Cybils YA Fiction Shortlist is Complete
Children's Literacy Round-Up: January 4th

The Top 5 in YA Fiction

I'm a bit delayed in posting this here, but the top five lists for the Cybils have been released. With many thanks to the nominating committee (Sara, TadMack, Jackie, Little Willow, and Mindy), who read through some 80 titles, and engaged in thoughtful and far-reaching discussions, we have the top five:

Above, I've linked to reviews by the nominating committee members, and to my own reviews. Of course there are many other reviews of these books out there, but this should give you enough information to go on. I personally think that the committee did an amazing job. I've read three of the books on the list, and they were all among my very favorites of the year. Of course they had a lot of wonderful books to choose from, but that made narrowing down to five that much harder.

The nominating committee is still actively discussing the books (the winners and others). Be sure to check out the group's listing of the YA Hall of Fame (posted by Little Willow). It's kind of a yearbook-like best of list (homecoming queen, most likely to kick butt, etc.). Another version of the list, with commentary, is available at Finding Wonderland. Special kudos also go to TadMack, who read all of the nominated titles (see all of her reviews at Reader's Rants). We started out with 80 titles, and moved one over to Fantasy/SF mid-way through. See also Mindy's post about What I Learned from the Cybils, and her own Best of 2006 lists.

Many many thanks to Anne and Kelly for organizing this, to the publishers for generously contributing reading copies, and to the nominating committee. The judging committee is already hard at work, reading and re-reading the five finalists. More about them soon. As for myself, I'm collecting copies of the Middle Grade nominees, because I'll be a judge in that category.

Happy New Year!