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Cybils Young Adult Committee Recent Reviews

The Young Adult Fiction committee for the 2006 Cybils Awards has been hard at work weeding through the many nominations, reading books, and, when they can spare the time, writing reviews. These are the brave committee members who will be first whittling this list down the FIVE (the nominating committee's job) and then selecting a winner (the judging committee's job). Many thanks for all of their work so far, and all of their work to come! Links to their recent reviews of nominated titles are below.

Nominating Committee:

Judging Committee:

Here are links to reviews of YA nominated books written by Cybils YA committee members since the start of the awards process. This is NOT the complete list of nominations (and probably not the complete list of their reviews, though I tried). I'll be posting a full list of all of the nominated titles after nominations close on Monday. Currently the list is at 70 titles.

Happy reading