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Books Now Available: Exodus

ExodusIn January I reviewed Julie Bertagna's Exodus, a Dystopian YA novel set in a future world in which the melting polar ice caps have led to world-wide flooding, and the collapse of our current governments. I said:

"Exodus has a lot to offer: a strong female main character, interesting settings, twisting plot, and big-picture questions. The writing style is unusual, sometimes poetic, but also filled with short sentences, and sometimes spare on articles like "an" and "the". It's as though the book was written by someone who loves stories, but who hasn't much time to spare for words, because there's important work to be done. This completely works with the story, and left me feeling like I might just possibly have actually traveled 100 years into the future while I was immersed in the book."

Read the full review here. Exodus is available now. It's a must-read for fans of Dystopian and futuristic/post-apocalyptic fiction. See also Julie Bertagna's comments on my review, and on publication day in general, here.