Each student was given a free book, had the opportunity to talk with players from the Bellevue University basketball team and shared some reading time with parents and friends." Parents were also given a book about the importance of reading aloud.
  • Julia Randall Elementary school in Payson, AZ recently held a Young Authors Day. According to a May 16th article by Carol La Valley in the Payson Roundup, "local teachers and other authors helped bring the magic of story telling to students." The idea is that kids enjoy writing stories, and that by writing, they improve their skills, and also learn to love books more. Sounds good to me!
  • In Kenton County, Kentucky, the public library gets kids excited about books by sending the Read Racer around to day care centers, pre-schools, and Head Start programs. "The Read Racer, a NASCAR-inspired RV loaded with books for children, is the trademark of the Library's Racing to Read program... The goal of this program is to enhance each child's readiness for reading before they enter kindergarten by providing books and enrichment activities". And they do it with such flair! You can read about it a May 18th Community Press article by Elaine Koenig and Lisa Tewes.
  • In New Jersey, 16-year-old Eagle Scout Andrew Rullo "is expanding the children's library at the South Brunswick YMCA by holding a book drive and organizing all the donated materials he receives." In a write-up by Stephanie Brown in the South Brunswick Post, there's a quotation from Andrew about why he chose this project: ""They had all these things set up for the kids, but no books," he said, explaining that the children's library consisted of only one magazine-rack worth of literature. "I thought, 'I've got to get these kids some books.'"" This is a kid after my own heart!

Have a great weekend!