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Two More Notes on Jericho

Who knew that my most controversial post would turn out to be one in which I encouraged people to watch a particular television show? Yesterday, I wrote a quick post about CBS's decision to un-cancel Jericho. I've had several responses from passionate Jericho fans. They have inspired me to add clarification on two points.

  1. The network will only be issuing 7 episodes initially, but if there is a positive response to the 7 episodes, they will continue. They will not be wrapping up the story in these episodes, but rather, continuing the story. So, it's not a mini-series, as has been reported, because it won't have a conclusion. But if the response is not what CBS is looking for, I would imagine that they are unlikely to continue the show.
  2. I mentioned yesterday that the cancellation was because the Jericho audience was too small. I read an article in my local newspaper today about this very topic. Charlie McCollum explained that what really happened with Jericho was not that people weren't watching, but that people were watching in ways not captured by the Nielsen ratings. Many people watched Jericho online, and via time-shifting (Tivo, etc.), and this audience is harder for the network to quantify. Once the show was canceled, these people came out of the woodwork, and demanded that the show be continued. And these people were heard, which is a great testament to the power of the Internet and new technologies.

I would still argue that it would be better if the overall audience for Jericho was larger. Then even if some viewers weren't captured, the network and advertisers would still be able to measure a large audience, and everyone would be happy. And that was the point of my first post - to encourage more people to check out what I think is an excellent show.

And now I'm done being off-topic, and will get back to writing about books.