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Sneaky Older Parent Tip for Getting Your Child to Practice Reading

I don't like to push my six-year-old daughter to practice her reading. She has a bit of reading homework to do, and as far as I'm concerned that is more than enough in terms of obligation. My primary goal at home is to keep reading fun and enjoyable for her. However, I do understand that the only way we get better at things is to practice them, and if I can sneak her in a little extra reading time at home, without it feeling like work to her, I'm ok with that. 

ThisIsMyDollhouseSo the other evening we were in her room, and she asked me to read her a book (This Is My Dollhouse by Giselle Potter). It wasn't bedtime yet, but it was getting dark. And as I'm sure other 40-something adults can understand, I can't read in dim light (or hardly at all, really) without my reading glasses. So I said something like: "I can't. My reading glasses are all the way downstairs. How about you read it?" And she did.

So, fellow parents who need reading glasses, feel free to borrow this tip. Simply don't keep your reading glasses handy when your child is likely to desire a particular book, and she will likely be sufficiently motivated to read it on her own.

I have also started using a similar approach when I am cooking dinner, and she asks me to read to her. My response: "I'm busy cooking now. How about if you read it to me."

It is fun having an emerging reader in the house! 

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