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Life Imitating Art: The "No, Pigeon!" Bus Loop

DontLetThePigeonMy daughter's elementary school had a raffle associated with the annual PTO Pledge Drive. Our family won the right to name the bus loop at the school for this year. Since there were buses involved, it struck me that we should in some way incorporate Mo Willems' Pigeon. I mentioned this to my daughter, and she immediately seized on the idea, deciding that we should call it the "No Pigeon!" Bus Loop. I was a bit concerned that people wouldn't get it, but I'm happy to report that everyone we have mentioned this to immediately got the reference. My daughter attends a book-appreciating elementary school, it would appear. 

So, if you happen to be in my neck of the woods in San Jose, keep your eye out for the "No Pigeon!" Bus Loop. Life does sometimes imitate art sometimes. 

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