Children's Literacy Round-Up: March 8
Growing Bookworms Newsletter: Why I Can't Write Reviews Right Now Edition

Books Now Available: My Life the Musical

My Life the MusicalIn December I reviewed My Life: The Musical, by Maryrose Wood (author of the delightful Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love). My Life: The Musical is scheduled for publication today. It's about a pair of sixteen-year-old best friends who become obsessed with a particular Broadway musical, and how they react when the musical is in danger of being shut down. Of course it's about the strengths, insecurities, and relationships of the two main characters, too. Here's part of my conclusion:

"I highly recommend this title for theater buffs from middle school and up, especially for fans of musicals. Any "drama club geek from the suburbs" (as the author describes herself) will be completely unable to resist, and will be likely to settle in for multiple readings. Although the main characters are sixteen, I think that the book is quite accessible for middle school kids... For those who aren't theater fans, My Life the Musical offers a window into another world, and a chance to see what all the fuss is about."

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