Children's Literacy Round-Up: May 12
Happy Mother's Day

New Resource List for Parents

I'm happy to announce a new resource list for parents, available on my GrowingBookworms website. It's a list of books related to the human body, puberty, and related issues. There are sections describing books for children about birth and reproduction, books for pre-teens about puberty, and books for parents. There is also a collection of Internet links for finding more information.

This resource list was compiled and annotated by my friend Sara Lane, founder of Parents Prepare, a provider of parenting education services. Sara has a masters degree in counseling psychology and a certificate of graduate studies in family support and parenting education. She has more than 15 years of combined experience teaching and facilitating groups. Her focus is on health education and prevention. She recommends all of these books personally, and was generous enough to share her list with visitors to my website.

If you have feedback about the resource list, please comment here, and I will be sure to share your feedback with Sara. I hope that you find this list useful. I will be adding other resource lists to my GrowingBookworms site in the future.