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The Dangerous Book for Boys

I'd like to extend a quick thank you to the people who have purchased copies of The Dangerous Book for Boys through this blog. In the past month or so I've earned commissions of roughly $1 each on some 48 copies of book. Thanks so much, whoever you are!

For those of you unfamiliar with how Amazon referrals work, any time you click through from this site to Amazon, I get a small (~6%) commission on all of your purchases for that session. There's no extra cost for you, of course -- the commission comes wholly from Amazon. Amazon shows me a list of what titles were purchased, though I can't tell who purchased them. Which is how I know about the Dangerous Book for Boys purchases.

And in case you're wondering what I do with the (generally small) revenues that come from these Amazon commissions, well, I spend the money on books. What else would I do with Amazon money? During the Cybils I referred commission to the Cybils organization, but mostly the commission comes to me, and I use it to buy more books to read and review. So, those Dangerous Book for Boys commissions will come in handy.