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Children's Books and Margaritas

I've just returned from several days in Austin. While I was there, I managed to take a small break from meetings to have a drink with Chris Barton, fellow kid lit blogger and children's picture book writer. You can read a post from Chris about our meeting here.

What impressed me about Chris, in the short time that I talked with him, was how disciplined he is about finding time to write and blog about children's books, while holding down an unrelated full-time job and sharing in the education of his kids (he regularly writes about the books he's using to help his kids learn about history, for example, here). I hold down a full-time job, too, and I find just juggling that and having a personal life and working on my blog to be hard enough to balance, without doing any non-blog writing at all. Still, it was motivational for me to talk with someone else who came relatively late in life to the children's book arena, and who also finds joy in it.

Talking about children's books while drinking a margarita in my old stomping ground of Austin, Texas (I went to graduate school there a while back). Pretty cool. I also spent some time talking about books with a 12-year-old friend's girl scout troop while I was in Austin, and will be sharing some of their recommendations in the next issue of The Edge of the Forest. It was mostly a work trip, but I was happy to get some good kid lit discussions in, too. I hope to get more caught up with my blog, and post some of my delinquent reviews, in the next few days.