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TypePad has a new feature that allows me to include web pages, in addition to posts. (They're like posts, but more static, and without comments.) I've brought over a variety of pages from my book lists website, including the lists of books that I've read this year and last year, an index of all of the reviews that I've written, and an extensive (though certainly not comprehensive) list of recommended children's books by age range. You can find links to all of these lists in the top part of the right-hand sidebar on the blog. I hope that you'll find it useful to have these lists so easily accessible.

I've also expanded my list of "adult books that I'm most eager to read", and added lists of middle grade and young adult books that I would like to read. You can find all three lists in the left-hand sidebar, near the bottom, complete with cover images and Amazon links.

I hope for these lists to make the blog more useful to me, in tracking books that I've read and want to read. More importantly, I hope that the lists will be useful to parents, who seek to find reading selections for their children. I expect to continue adding titles and making the lists more detailed over time. Thanks for visiting!