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Pond Scum Summer Reading Book-Toon

Back in March I reviewed, and enjoyed, Alan Silberberg's Pond Scum. It's a middle grade novel about a boy who finds a way to transform himself into creature form (fly, fish, salamander, etc.), and his adventures with the inhabitants of a local pond. (My review was also included in the April issue of the online literature journal The Edge of the Forest.)

Today I received an email from Alan Silberberg, bringing to my attention his "book-toon" promoting summer reading, popsicles, and Pond Scum. You can find it here. I thought that it was pretty entertaining. Kids who already like the book will certainly get a kick out of it. You have to love an author who includes a little animation on his site, with only the following review blurb in it (from an 11-year-old fan): "It grossed me out in every way." Only with kids is that a rave review. In any case, I'm in favor of children's book authors promoting summer reading, of course, so I wanted to bring this book-toon to your attention.

I also learned, from poking around at his website, that Alan Silberberg now has a blog: Adventures in Pond Scum. There are only a couple of posts so far, but hopefully he'll do more with it over time.