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Children's Literacy Round-Up: March 13

The Edge of the Forest, March Edition

An all-new issue of the online journal The Edge of the Forest is now available. I've barely had time to scratch the surface, but I suspect that this is the best issue yet. Pam Coughlan's article Be a B-List Blogger is must reading for everyone who blogs about children's books (and you know of course that I'm not just saying that because mine is one of several blogs mentioned in the article - thanks Pam!). Written with Pam's trademark wit ("If your goal is to make the bloggers’ A-list, I have only two suggestions for you: Don’t write about children’s literature, and invent a time machine and go back to 2003 and start your blog then."), the article touches on several important points about making yourself, and your blog, part of the community, and keeping people coming back to your blog to visit. I'm all revved up to go and make improvements to my own blog, after reading the article, and you will be too. Go now, read it!

There is also: an excellent feature by Kelly Herold about readergirlz, a new community group that is already near and dear to my heart; an interview by Liz Burns with one of my favorite authors, Kirby Larson of Hattie Big Sky fame; and an unexpected article by Adrienne Furness about sock monkeys. Plus the usual great stuff, blogging writer (an interview by interviewer extraordinaire Allie with the author of another of my favorite books, Shug) in the backpack, kid picks, and lots and lots of reviews. I could spend hours. But I'm headed off to volunteer at the library, another worthy use of time, so I'll leave you for now, and suggest that you head on over to check it out.