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Friday Morning Visits: June 16

I plan to be reading this weekend (because of the 48 hour book challenge), instead of visiting other blogs, so I'm bringing you my blog visits post a couple of days early. Here are a few things that you shouldn't miss.

  • Liz B. from A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy has a new blog (with her friend Chris). It's called Librarian's Most Wanted, and it's about what Liz and Chris have on their "to read" and "to watch" lists, and why they picked these books or movies. I think that once you trust someone else's reading opinions, knowing what else they want to read and why is extremely useful information. It's sure to be a hit.
  • I learned from this post at A Fuse #8 Production that Annette Simon's Mocking Birdies (reviewed here) made the list of American Institute of Graphic Arts' AIGA 50 books/50 covers for the year. It's a wonderful book, with a gorgeous cover. You should definitely check it out. My congratulations to Annette!
  • And speaking of A Fuse #8 Production, our very own Miss Fuse was interviewed on a local news station in New York. She'll be taking over the world before we know it. Miss Fuse is also collecting votes right now for the top 25 children's books of the past 25 years. You can see the full set of nominations on her site. She asks votes to pick 3 picture books and 3 fiction titles. It's a great list!
  • In sadder news, Sally at All About Children's Books announced this week that once she's finished reviewing her current stack of books, she'll be signing off. She's concerned about the time she spends on the Internet instead of with the real people in her life (OK, aren't we all at risk there?), and she has family/religious reasons for wanting to get the internet out of her house. She needs to do what's best for her, of course, but she'll be missed.
  • Not to be missed: Kelly's Tuesday round-up of children's book reviews at Big A little a. Young adult books continue to be very popular. I had a record (for me) five reviews in this round-up. I've been in a pretty good reviewing groove lately. But there are many many other great books to learn about. 
  • In a cross-blog collaboration, Susan at Chicken Spaghetti hosts a guest article by Michele from Scholar's Blog: An Intro to Terry Pratchett. If you've thought about reading some Pratchett, but been daunted by the sheer volume of his books, this article can help you to get started.
  • Students for Literacy Ottawa is looking for summer reading recommendations and reviews. You can find details here. There is a prize for contributing: "Lyndsay will personally mail a snazzy Frontier College Ottawa pen in an envelope coloured with her very own Crayolas to any SFLO volunteer who submits a contribution." In a shameless plea for attention, the post also features a photo of a naked man reading a script.
  • And, on a blog that I've only just discovered, Jennifer from Snapshot writes about her seven-year-old daughter's book addiction. If you're here reading this, you can probably relate.

Happy reading to all! I'm starting the book challenge at noon (PST).