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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 6

I'm on the Cybils blog today

Cybils2013SmallThere's a post about my position as Literacy Evangelist for the Cybils up on the Cybils blog today. I must admit that I do MUCH less work for the Cybils than the category organizers do. But I am always prepared to jump up and down and spread the word about the wonderfulness that is the Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards. 

Cybils+Logo+-+Generic+BW-01Also on the Cybils blog this week, in addition to profiles of the other organizers (this year's blog editor Ms. Yingling is posting those two per day), a timeless black and white version of our logo (created by the talented Sarah Stevenson). This was created in response to a request for a version without a year displayed, so that people wouldn't have to update their blogs so frequently. If you are a fan of the Cybils, feel free to display this (and perhaps link to the Cybils blog), to show your support. Updated Cafe Press Cybils bling will be coming soon.