Growing Bookworms Newsletter: April 1, 2008
Reviews that Made Me Want the Book: April 1 Edition (with no jokes)

Books Now Available: The Market

Back in November I reviewed The Market, by J. M. Steele. I'm writing to let you know that it's now available in stores. The Market is about Kate Winthrop, who discovers late during her senior year that some people from her class have an underground "market" on the web. They rank the girls from the class, and bid on them like stocks. Kate takes on the system and strives to move up the rankings, despite the personal cost. In my review, I said:

"What makes the book work, for me (in addition to my admitted fondness for this genre), is that many of Kate's internal musings are things I have thought about myself, almost word for word... All in all, I quite enjoyed The Market. I recommend it for teens, especially those approaching senior year, for adults who are still looking for that "do-over", and for anyone who enjoys teen movies about makeovers."

You can read the full review here. The Market is well worth checking out.