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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 13

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 6

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Lots of book lists this week, for some reason. Lots of Cybils posts, too, but that's because the Cybils website is ramping up in anticipation of the October 1st start to nominations.

Book Lists

Latest in @greenbeanblog So You Want To Read Middle Grade series from Kellie Celia @WaldenPondPress http://ow.ly/ozgNv

Booklist Top 10 Horror Books for Youth | Waking Brain Cells @tashrow http://ow.ly/ozgo1 #yalit

Book List: A Tuesday Ten: More Picture Book Science Fiction | Views From the Tesseract http://ow.ly/ozfzO #kidlit

New Stacked book list: Get Genrefied: YA Romance http://ow.ly/oum0m @catagator #yalit

Book list: Children's Books About Autism @growingbbb http://ow.ly/oulMB #kidlit

Children's Books For and About Syrian Children. @MitaliPerkins is looking for more http://ow.ly/osDix #kidlit

Ten Books That Showed Me the Power of Reading by @JenAnsbach @NerdyBookClub http://ow.ly/osDfo #kidlit #yalit

List of all MG SFF books reviewed at Kirkus from Oct. 16 to today (think #Cybils nominations) http://ow.ly/osDaq @charlotteslib

Book list: Talking About Tough Times: World War Two Books from SSHEL #kidit blog http://ow.ly/osCTl picture books to YA

Cybils Awards

Cybils2013SmallNew #Cybils blog post: Meet the Organizers: Anne Levy, Overlord http://ow.ly/ozf8j #kidlit #yalit @Cybils

On the #Cybils blog: Meet the Organizers: Jackie Parker @interactiver, YA Fiction http://ow.ly/oBOWE #yalit

On the #Cybils blog: Timeless Artwork (a new logo without a year included) http://ow.ly/oBO77 #kidlit @CYBILS

On the #Cybils blog: Meet the Organizers: Jone MacCulloch @JoneMac53 | Poetry http://ow.ly/ozh63 #kidlit

On the #Cybils blog: Meet the Organizers: Terry Doherty @readingtub | Easy Readers/Early Chapter Books http://ow.ly/ozh1K

New #Cybils blog post: Meet the Organizers: Karen Yingling, MG Fiction http://ow.ly/ozep4 @MsYingling @Cybils #kidlit

New #Cybils blog post: Meet the Organizers: @ginaruiz | Young Adult Nonfiction http://ow.ly/oulhE #yalit

New #Cybils blog post: Meet the Organizers: Jennifer Wharton, Nonfiction Picture Books http://ow.ly/oulc2 #kidlit

New #Cybils blog post: Meet the Organizers: Charlotte Taylor, MG Speculative Fiction http://ow.ly/osCRu @charlotteslib

New #Cybils blog post: Meet the Organizers: Sheila Ruth, YA Speculative Fiction http://ow.ly/osCPp @SheilaRuth #yalit

Growing Bookworms

Timeless advice from @MotherReader on helping your child, her teacher, and yourself w/ reading http://ow.ly/oBNMP #literacy

Introducing the Read Aloud TATTLER | @aliposner recommends high-quality read-alouds w/ strategies for comprehension http://ow.ly/ozhzD

#Literacy Lalapalooza 11 | Lots of Back-to-School Ideas | Family Bookshelf @readingtub http://ow.ly/ozeby

Interesting essay on kids who read too early (hyperlexia) | Early Reader @NYTimes http://ow.ly/oumtW via @gail_gauthier

An excerpt from Pam Withers’ book Jump-Starting Boys @thereadingzone quote @donalynbooks http://ow.ly/oqh7Y #literacy

RT @CBCBook: Should kids have audiobooks? Here are a few reasons to say YES! http://ow.ly/oitH8 @Scholastic @PARENTandCHILD #kidlit

Depressing! Two-thirds of busy parents claim they read to their kids less than once a week @newscomauHQ http://ow.ly/oqeEB via @tashrow

Just for Fun

How to Play Kick the Can from @CoffeeandCrayon, part of Old School Summer http://ow.ly/oulJP

Very fun! 2012-2013 yearbook superlatives for #kidlit characters from @HornBook via @100scopenotes http://ow.ly/osD7D

13 Children's Book Quotes Every Adult Should Know http://ow.ly/oqenk @mashable via @tashrow #kidlit


Interesting post @Freakonomics » How Google Fights Obesity (hint, display only the healthful snacks in glass jars) http://ow.ly/ozeFy

When Yes Is Not Consent — @lizb looks for #yalit reflecting student/teacher sexual conduct http://ow.ly/osCXV

Artists Donate to Auction Inspired by Boston Marathon Bombing http://ow.ly/oBLWD via @PWKidsBookshelf #kidlit #BostonStrong

Publishing and eBooks

Publishing Hears Echoes of Netflix as startups explore ebook subscription models http://ow.ly/owL9P @WSJ

Schools and Libraries

New York’s Folly: A Lack of Vision at the City’s Dept. of Education | Editorial | @sljournal http://ow.ly/oz6yc

Also depressing: School is no Place for a Reader « Canadian Notes & Queries http://ow.ly/oqgFt via @FuseEight #literacy

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