Sunday Afternoon Visits: March 18
Further Fame...

The 12th Carnival of Children's Literature

The 12th Carnival of Children's Literature is now available at Midwestern Lodestar. The depth and breath of submissions, and the creative way that ZG has put them together, is truly amazing! I love how the number of submissions just keeps climbing, as our community keeps growing. You simply must check it out! There are excellent pictures that maintain the carnival theme.

Incidentally, I'll be hosting the 13th carnival of children's literature next month. The carnival will be on April 21st, and I'll be accepting submission until a few days before that. You can make your submissions at the Carnival site, or you can email me. I'll remind you later, but I'll be looking for your most entertaining or informative post from late March and early April (one submission per person). Best start thinking now!

Happy reading!