Growing Bookworms Newsletter: May 6, 2008
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Why DON'T Our Children Read?

Just a very quick post to send you over to The Reading Zone. Please go check out Sarah's post about the state of reading education in the U.S. She references two of the recent news articles that I've already mentioned (Jordan Sonnenblick's article in School Library Journal, and the Washington Post article about the Renaissance study of kids' reading habits). But she also issues a call to arms, saying:

"Reading Jordan Sonnenblick’s editorial, coupled with the Washington Post’s recent survey, has lit a fire under me. I hope it does the same for you. Find a child or teen today. Share a book with them."

And she has more to say on what to do - please do check out Sarah's full post. And then take her advice. Do SOMETHING to counteract the negative forces of NCLB and endless test-taking. Do SOMETHING to pair a child with the right book. You could make a life-long difference. Thanks!

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