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Sunday Afternoon Visits: April 1

Memorable Reading Spots

I was inspired by the great responses to my earlier post (inspired by a meme from A Patchwork of Books) about where people do most of their reading to start a list of my personal most memorable reading spots. I've broken into two categories: places I have enjoyed reading, and places that reading has made bearable.

Places Where I Have Enjoyed Reading

  • In a tree in my front yard growing up in Lexington, MA.
  • On the roof of my childhood home (it was actually a bit tarry, but it was interesting).
  • On a dock in a lake in New Hampshire, during a childhood vacation. I had to swim with one arm out of the water, holding up my book, to get out to the dock with the book dry.
  • On a bridge in the wooded portion of Duke Gardens during college.
  • By the pool in my apartment complex in Austin, Texas, during graduate school.
  • In a comfy lounge chair on a spit of land sticking out into the ocean in Bar Harbor, Maine (while drinking wine cooler—that should date this incident).
  • By the pool at the Dixie Landings resort (now renamed) on one long Disney World vacation, while Mheir went golfing every other day.
  • On a private balcony at the Whale Watch Inn in Mendocino, California, while Mheir was out making preparations for a very special picnic.
  • On the lanai of a rental property called Hale Nani on the south shore of Kauai, looking across the road at the ocean, where I had one of the best vacations ever.
  • In the "sitting pool" of a rental property called Kinamwei in Turks and Caicos, looking out over the garden to the ocean, with friends nearby.
  • On the back porch of a cabin in incline Village, Lake Tahoe, generously loaned to us by friends from Palo Alto.
  • And, wherever I've lived, in my bed and on my couch.

Places That Reading Has Made Bearable

  • In the car as a child—no trip was too short, or too long, for a book. I read a lot when we drove from Boston to Disney World in fourth grade. Sadly, I now have motion sickness, and can't read in the car at all.
  • On board airplanes and trains on countless business trips.
  • In and around hospital rooms and waiting rooms (I had some health problems as a child).

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