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7 Thing About Me As A Reader

I've seen the Seven Things about Me meme going around, and been kind of crossing my fingers that no one would tag me, because I'm not much of a meme person. But today Mary Lee and Franki from A Year of Reading altered the meme, to make it Seven Things About Me as a Reader. And then Megan Germano from Read, Read, Read did this "as a reader" version and tagged me. After reading both Megan's and Mary Lee and Franki's responses, I couldn't resist participating. So here we go:

  1. Like Mary Lee, I consider listening to an audiobook to be reading. I can't listen to audiobooks while sitting around, but I love to listen to them while walking, driving, or cleaning.
  2. Also like Mary Lee, I must read series books in order. Someone recently sent me a review copy of a book that is fourth in a series. I said "hah!" and stuck it in the pile.
  3. Like Megan, I feel like I will never catch up on my reading, my "to read pile" is far too high as is my list of books that I want to read. I find this comforting in some ways, and stressful in others. Every single day I find myself wishing that I had more time to read.
  4. Like Franki, "Some of my favorite books are middle grade and young adult novels." No, not all of them, but many of them for sure.
  5. When I'm very busy, I find library books stressful, because they have a time limit (though I adore libraries). That's one of the reasons I often buy books, especially used books. Whenever I go to Texas, I visit Half-Price Books, a regional chain. Of course, then I look wistfully at my stack of used books, and wish I had more time to read them. But at least I won't get a fine if I don't read them.
  6. I worked in my elementary school library before school (in sixth grade), shelving books. I also helped my grandmother, who managed her church library. I have fond memories of both experiences. And yet for some reason I never seriously considered becoming a librarian. Weird.
  7. What I like to read and what I like to watch on television don't always overlap. I have a weaknesses for "beautiful people" teen soaps on TV (like Gossip Girl), but no interest at all in reading them. Conversely, I enjoy reading relatively graphic mysteries and forensic investigation titles (more adult than kid's books here), but I have no interest at all in CSI and related shows. In general, I'm all about story, whether it's on TV or in books, but I have different preferences in the two media. This may be related to the fact that I have no interest at all in short stories. I prefer to get deeply invested in a book, and a short story tends not to be long enough to give me that. I think that's why I don't like TV shows where everything is wrapped up in one episode (like CSI), but prefer your LOST and Desperate Housewives sorts of televisions shows, with longer arcs of plot. This meme has helped me to see that connection!

I'm not tagging anyone else, since I'm a bit of a reluctant meme-doer myself. But I did enjoy this one. Thanks, Megan!

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