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48 Hour Book Challenge this Weekend

If you've been paying attention at all, you'll know that this weekend is The 48 Hour Book Challenge, a gauntlet thrown down by MotherReader. The idea is to read and review as many books as you can over a 48-hour period (fourth-grade level and up, no reading 100 picture books). It's not too late to participate, if this catches your interest.

I'll be reading. I checked out several books from the library this week, and also have a stack of books from a recent bookstore binge. Definitely more than I'll actually have time to read. Fortunately for me (not so much for him), Mheir is on call this weekend, which buys me extra reading time. And while I'd love to see my father, he's 3000 miles away, so that's not in the cards either. I plan to start on Friday (tomorrow) just as soon as I can get my work done for the day, and continue until that time on Sunday.

I also have to share with you one other post about plans for reading this weekend. Tadmack from Finding Wonderland is planning to use the cool girls list as a guide to what books to read for the challenge. And I quote: "What I am inspired to do, though, is read the Cool Girl novels this weekend that I haven't yet read. I may not get them all written up in time to qualify for the 48 Hour Book Challenge, but I'm already making lists and gloating because Liesel, main character in Markus Zusak's latest novel counts as a cool girl, and that one's already next to my bed."

I love it! I do have a goal myself of reading about all of the cool girls that I haven't met yet, but I'm not ambitious enough to try that this weekend. Tadmack is my new hero.

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