The Battle of the Labyrinth Launches Tomorrow
Children's Literacy Round-Up: May 6

Monday Afternoon Visits: May 5

Here's some news from around the Kidlitosphere from the past week or so (bearing in mind that I had two more trips this past week, and thus probably missed a lot):

  • Mary Hershey and Robin LaFevers are celebrating independent bookstore month over at Shrinking Violet Promotions. Every day they'll be highlighting one or more independent bookstores, beginning today with "Chaucer's in Santa Barbara, the Toronto Women's Bookstore, and Maria's Bookshop in Durango." I actually just placed my pre-order for copies of The Battle of the Labyrinth with my local independent: Hicklebee's Children's Books of San Jose. Go independent booksellers!!
  • Terry's got a new Reading Round-Up available at The Reading Tub's blog. She has links from Susan at Wizard's Wireless, Mary Lee and Franki from  A Year of Reading, and Jill from The Well-Read Child, among other sources, about reading programs and initiatives.
  • A belated congratulations to Andrea and Mark from Just One More Book! They were recently featured in an article by Kate Heartfield in the Ottawa Citizen. Attention couldn't come to two people more dedicated to children's books and the children's book blogging/podcasting community. Heartfield describes JOMB as "one of those creative projects that no one ever thought of doing, and then some one did, and now I can't imagine how the world ever got along without it." Agreed.
  • This week's Nonfiction Monday round-up is available at Anastasia Suen's Picture Book of the Day site. I will get back to participating in that one of these days. Really. But in the meantime, lots of other people are highlighting great nonfiction for kids at Anastasia's.
  • Since it's the first Monday of the month, Colleen Mondor has a new installment of her Wicked Cool Overlooked Books feature at Chasing Ray, highlighting books by Cherie Priest. Little Willow also participates with What Happens Here by Tara Altebrando at Bildungsroman, and TadMack is in at Finding Wonderland with Patricia A. McKillip's Solstice Wood (what a compelling title!).
  • Sherry has some new lists going at Semicolon. She'll be publishing suggested summer reading lists for various of her children, beginning with this list of recommendations for her 11-year-old son. Sherry assures us that "I don’t give them summer reading lists in order to control their reading or to make them read books that they don’t want to read. They often ask me for suggestions of books to read, so I’m trying to include on their summer reading lists books that they would enjoy but that they haven’t remembered to try or I haven’t remembered to suggest." I think that other readers, not related to Sherry, will also benefit from the lists. 
  • There's an interesting Washington Post article that summarizes a Renaissance Learning study on kids' reading habits. Thanks to Gwenda Bond for the link. Apparently several of the classics still rank high on children's reading lists. Though of course, as Gwenda pointed out, "the big flaw is it's based on accelerated reader quiz data--which tells you what kids are reading for credit, off I'm assuming lists of acceptable books, but not what they choose themselves outside school." Colleen also links to a couple of interesting stories at Chasing Ray - click through to see.
  • 00003ahhMany thanks to Becky Levine for awarding me the Excellent Blog Award last week. I was traveling at the time, and couldn't respond formally, but it made my day! As I've long known, through reading blog posts and exchanging emails, Becky and I are kindred spirits. I hope that we can meet in person soon (perhaps at Hicklebee's...). I'm now supposed to name 10 other blogs that I think are excellent. And, as Becky noted, the problem with that is not finding 10 blogs, but in narrowing it down to 10. But it seems to me that I've linked to about 10 blogs during this post (or slightly more). So let's say that if I linked to your blog in this post, then I'm giving you the Excellent blog award. Feel free to pass it along. And if I link to your blog next week, or any other time in the future, then I think that your blog is excellent and worthy of other people knowing about. Thanks, Becky!!
  • Speaking of excellent blogs, I also owe a thank you to Sara Lewis Holmes. She paid my blog a compliment recently by including my Growing Bookworms newsletter in an off-the-cuff list of recommended blogs for readers with children or teenagers. She was inspired to put together her list by an article about Best Blogs in Real Simple magazine that did not include any book-related sites. They did have a quote of the month for May from Madeleine L'Engle though, so they are a bit children's book friendly. Anyway, thanks Sara! Read Write Believe is one of my "go to" blogs, too.

And that's it for today. Happy reading!