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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: Reading Aloud, #Testing + #Technology in #Learning

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include Bank Street Book Awards, the Cybils Awards, book lists, growing bookworms, coding, reading aloud, science fiction, kidlitosphere, foxes, introversion, parenting, play, technology, education, schools, libraries, STEM, writing, and testing. 


Jon Agee and Mara Rockcliff Win Prestigious Bank Street #Awards http://ow.ly/4naLva  @sljournal @bankstreetedu  #kidlit

Book Lists

From @HornBook A Purple #BookList http://ow.ly/4mZLqk  #PictureBooks + Primary Grades

14 Books to #ReadAloud to a 2nd Grader (or similar listening age) @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/4n4NId  @elockhart + Roald Dahl + more

Little Detectives: #Mystery Books for 6- to 8-Year-Olds http://ow.ly/4naTHd  @denabooks @ReadBrightly #kidlit

Reading Allowed: Ten Compelling Middle School #ReadAlouds by Maggie Bokelman http://ow.ly/4n4Kwt  @nerdybookclub #kidlit

A Tuesday Ten: #ScienceFiction Pathway VI (12-15 year olds) http://ow.ly/4n8fNX  @TesseractViews From Ender's Game to Jenna Fox + more


Today on the #Cybils blog, an interview with Victoria Jamieson, author of ROLLER GIRL http://ow.ly/4n84GR  #GraphicNovels

On the #Cybils blog: #BookList Fun: Ghost Stories for All Ages from @LiteraryHoots http://ow.ly/4ndpEZ  #PictureBooks to #YA

Growing Bookworms

#Reading w/ Little Miss Muffet + Little Bo Peep, April http://ow.ly/4ndpsP  @mrskatiefitz shares audiobooks, mags + more w/ her kids

5 Reasons to Read for Reluctant Secondary School Readers http://ow.ly/4ndsn1  @WordLib @edutopia #Reading makes you smarter


This week's Fusenews: from a literary auction to benefit refugees to @camphalfblood to @100scopenotes http://ow.ly/4napeF  @FuseEight

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

2016 is Foxy — @100scopenotes and @MrBenjiMartin have spotted a new #kidlit trend http://ow.ly/4n4Ntw 

Happy to see recent successes for the #CoverKidsBooks campaign from @MGStrikesBack http://ow.ly/4n4QO8  #kidlit

A version of @susancain book Quiet Power (on #Introversion) is being released for teens. @book_nut has the scoop https://t.co/NiRp2a3mmP


What's Fair + What's Equal: "Don’t play favorites... but kids can handle differences" | Truth! http://ow.ly/4mZLJl  @HeatherShumaker

"Only by feeding the imagination of a child, can we help ... ask the questions that don't yet exist" http://ow.ly/4n878S  @lgoodman222

3 Parent Plans to Create a Strong Writer from @BookChook  http://ow.ly/4ndp8h  GRAB any excuse for #writing + more

Playful Learning

Why Typical Preschool Crafts Are a Waste of Time http://ow.ly/4nar3H  @thescienceofus Avoid the "grown-up cult of productivity" w/ kids

How can We Help Parents Understand the Importance of Messy #Play? http://ow.ly/4n8eRP  @easycda @BAMRadioNetwork "Just let me play!"

#SummerCamp at Home: 10 Budget-Friendly Plans from @momandkiddo  http://ow.ly/4naou6  #play #STEM #SummerReading 

Schools and Libraries

What the “End of Average” (new book by Todd Rose) Means for K 12 #Education http://ow.ly/4mZZ41  @thinkschools @EdSurge via @drdouggreen

The #School Spending Debate: What Difference Does A $ Make? http://ow.ly/4n4TLq  @NPRCoryTurner on when money is most likely to matter

Get Rid of Grade Levels: A Personalized Learning Recipe for Public #School Districts http://ow.ly/4ndoHN  @travislape @EdSurge #EdReform

When Celebrating Learning Differences Is At Heart of #School Culture http://ow.ly/4ndsUe  2 examples from SF @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED


6 Ways to Help Students Understand #Math http://ow.ly/4mZIIa  @MathWithMatthew @edutopia #STEM #EdChat

Not Every Kid Wants to Learn How to #Code notes @pernilleripp http://ow.ly/4ndqst  | What about the kid who just wants to read or write?


Nation's Report Card Says Most High School Seniors Aren't College Or Career Ready http://ow.ly/4naLg9  @anya1anya @npr_ed #NAEP #testing

A Few Thoughts on Standardized Testing from parent + teacher @pernilleripp http://ow.ly/4n86IT  "The test is not fair" to kids, for one

Race + the Standardized #Testing Wars - on growing test fatigue in minority communities http://ow.ly/4n4Rf0  Kate Taylor @nytopinion

Chuck the #Tests - Project Based Learning is Better, including for elementary + middle schoolers says @teachbrooklyn https://t.co/rVjDtgXkoZ

Technology + Learning

How is the brain in your pocket (smartphone) affecting your thinking? http://ow.ly/4n4OW7  @DTWillingham on research to date.

I believe this: Taking Notes By Hand May Be Better Than Digitally, Researchers Say http://ow.ly/4n4LyV  @npr_ed  via @gcouros  #Education

New Study of Impact of #Literacy Apps suggests they can help economically disadvantaged kids w/ #reading http://ow.ly/4namYf  @tashrow

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: Lunch Box #Poetry, Movies without Sequels + Independent Bookstores

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include book lists, the Cybils Awards, race in books, diverse books, growing bookworms, reading aloud, National Poetry Month, book selection, libraries, eBooks, bookstores, Judy Blume, James Patterson, nonfiction, testing, middle school, growth mindset, education policy, STEM, and schools. 

Book Lists + Awards

Chapter Books for Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month http://ow.ly/4mP6cj  A @momandkiddo #BookList #APAHM #kidlit

It's National Parks Week! Here are some books to help you celebrate it. http://ow.ly/4mUisq  #BookList @RandomlyReading #kidlit

Recommended reading for kids about Harriet Tubman (who'll replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill) http://ow.ly/4mUNO6  @HornBook #kidlit

Recommendations for Science-Focused Additions to a Middle School Reading List http://ow.ly/4mMSvX  @NSTA @MissCheska #STEM #KidLit 

Hollins Announces Winners of the Inaugural Margaret Wise Brown Prize in Children’s Literature http://ow.ly/4mUQcM  #kidlit


On the #Cybils blog: Interview with EVERY LAST WORD author @tamaraistone http://ow.ly/4mS99j  #YA @DisneyHyperion

Also on the #Cybils blog: Interview with Abby Hanlon, author of DORY AND THE REAL TRUE FRIEND http://ow.ly/4mS9Ga  @penguinkids #kidlit

On the #Cybils blog: A #BookList from @sunlitpages | #Math Related #PictureBooks http://ow.ly/4mUiG2  #STEM


50+ #PictureBooks about Mixed Race Families http://ow.ly/4mXqNY  @coloursofus #BookList #DiverseBooks

Thoughts on Whether or Not to Indicate Race in print and book reviews  http://ow.ly/4mMSMo  @medinger #DiverseBooks

Events + Programs

Lunch Box #Poetry: Ideas and printable poems for enhancing #Literacy Learning at Lunch! http://ow.ly/4mRIsO  @momandkiddo

Happy #PoemInYourPocket Day! — @100scopenotes has the scoop http://ow.ly/4mXoEG  #poetry #kidlit

Find the first book that you loved and read it for @readathon this weekend, urges @JenniBuchanan http://ow.ly/4mXonj  @readingrainbow

Growing Bookworms

Are you reading your child too many #PictureBooks http://ow.ly/4mPXCZ  @CribtoTable @TODAYshow suggests going for quality vs. quantity

Helping Young Children to make #Reading & Writing Breakthroughs: Eight Simple Steps to #Literacy http://ow.ly/4mRIQV  @TrevorHCairney

17 Ways to Find Your Child's Next Book, from librarians to @cybils to @amazon  + more http://ow.ly/4mJZsI  @everead

On the impact of the right book, plus tips for being a great storyteller / #reader http://ow.ly/4mJYJ4  Tracy Bryan @nerdybookclub

5 Tips for a Successful Trip to the #Library with a Toddler http://ow.ly/4mJYbR  @growingbbb #RaisingReaders

Adventures in #Literacy Land: How to Use Top 20 #BookLists to Motivate and Excite Readers in the classroom http://ow.ly/4mUihd 

Easing Young Readers into #Nonfiction (improving their vocabularies + critical thinking + more) http://ow.ly/4mUH0s  @readingrainbow

Between #PictureBooks + Middle Grade Novels: Early Readers + Leveled Books http://ow.ly/4mXrW4  @alybee930 #kidlit

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, Bookstores, and Publishing

Never Gonna Sequel — Thoughts from @fuseeight on first series movies that flop http://ow.ly/4mP6NZ  #BookToScreen

New Model for Independent Bookstores includes more #technology + appeal for book lovers http://ow.ly/4mS5Pp  @WSJ

On Judy Blume's new #bookstore, w/ suggestion for other successful authors to open their own http://ow.ly/4mJZ6r  @FuseEight to @JP_Books

Young Readers And eBooks: How's That Working? Kids aren't the ones reading #EBooks, adult women are http://ow.ly/4mP4M1  @gail_gauthier 

Nerdy for Life | @HornBook discusses the origins + purpose of the #NerdyBookClub w/ @donalynbooks + @colbysharp http://ow.ly/4mXnYO 

Schools and Libraries

James Patterson Puts Cash for school #libraries Behind his Convictions w/ Help of @Scholastic Reading Club http://ow.ly/4mS82X  @JP_Books

How ‘Productive Failure’ For Students Can Help Lessons Stick http://ow.ly/4mRHAH  @MindShiftKQED @Kschwart

How School Funding's Reliance On Property Taxes Fails Children http://ow.ly/4mPKYS  @npr_ed @NPRCoryTurner #education

The Promise and Perils of Technology in Education http://ow.ly/4mMSFI  Black/white thinking is not the answer says @ReadByExample #EdTech

Student Engagement: Is It Authentic or Compliant? Nodding your head is not enough http://ow.ly/4mKmXF  @PeterMDeWitt @educationweek

Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman's Education Plea: Revolutionize Teaching via more active learning http://ow.ly/4mKnxS  @npr_ed @Ericnpr

Mind the Gap: Serving Readers in Sixth Through Eighth Grade http://ow.ly/4mUGnD  @sljournal #kidlit #YA

9 Out Of 10 Parents Think Their Kids Are On Grade Level. They're Probably Wrong http://ow.ly/4mXrdn  @npr_ed @anya1anya #EdChat


#Science + #Poetry => Observation & Exploration #sciencefriday (ages 4-10) http://ow.ly/4mMSSY  @MaryAnnScheuer #STEM


The Test: Why Our Schools Are Obsessed with #StandardizedTesting – But You Don’t Have to Be http://ow.ly/4mUi01  Overview by @drdouggreen

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #NationalPoetryMonth + #FreedomOfSpeech + #testing

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. It was a bit of a light week for links (perhaps because I'm still catching up after back to back travel and houseguests), but I do have links relating to book lists, baseball, the Cybils Awards, Beverly Cleary, National Poetry Month, accelerated reader, play, testing, common core, teaching, and ebooks. 

Book Lists and Awards

2016 Indies Choice and E.B. White Read-Aloud Award Winners Announced | @ABAbook http://ow.ly/4mHDSw  #kidlit #YA #MotherBruce

Nine Classic #BoardBooks My Toddler Asks for Again and Again from @sunlitpages http://ow.ly/10y7Hi  #kidlit

Some #Baseball themed #PictureBooks from @HornBook for #RedSox home Opening Day 2016 http://ow.ly/10y7rW 

Best Audiobooks for Your Next Family Vacation, by type of destination http://ow.ly/10y9Mc  from @growingbbb #kidlit

Between #PictureBooks + Middle Grade Novels: Books for New Readers http://ow.ly/4mHT5j  @alybee930 #kidlit

Children's Poets Your Kids Should Know (And Will Love!) from @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/10y8T6  @nikkigrimes9 + Silverstein +Raczka + more

Jean Little Library: Read-alikes for kids who enjoy the popular Wimpy Kid + other notebook novels  #kidlit https://t.co/oUOeWUl3bd 

Top Ten Books for Gamers by Erin Johnson http://ow.ly/10v1N1  @nerdybookclub #kidlit #YA

10 Young Adult Novels About Depression, Because Teens Need To Know They Aren't Alone http://ow.ly/4mI1sZ  @bustle via @PWKidsBookshelf


On the #Cybils blog: Interview with @SteveSheinkin author of #YA nonfiction winner MOST DANGEROUS http://ow.ly/10AvXL 

Events + Programs

Today’s the day! Happy 100th birthday, Beverly Cleary | @HornBook rounds up tributes by #kidlit luminaries http://ow.ly/10Awu6 

Beverly Cleary at 100: Roundup of the Tributes from @100scopenotes http://ow.ly/10Awks  #DropEverythingAndRead

Hundreds of books pour in for Michigan girl, 8, who lost everything in a fire  http://ow.ly/10D16m  @bobshea @colbysharp

Today is International Moment of Laughter Day http://ow.ly/4mHGcj  Celebrate with #poetry says @missrumphius #NationalPoetryMonth

Book an appointment: UK doctors to prescribe novels to teens coping w/ mental health issues http://ow.ly/10D0Gp  @GuardianBooks #YA

Everything You Need to Know to Make a Book Spine Poem — @100scopenotes  http://ow.ly/10sKtN  #NationalPoetryMonth

Growing Bookworms

Why We Are Moving on from AR http://ow.ly/10v0M2  by @brandonkblom + @rachaelpeck23  #RaisingReaders #education 

#AgeOfLiteracy: Can’t Read vs. Won’t Read: Reading Engagement and African American Males | @dcseverett + @ritaplatt

Higher Education

I'm a progressive student who's scared my peers have gone off the deep end killing free speech @_atariz @CollegeFix https://t.co/PVc21hPID0

On Reading + Writing

Our stories are as unlimited as ourselves" Why I Came Out As A Gay Children's Book Author by @ca_london @BuzzFeed https://t.co/3zs4EPFscW


A Stanford dean on adult skills every 18-year-old should have by @RaiseAnAdult http://ow.ly/4mHGFw  @Quora

8 science-backed reasons for letting your kids #play outside, from better vision to lower stress http://ow.ly/4mI0Hk  via @litsafari

Schools and Libraries

Is #CommonCore 's Effect on Achievement Fading? http://ow.ly/10B4mo  Liana Heitin @educationweek #NAEP score analysis raises question

"I teach to entertain myself." Bring #JoyOfLearning Back Into the Classroom by Jonathan Eckert http://ow.ly/10B4bD  @EdweekComm

80% of US schools use #eBooks or digital textbooks http://ow.ly/10B3YR  @Goodereader via @PWKidsBookshelf

Fewer Americans Are Visiting Local Libraries—and Technology Isn't to Blame http://ow.ly/4mHSOI  @TheAtlantic thinks it's declining $


Standardized #testing blunders just keep on coming http://ow.ly/10v1GD  @valeriestrauss @washingtonpost @drdouggreen #CommonCore

Ah hypocrisy | These Politicians Think Your Kids Need High-Stakes Testing—but Not Theirs http://ow.ly/10v1jT  @thenation via @drdouggreen

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: National #Poetry Month, Reading Choice, #Play + more

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter over the past two weeks @JensBookPage. Topics include book awards, Meg Rosoff, picture books, nonfiction, early readers, book lists, speculative fiction, Beverly Cleary, Women's History Month, National Poetry Month, the Cybils Awards, diversity, women in tech, Mathematics Awareness Month, growing bookworms, reading choice, STEM, schools, libraries, testing, and playful learning. 

Awards and Book Lists 

Kudos to @megrosoff winner of the 2016 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award @awardofficealma http://ow.ly/10jQxF  #kidlit #YA

Hans Christian Anderson Award Winners announced by #IBBY http://ow.ly/10q1Ul  @tashrow #kidlit

#PictureBooks Celebrating books + libraries http://tinyurl.com/zmn49yx  from @PernilleRipp

#PictureBooks about anger, frustration + general crankiness from @momandkiddo http://tinyurl.com/hgszq4x  |  I would add #MayaWasGrumpy

Top 10 Books to Encourage Discussions around Social Justice by @jenorr http://ow.ly/ZWX1F  #kidlit

Review roundup of books for beginning readers http://tinyurl.com/jqvg6ha  from @mrskatiefitz #kidlit

Aliens, dystopias, future worlds, space adventure, invention: ideas to hook 9-12 y.o. kids on #SciFi http://ow.ly/10coh9  @TesseractViews

March Madness: 6 Terrific Books for Young Basketball Fans... http://ow.ly/10cmlY 

Books for Kids who Like Books by Beverly Cleary from @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/10q0TZ  #kidlit

12 #Nonfiction Books w/ Rave Reviews from Kids | @Bookopolis @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/10cm4  #BookList

For #WomensHistoryMonth http://tinyurl.com/hhnsbzr  | Some #Nonfiction #PictureBooks recommended by @RandomlyReading


Today on the #Cybils blog, an interview with @bridgetheos http://tinyurl.com/z98qmpy  about #nonfiction winner I, Fly

Diversity + Gender

'We Stories' aims to get white families talking about race, racism through children’s books via... http://ow.ly/10cpQm 

I do think that this is a growing issue: The One Kind of #Diversity Colleges Avoid = ideological / political... http://ow.ly/10ch1K 

Increasing #diversity in children's books still a challenge http://ow.ly/10nypE  Allison Colburn @CoMissourian @diversebooks

If you think #WomenInTech is just a pipeline problem, you haven’t been paying attention http://ow.ly/10pPKU  @math_rachel @SheilaRuth

Events + Programs (including National Poetry Month)

Nice! @MrsKatieFitz takes her two girls on a #Poetry Picnic http://tinyurl.com/zyrs6wd  #NationalPoetryMonth

Tips from @MaryAnnScheuer for sharing #poetry with kids http://tinyurl.com/zolsdlg  #NationalPoetryMonth is coming up!

Make #Poetry Fun and Relevant for Every Child: Interview w/ poet/educator Laura Shovan http://ow.ly/10pZ81  @Kateywrites #PoetryMonth

#NationalPoetryMonth Celebrations for #Mathematics Awareness Month @missrumphius  http://ow.ly/10q1xH  #poetry #STEM

Growing Bookworms

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let My Toddler Destroy His Board Books http://ow.ly/10ckVZ  @BookRiot How he shows #BookLove

7 Early Signs Your Child May Have a #Reading Issue  @ImaginationSoup  @ReadBrightly  #literacy https://t.co/PjMbeRz8Wd

The Buddy System: Everyone Gains When Kids (of different ages) Read Together @sljournal http://ow.ly/10kFiR  #ReadAloud

Why I Always Say Yes to ‘One More Bedtime Story’  @ScissortailSilk... http://ow.ly/10cmdR 

What You Miss After Your Child Learns to Read http://ow.ly/10ciGs  @clare_ansberry @WSJ Many kids want you to continue to #ReadAloud

‘Tricks’ to getting kids reading all revolve around giving them choice http://tinyurl.com/zlpm2d8  | Adventures in #Literacy Land

#RaisingReaders: How to Raise a Family of Readers (Guest Post) http://ow.ly/10q2h0  by Seven Little Australians for @sunlitpages

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Eight Recent Children’s & YA Books Collectors Should Grab, according to @fuseeight #kidlit link 

When is a small thing big enough to make you walk away from a book? asks @charlotteslib http://ow.ly/10pXiH  #Reading


Spring Break "Staycation" Ideas for when you start to hear "I'm bored" http://ow.ly/10q1fI  @readingtub

Play and Learning

Three wrong theories of how kids learn, and how to better help them @sxwiley http://tinyurl.com/znoxfwd  #education #play

The Importance of Giving Children Independence + more time for free #play http://ow.ly/10pVhG  @ErikaChristakis @WSJ

RT @RaePica1 Nearsightedness: Myopia Risk Reduced When Kids #Play Outdoors More https://t.co/EGb3aWcCDo #earlychildhood #parenting

For young kids, #play is their purpose: @sxwiley http://ow.ly/ZXdQs  #JoyOfLearning

Does More Time on the Playground Equal Success in the Classroom? Schools in TX are researching http://ow.ly/10pPqt  @educationweek #play

How Montpelier High Added #Recess for High School Students w/ good results http://ow.ly/10pR9u  @edutopia #education

Schools and Libraries

A letter from @camphalfblood you can share with your kids’ teachers discouraging the Percy Jackson movies in class http://ow.ly/ZXeg9 

James Patterson is Donating Another $1.75 Million to U.S. School #Libraries  http://ow.ly/10ckhT  @JP_Books @LibraryJournal

Top 10 Reasons to Create #LittleFreeLibraries in Your Community http://tinyurl.com/gkwn76l   @ClareAndTammy @NerdyBookClub

Ideas from @MsSackstein on how to prepare high school kids for the next step http://tinyurl.com/zda54yq  #GrowthMindset #learning

From @100scopenotes http://tinyurl.com/hrgz5us  | An idea worth stealing: family fort night at the #library

This is why Finland has the best #schools: learning through play + more http://ow.ly/10pU92  William Doyle in @smh


Never Too Young To #Code, but you have to use the right tools, let kids stay active | @sljournal http://ow.ly/10nxVz  #STEM

Of #Coding and Compassion | Learning to benefit from mistakes, nurture #GrowthMindset http://ow.ly/10nxPn  @sljournal #STEM


Why We’re Opting Out of #Testing by @iChrisLehman http://ow.ly/10pQHa  w/ details re: NY #education

How Asian test-prep companies swiftly exposed the brand-new SAT http://tinyurl.com/zgrqp3q  @reuters via @drdouggreen #testing

On opting out of standardized #testing and opting in to other creative evaluations http://ow.ly/10pY80  @ReadByExample #learning

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: Square Root Day + #Play + #TheWalter Award

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include The Walter Award, historical fiction, the Cybils Award, diverse books, Square Root Day, raising readers, reading aloud, reading levels, comics, play, poetry, summer reading, schools, education, STEM, testing, and growth mindset. 

Book Lists

15 Authors Share Their Favorite Bedtime Stories for Kids (#PictureBooks + older) @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/ZPlHw 

Great #Poetry #PictureBooks | http://ow.ly/ZRldA  | #BookList from @pernilleripp

45+ Thrilling Historical Fiction Books for Kids from @momandkiddo #BookList #KidLit

A Tuesday Ten: A #ScienceFiction Pathway Part IV: (introducing 7-9 year olds to SF) | http://ow.ly/ZRmrJ  @TesseractViews

On Your Mark, Get Set, Read! Middle Grade #BookList for #SummerReading 2016 http://ow.ly/ZRlyI  @mrskatiefitz #kidlit


On the #Cybils blog: Interview with author @novaren  http://ow.ly/ZPmbM  @book_nut  #TheWallsAroundUs


At 1st Walter Award, Honorees Ask Industry To Make Change Happen + Encourage #Diverse Readers... http://ow.ly/ZPkYa 

Mind the Gap: Questions about Power for Storytellers to ask themselves from @MitaliPerkins  http://ow.ly/ZPmox  #DiverseBooks

Reviewing When We Think We Know or A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing | @medinger http://ow.ly/ZOhOe  #WeNeedDiverseBooks

How #WeNeedDiverseBooks is Working With #Libraries + changing the world http://ow.ly/ZUGRD  @PublishersWkly @diversebooks

Events + Programs

Another fun holiday for #math geeks approaches: Square Root Day is 4/4/16 (which is also opening day for baseball) http://ow.ly/ZLMx6 

A happy thing: North Texas Program Gives Moms Books For Newborn Babies @CBSDFW via @starbrightbooks http://ow.ly/ZG8gy  #literacy

Growing Bookworms

"I still read (aloud to my older kids) because it pulls us close. There is intimacy in a shared story" http://ow.ly/ZMkYj  @CarrieGelson

 Why I Created ‘Reading Rules’ for My Children – And Myself by mom of 4 boys @ArielLawhon http://ow.ly/ZPlzx 

How to Instill the Love of Reading, and why it's important from @levarburton @Edutopia  #RaisingReaders http://ow.ly/ZLCMg 

"there still should be places in our day where we just #readaloud for the #joy of the story" @CathyMere http://ow.ly/ZUwLG  #g2great

25 #Literacy Activities About Health and Fitness from @mrskatiefitz  http://ow.ly/ZUx2Z  #nutrition, movement, #play


Catch up on the latest #kidlitosphere news in Fusenews: Who are we to say? — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/ZRn5J 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Reading Pictures: What Comics Can Teach Young Children (emotions + more) http://ow.ly/ZPlZz  @jenniholm @ReadBrightly

Can children's books help build a better world? | Author SF Said thinks so http://ow.ly/ZOiWN  @GdnChildrensBks

How are our children's reading experiences shaping the people they will become? asks @donalynbooks @nerdybookclub http://ow.ly/ZMkGd 

Fun stuff! 10 reasons why you should eat chocolate while reading http://ow.ly/ZRfwt  @callaghansstuff  @GdnChildrensBks


Why #play is an #equity issue? guest post by @Ijumaaj @earlyedequity  http://ow.ly/ZOjOh  via @sxwiley #education

Is There Hope for a Return to Common Sense (+ learning via #play) in Early Childhood Education? @laurieadvocates http://ow.ly/ZOLLO 

Inspiration from the Blogosphere: Why Play? @sxwiley recaps several articles about #play in #education http://ow.ly/ZOhvG 

Secrets of Life from teacher of young kids for > 20 years http://ow.ly/ZRoig  "Let them play" "Read them stories" @CarrieGelson

Why Is It Hard to Understand #Learning Through #Play? @gailmult @BAMRadioNetwork http://ow.ly/ZRnPl  | Documentation could help

Sigh. Florida Senate Denies Parent Request for Required Daily #Recess | @Lynch39083 http://ow.ly/ZUxUF via @drdouggreen

Schools and Libraries

Ideas for getting kids moving in the classroom from @RACzyz http://ow.ly/ZOi83  #4OCF #EdChat

Guest Post: P.J. Hoover at @CynLeitichSmith on The Awesomeness of School Visits + things teachers can do http://ow.ly/ZOgLb 

4 Ways to Promote #GrowthMindset in #ProjectBasedLearning @BIEpbl  http://ow.ly/ZMd0N  via @drdouggreen

"raising test scores is not a vision for learning" | What core values should your school have @DavidGeurin http://ow.ly/ZMbEh 

Books, books, books, everywhere you look: Celebration of a classroom #library by @CarrieGelson http://ow.ly/ZMboO 

"Can we modify our language (re: #Reading Levels) to help foster a passion and purpose for reading?" @LPalmReader http://ow.ly/ZGtpR 

We’re Trying To Do “The Wrong Thing Right” in Schools, says @willrich45 | We do what's easier for the adults http://ow.ly/ZG71M 

10 Practical Ways to Innovate in Your #Classroom from @ajjuliani http://ow.ly/ZReyO #EdChat #GeniusHour

"school libraries and librarians are essential to a child’s growth + development" - Advocacy Post from @literacious http://ow.ly/ZUuaW 


Good tips! The Top 6 Ways to Support a Mathematical Child (PDF download) http://ow.ly/ZMoAC  @joboaler #STEM @YouCubedOrg

Using #poetry to make connections between #math + #literacy in the classroom http://ow.ly/ZUywf  Adventures in Literacy Land

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #KidLitCon + #PictureBooks + Pi Day

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage.  Topics this week include Bank Street Book Awards, the Cybils Awards, book lists, summer reading, diverse books, boys in school, Children's Book Week, School Library Month, KidLitCon, series books, raising readers, picture books, parenting, play, homework, schools, libraries, poetry, and STEM. 

Book Lists + Awards

Newbery / Caldecott 2017: Spring Prediction Edition from @fuseeight #kidlit #PictureBooks http://ow.ly/Zzo0o 

Always a good list: Best Children’s Books of the Year, 2016 Edition from @bankstreetedu http://ow.ly/ZmvK0  #KidLit

ABA Announces 2016 Indies Choice/E.B. White Read-Aloud Award Finalists | @ABABook #kidlit http://ow.ly/ZDq5k 

Favorite Children’s Books about Spring (#nonfiction, stories, #poetry, maple syrup + more) from @rebeccazdunn http://ow.ly/ZzopD 

On Your Mark, Get Set, Read! Chapter Book List (inc. series) for #SummerReading 2016 from @mrskatiefitz http://ow.ly/ZzpH8 

Great Books for Resistant Readers in Middle School and High School | @PernilleRipp #YA http://ow.ly/ZDt1h 

13 New #YA Books for Middle School Readers Coming Out This Month | @LibraryVoice @sljournal http://ow.ly/ZzmnC 


On the #Cybils blog: Interview with Joel Ross, author of elem/MG spec fiction winner The Fog Diver @harperchildrens http://ow.ly/ZuwZy 

Diversity + Gender

Why Publishing Is So White by @DeahlsDeals @PublishersWkly http://ow.ly/Zpx61  #DiverseBooks

"Should White Authors Avoid Writing from the POV of a character of color?" @MitaliPerkins says no http://ow.ly/ZzngU  #DiverseBooks

Instead of trying to make boys fit in better in schools, maybe #schools should be redesigned for boys @ReadByExample http://ow.ly/Zp970  

Events + Programs

Children’s Week Bookmark Reveal (psst . . . It’s El Deafo related!) — @fuseeight @CBCBook  #CBW @CeceBellBooks http://ow.ly/ZrG5s 

April is #SchoolLibraryMonth | @MrSchuReads talks with this year's spokesperson Megan McDonald http://ow.ly/Zuu5r 

A 9-Year-Old Girl in India Is Running A #Library For Underprivileged Kids Who Can’t Read (she reads aloud) http://ow.ly/Zn0zR  @buzzfeed

Growing Bookworms

Escaping Series Mania, how + why to get developing readers to read outside of series fiction, Betty Carter @HornBook http://ow.ly/ZrKbf 

Love this! #RaisingReaders Monday: Spring Forward with Books |On the many joys of #OutdoorReading from @kateywrites http://ow.ly/ZrGZS 

Don't try to make kids' reading "edifying .. If a child reads for pleasure, your battle is won." @SharonReader http://ow.ly/Zuwc3 

10 Non-Book Ways to Get Your Child Reading from @Scholastic  #RaisingReaders http://ow.ly/ZDqZz 

Higher Ed

"Why make campuses exempt from realities commonly found elsewhere" asks @VDHanson in @MercuryNews http://ow.ly/ZmVf9  #HigherEd


KidLitCon2016LogoSquareI've just booked my hotel for #KidLitCon 2016 in Wichita, KS (Oct. 14-15). Reservation link here: http://ow.ly/ZrPsg   | Don't miss it!

On the #Cybils blog: Announcing the #KidLitCon 2016 Theme, Logo, and Hotel  | It's our annual "family reunion" http://ow.ly/ZDtg4 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

On the need for sad books / emotional stories in #kidlit, plus some recommendations from @carriegelson http://ow.ly/ZuogT 

A call from #teachers to the media to #CoverKidsBooks more @MGStrikesBack http://ow.ly/ZrL1g 

Lois Lane is far more than 'just' Superman's girlfriend | @Gwenda @GdnChildrensBks  #YA http://ow.ly/ZmvMP 

On Book Buying Resistance (or rather, a complete lack thereof) from @carriegelson, clearly a kindred spirit http://ow.ly/ZDuqR 

OK, this is fun. Vending Machine Dispenses Random Books for $2 | @mental_floss http://ow.ly/ZDCW7 

Parenting, Play + Homework

The Dangers of Using a Sticker Chart to Teach Kids Good Behavior (they influence mindset) @DrEricaR @TheAtlantic http://ow.ly/Zupmz 

Why Parents Should Not Make Kids Do #Homework (or at least not 4 hours/night) by @HeatherShumaker in @Time http://ow.ly/ZrHj0 

"In a homework-dominated culture, I think we forget joy." A Radical Solution to Elem. #Homework by @HeatherShumaker http://ow.ly/ZmWEu 

Baby Talk - @MrDad answers reader's question about why he should be talking (+ reading) to 2-week old son http://ow.ly/ZrEuM 

How Adults Can Encourage Kids To Be Original Thinkers : @ElissaNadworny @npr_ed http://ow.ly/Zpxm9 

The Job of a Child is to #Play. Kids learn best when they are having fun. @lgoodman222 http://ow.ly/ZnVFf  #EdChat #JoyOfLearning

Picture Books for Older Kids

How I Use #PictureBooks in Our Middle School Classroom by @PernilleRipp | they help kids fall in love w/ #reading http://ow.ly/ZrG0m 

Big Kids Need #PictureBooks Too! Top 4 reasons from Andrea at Adventures in #Literacy Land http://ow.ly/ZrGyG 


4 Reasons to Start Class With a Poem Each Day | @theVogelman @Edutopia http://ow.ly/Zn0h1  #NationalPoetryMonth

Schools and Libraries

#Teachers + #librarians + @NerdyBookClub members are the real rock stars, says author @joshfunkbooks http://ow.ly/Zur8J 

Tips for #Teaching Students to Receive Critical Feedback from @mssackstein @EducationWeek http://ow.ly/Zursi  #education

On figuring out what you're good at / passionate about, and pursuing that + how teachers can help by @thereadingzone http://ow.ly/Zunpa 

Thoughts on nurturing grit + #GrowthMindset in #education from @TonySinanis | teachers need to focus on learning too http://ow.ly/ZrFvr 

Study Shows Link Between School #Librarians + Higher Test Scores | Librarians help kids' achievement @sljournal http://ow.ly/ZrKBA 

Guest Post by Bobbie Wooderson @DavidGeurin blog: 5 Ways to Create the Next Generation #Library http://ow.ly/ZnVWr 

Libraries, Libraries, Libraries... by Ruth Hatfield | Talk about them, so they won't be taken away @AwfullyBigBlog http://ow.ly/ZnVyW 

"the books were right there, so I read them.” On the Need for Classroom Libraries for All Ages by @PernilleRipp http://ow.ly/ZzqmU 

7 Qualities That Promote #Teacher Leadership in Schools | @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED http://ow.ly/ZDpBY  #education


Pi Day and BOOKS Help Kids Get Excited About MATH! @ReadingRainbow http://ow.ly/ZrVSz  #STEM

The Problem w/ Prepackaged #STEM Products | we want to establish cultures of inquiry + ongoing learning @rosscoops31 http://ow.ly/Zumhi 

On the Overselling of #EdTech by @alfiekohn | Does it "help kids create, design, produce, construct"? http://ow.ly/ZrD4s  

5 + 1 things teachers can do to close the #math achievement gap (inc. eliminate homework!) @GoorishWibneh http://ow.ly/ZDBlu  @JoBoaler

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #ReadingAloud + Women's History Month + #Nonfiction

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include the Lambda Awards, Irish Children's Book Awards, the Cybils Awards, booklists, International Women's Day, Women's History Month, nonfiction, growing bookworms, schools, education, parenting, publishing, reading aloud, blogging, podcasts, STEM, playful learning, KidLitCon and kindergarten. 

Awards and Book Lists (including Lists for International Women's Day)

2016 Children’s/YA Lambda Literary Award Finalists for LGBT Writing Announced | @LibraryVoice @sljournal http://ow.ly/ZenwU 

Irish Children’s Book Shortlist Announced by @tashrow http://ow.ly/ZeiKE  #kidlit #YA

The Best Interactive Books for Kids per @growingbbb http://ow.ly/ZgRom  #BookList #kidlit

More #PictureBooks to Teach Theme from @PernilleRipp "It is a great time to be a lover of picture books" http://ow.ly/Z8chY  #BookList

Inspired by the #PrincessInBlack | Best Princess Books for All Ages by @KarinaYanGlaser @bookriot http://ow.ly/Z55Io  via @tashrow

50 of the Best Heroines from Middle Grade Books by @KarinaYanGlaser @bookriot  Elizabeth Enright to @CeceBellBooks http://ow.ly/Zenpc 

American Girls | Historical Fiction Featuring Feisty Females | Erinn Black Salge @sljournal for #WomensHistoryMonth http://ow.ly/ZegD4 

Disrupters, Daredevils, and Artists: Women Who Changed the World | Joy Fleishhacker @sljournal http://ow.ly/ZbcSk  #WomensHistoryMonth 

On Your Mark, Get Set, Read! #EasyReader Book List for #SummerReading 2016 from @mrskatiefitz http://ow.ly/ZgRL3 

Looking to read more kids' poetry? See 8 of Our Favorite #Poetry Collections from @SunlitPages http://ow.ly/ZgS1B 


On the #Cybils blog: Interview w/ award-winning author of Flutter and Hum, Julie Paschis by @book_nut http://ow.ly/ZeiCo 

On the #Cybils blog: #BookList Fun: Favorite Series for Beginning Readers from category chair @mrskatiefitz http://ow.ly/Zjpiq 

Events + Programs

Harvard University Has A Plan To Transform K-12 #Education by including community factors: @rklein90 @HuffingtonPost http://ow.ly/ZgDtC 

Growing Bookworms

#RaisingReaders: What You Need to Know About #Nonfiction | Guest Post from  @Everead @SunlitPages http://ow.ly/Zb8MZ 

Building on today's @SunlitPages #RaisingReaders guest post, @Everead shares 11 Excellent #NonFiction Books for Kids http://ow.ly/ZbbpQ 

5 Big Reasons to Continue to #ReadAloud to Your 'Big' Kids @epochtimes via @tashrow http://ow.ly/Z55lm  #GrowingBookworms

Building the Perfect #Nonfiction Blog/Site for use by teachers, librarians, parents — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/ZbaBW 

Food for thought in @ReadAloud_org 2016 #ReadAloud Survey | Knowing  importance isn't enough #RaisingReaders http://ow.ly/ZgH4x 

Allowing Kids to Select What They Read | "Does it matter if students read 'easy' books?" @JoneMac53  thinks not. http://ow.ly/ZhiXT 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Did you know that a Clementine spin-off is coming soon? Waylon! One Awesome Thing @SaraPennypacker @DisneyHyperion http://ow.ly/Zb8aE 

Good, I think (though not all agree): @HarperChildrens to Release Little House on the Prairie Series as E-books w/ Williams illustrations http://ow.ly/ZetQg 

Useful tips from @booksandwine | The Book Blogger's Guide To Moving http://ow.ly/ZehZj 

Everyone Needs a Ramona, a book that "truly speaks to you" + shares some background says @KateMessner @HornBook http://ow.ly/ZgSsD 

Middle school librarian @MsYingling is officially declaring Video Games in kids' books a trend http://ow.ly/Z555q 

Reading Fiction May Enhance Social Skills | New study reported in @WSJ http://ow.ly/Zb7ik  #BenefitsOfReading

"The brain doesn't behave that differently whether we read about experiences, or actually have" them @TrevorHCairney http://ow.ly/Z6UxQ 

Blog Flashback #4: @gregpincus looks back on his early #KidLitCon experiences. We hope to see him there this year! http://ow.ly/Zjw1F 


Interesting application: How Asking 5 Questions Allowed Me to Eat Dinner With My Kids by @cduhigg @NYTimes http://ow.ly/Zk9sz 

Are Parents Modeling "Doing Tough Things"? Kids "do as parents do, not as they say" | Bethany Todd @LauraBarrEd http://ow.ly/ZgSSH 

Playful Learning

Playful Learning: 5 Ways to Use Lego Bricks by @sxwiley (w/ links by category to ideas from various sources) http://ow.ly/ZjBul 


New @Scholastic #podcast episode features @sesamestreet actress & author @SoniaMManzano. Listen here: http://oomscholasticblog.com/podcast/shaping-life-story 

Introducing...the Horn Book Podcast. @RogerReads + @KidLitChick will talk weekly about #kidlit @HornBook http://ow.ly/ZbaMY 

Schools and Libraries

The Importance of Being Little | Review of new @ErikaChristakis book about what preschoolers need @sljournal http://ow.ly/Zegrl 

Project-based #Learning gives Kindergarteners Agency, guest post by K teacher Paula Ford @plearnchat http://ow.ly/ZekzW  @DeVargasSchool

In NC District, leader Steve Oates Brings #Play Back to #Kindergarten @EducationWeek @lrmongeau http://ow.ly/Zbm4t 

How Can the College Application Process Be Improved? | @HKorbey @MindShiftKQED http://ow.ly/Zbc4r  #TurningTheTide

Interesting... Gamification in the classroom: small changes and big results — @neolms via @DrDougGreen http://ow.ly/Zb9fE  #education

Proposal for a new UK primary school #literacy curriculum w/out cramming stuff in by C.J. Busby @AwfullyBigBlog http://ow.ly/Z8bLo  

8 Reasons #CommonCore Will Ultimately Fail, according to @Lynch39083 in @AdvocateforEd http://ow.ly/ZjsnR  #EdReform #education

Take a lesson from Walt Disney and "Plus" your classroom, strategies to improve learning every day @RACzyz http://ow.ly/Zjtcr  #schools


Americans Rank Last in Problem-Solving w/ Technology, skills stagnating in recent years @dougbelkin @WSJ http://ow.ly/Zjo7G  #education

The Evolution of Library #SummerReading programs to #SummerLearning | Editorial | @sljournal http://ow.ly/ZjCGT 

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: Education, Reading Nooks, #STEM + #WeNeedDiverseBooks

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include book lists, the Cybils Awards, diverse books, Scholastic Reading Summit, literacy programs, KidLitCon 2016, schools, libraries, nonfiction, eBooks, education, math, testing, and STEM. I also shared some additional links in this #JoyOfLearning Links post, with quotes and my responses (with more of those to come next week). 

Book Lists

A Tuesday Ten: A #ScienceFiction Pathway Part II (Gateway books for kids 3-5 yrs.) @TesseractViews http://ow.ly/Z2HjO 

Hilarious Toddler-tested #PictureBooks selected by @BookChook  | @The_Pigeon + more | #kidlit #BookList http://ow.ly/Z2Kfu 



On the #Cybils blog: #BookList Fun: 10 Cybils Finalists/Winners that Also Received ALA Awards  @book_nut #ALAyma http://ow.ly/Z2Jb8 

On the #Cybils blog: Interview with @minilabstudios Creators of #BookApp winner Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System http://ow.ly/YWwRz 

#Nonfiction and Young (+ Young Adult) Readers - a Perfect Match | @readingtub http://ow.ly/Z2M6D  References to #Cybils @thereadingzone

Diversity + Gender

WNDBLogoSqaure.@Scholastic and #WeNeedDiverseBooks announce an expanded partnership to bring more @DiverseBooks into #schools http://ow.ly/YUgTH 

#WeNeedDiverseBooks Announces the Opening of Applications for the 2016 #WNDB Internship Grants @DiverseBooks http://ow.ly/YUfU7 

#KidLit Heroines Best Heroes in UK World Book Day Poll, though Harry Potter on top, reports @sljournal http://ow.ly/Z2H1E 

Events + Programs

RT @MrSchuReads: Good morning! Registration is now open for the @Scholastic Reading Summits! :) http://www.scholastic.com/bookfairs/reading-summit 

Ohio Storytime Turns Into Life-Changing Program for Low-income Families | Katie Johnson @sljournal http://ow.ly/YWU1i  #literacy

Growing Bookworms

Hilarious post from @Everead : Drop That Book! 10 Times to Stop Kids Reading http://ow.ly/Z2LpZ  (aka just put on your clothes first)

These are beautiful! 15 Awesome #ReadingNooks for Kids by Karina Glaser @bookriot via @PWKidsBookshelf http://ow.ly/YXko9 


Save the Date for #KidLitCon 2016, October 14-15 in Wichita, KS. More details to follow soon! Thanks @Book_Nut ! http://ow.ly/YUeJZ 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Suggestions for Keeping Up with 2016 Book Releases in #kidlit from @frankisibberson http://ow.ly/YTjWu  @MrSchuReads @100scopenotes etc

#Ebooks Can be a Great Choice for Middle Schoolers reports #library media specialist @sljournal http://ow.ly/YZN0V 

White House Wants To Use Science Fiction To Help Inspire Ways to Settle The Solar System @gizmodo @TesseractViews http://ow.ly/Z2KLK 

8 Reasons Why People Buy Books | @arhomberg at Digital Book World http://ow.ly/Z2O2C  #Reading #eBooks

Schools and Libraries

How high school would be different if students could design it @s_garl @hechingerreport via @DrDougGreen http://ow.ly/YWw7W  #education

The Importance of Teaching Kids Problem Solving (+ not over-solving for them) and How to Do It - @LauraBarrEd http://ow.ly/YZOMZ 

Testing for Joy and Grit? #Schools Nationwide Push to Measure Students’ Emotional Skills @kzernike @NYTimes http://ow.ly/YWsKW 

The Tide Is Turning: High School Is Coming Back | @reallearningct via @thereadingzone http://ow.ly/YQOZ1  #Education

.@stevehargadon: Escaping #Education Matrix | Families must reclaim ownership of #learning @LubaSays @MindShiftKQED http://ow.ly/YQNEG 

One Small Step for A Classroom, One Big Step to A Better World | @MrazKristine on giving kids control over schedule http://ow.ly/YPTnH 

Want to Start a Library #STEM Program? Assess Your Community Needs First | Linda W. Braun @sljournal http://ow.ly/YZNfT 

20 Strategies for Motivating Reluctant #Learners | Have Only Positive Expectations | Katrina Schwartz @MindShiftKQED http://ow.ly/Z2wc5 

Michelle Gunderson: Administrator's Pledge on Ethical Treatment of Students Who Opt Out of #testing: @anthonycody http://ow.ly/Z2JIf 


Counterpoint: The #Math Myth that permeates Andrew Hacker's “The Math Myth” by @profkeithdevlin http://ow.ly/YZPlj  #STEM #CommonCore

Practical Ways to Develop Students’ Mathematical Reasoning  (vs. pure memorization) | @MindShiftKQED http://ow.ly/YUnfj  #STEM

Several public school districts across the country are teaching economics units to kids says @ninasovich @WSJ http://ow.ly/YWUo3  #STEM

Coding for Everyone? Why it won't + probably shouldn't happen| Guest post by @DrDougGreen @mssackstein http://ow.ly/YQO5V  #STEM

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: Read Across America Day, #JoyOfReading + #STEM

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include book awards, book lists, science fiction, magical books, diverse books, the Cybils Awards, gender, Children's Book Week, Read Across America Day, Pi Day, growing bookworms, reading logs, reading aloud, poetry, reading, play, schools, teaching, growth mindset, and STEM. 

Awards + Book Lists

"Winners, Losers, and Something in Between" @HornBook awards panel recap featuring @RogerReads @charlotteslib + more http://ow.ly/YIRKe 

A #ScienceFiction Pathway Part I | 10 books to introduce kids age 0 to 3 to #SF from @TesseractViews http://ow.ly/YIRzz 

What #PictureBooks to Read to the Kids If You Love #Jazz Music from @Everead http://ow.ly/YLp7l  #BookList

Read Around Town: 10 #PictureBooks about Hair + Hair Salons from @mrskatiefitz http://ow.ly/YIRfp  #BookList

Favorite Books About Mail + Writing Letters, #BookList from @rebeccazdunn http://ow.ly/YIDhr  #kidlit

Great Science Fiction for Middle Graders | lots of recommendations from @TesseractViews @sljournal  #kidlit http://ow.ly/YIR44 

Magical Books Like Narnia for Kids, a @momandkiddo #BookList http://ow.ly/YIQPV  #kidlit

A Tuesday Ten from @TesseractViews | #Diversity in Children’s #ScienceFiction http://ow.ly/YIKX4 


Cybils-Logo-2015-Round-SmHappy @Cybils Day! The #Cybils winners are LIVE! Fabulous titles in categories ranging from #PictureBook to #YA http://www.cybils.com/2016/02/the-2015-cybils-winners.html 

A #Cybils blog post: The 2015 Winners: What’s Being Said  #kidlit #YA http://ow.ly/YIFRv 

Would You Like to Help Contribute to the #Cybils Blog? | We are looking for #BookLists http://ow.ly/YIQVa 

Diversity + Gender

CCBC Multicultural Statistics for #kidlit received by @CCBCwisc in 2015 http://ow.ly/YLo2Z  #DiverseBooks via @100scopenotes

Simon & Schuster Creates Imprint for Muslim-Themed Children’s Books @xanalter @NYTimes http://ow.ly/YLlpx  @SimonKids #DiverseBooks

Interesting: @Target takes gender-neutral approach with new kids home brand @MercuryNews http://ow.ly/YIS3x 

True: Boys could enjoy stories about girls, and vice versa – if only we'd let them | @redbreastedbird @Guardian http://ow.ly/YLKOc 

Events + Programs

2016CBWPosterThe poster for 2016 Children's Book Week, designed by Brian Won, shared @USAToday http://ow.ly/YLkQG  @CBCBook

A Week of Dr. Seuss Activities for Preschoolers to prep for #ReadAcrossAmericaDay 3/2 from @growingbbb  #literacy http://ow.ly/YLnTs 

Super Fun and Creative Pi Day (March 14) Activities for Kids from @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/YIRBt  #PlayfulLearning

#BannedBooksWeek 2016 to Focus on banned books written by people of color  #DiverseBooks @PublishersWkly http://ow.ly/YLK1d 

Growing Bookworms

How To Make Reading Fun + Create Lifelong Readers, w/ help from @StudioJJK #LunchLady #GraphicNovels @FirstBook http://ow.ly/YIEB9 

10 Strategies to Help a Reticent Reader Love to Read by Susie Rolander @NerdyBookClub http://ow.ly/YIPSN  #RaisingReaders

Supporting Independent Readers + Independent Reading by sharing excitement re books by @jserravallo @NerdyBookClub http://ow.ly/YIJoz 

Starting Chapter Books: Worry-Busting Advice and 9 Top Picks from @Everead  #literacy #RaisingReaders http://ow.ly/YIRlj 

5 Alternatives to Reading Logs, including shelfies + book trailers from @RACzyz #4OCF http://ow.ly/YIIRl  #JoyOfLearning

Promoting Early #Literacy Around the House: The Bedroom, tips from @mrskatiefitz (e.g. "Review the day") http://ow.ly/YIGac 

Why I #ReadAloud to My Tween Son: conversations + time together + love of reading @5M4B @5minutesformom http://ow.ly/YIE6B 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

For his 10 year blogiversary, @gregpincus is flashing back to his top posts. #1 was Fibs! http://ow.ly/YIR7r  #poetry #STEM

When Reading Becomes a To-Do. On reclaiming the #JoyOfReading + helping kids find it from @PernilleRipp http://ow.ly/YLoGh 

How Not to Worry about Teenagers Reading. Jeff O'Neal responds @bookriot to recent @NewYorker piece http://ow.ly/YLmb5 

Some lovely quotes about the joy of #reading gathered by @BookChook  @neilhimself @DrMayaAngelou + more http://ow.ly/YIDJi 

Don't Say "Your Child Can't Read" | "How do you encourage young learners to explore and embrace literacy?" @Edutopia http://ow.ly/Yhbc4 

YES! Why I let my children read books about upsetting things by @snelsonbooks @washingtonpost http://ow.ly/YLxif 


Have Toys Changed? asks @sxwiley thinking on @DavidElkind2 Power of #Play + whether today's toys foster imagination http://ow.ly/Yh5QV 

Schools and Libraries

"Some suggestions for using controversial texts in the classroom" (+ more) from @DonalynBooks @NerdyBookClub http://ow.ly/YIQp9 

Solutions for Stressed-Out High-School Students - schools are rethinking tests, start times + more @WSJ http://ow.ly/YISdT 

9 Proven Ways to Make Learning Irresistible (How to find flow in your classroom...) by @DavidGeurin http://ow.ly/YIQAx  #JoyOfLearning

Why is it so many schools struggle to educate boys in a way that engages them? @VealHeidi @BAMRadioNetwork http://ow.ly/YIIA0  #EdChat

7 Ways Teachers Can Have A #GrowthMindset, e.g. less "I'm not good at technology" @TonyKlinePhD @BAMRadioNetwork http://ow.ly/YIQa6 

It's "time to consider all the things are children CAN do... not all the things we think they CAN'T do" @TonySinanis http://ow.ly/YIFzU 

It's "not unfair to require high-level #reading ability to get into higher-level #education" @ReadingShanahan http://ow.ly/YID8f 

Who do #grades serve most? Adults, says @mssackstein | How do you make class about #learning not grades? http://ow.ly/YHWV5 


Math Stories Your Child Will Actually Enjoy | @sparkitivity @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/YIHjW  #STEM #kidlit

The Power of Unsolvable Problems. University course for engineers tackles tough tasks, builds resilience http://ow.ly/YHXfD  @WSJ

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: Playful Learning, #1000BlackGirlBooks + #STEM

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. I also shared some links in more detail yesterday, with quotes and comments. Topics in this post include Bank Street Children's Book Awards, Black History Month, Lunary New Year, diverse books, Disney Reads Day, social media, e-books, growing bookworms, picture books, play-based learning, schools, introversion, and testing. 

Cybils-Logo-2015-Round-SmOne other note: in the interest of nurturing playful learning in my own child, I will not be posting next week, during my daughter's school vacation week. I expect to have lots of fun experiences to share on my return. Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Cybils Winner Day, and a relaxing President's Day. If you have kids in school, I hope that they do NOT have homework over the vacation. 

Book Lists and Awards

It's Official - 2016 Bank Street Children's Book Committee Awards are here! @randomlyreading @bankstreetedu #kidlit http://ow.ly/Y8Pj1 

2016 American Indian Youth Literature Awards via @tashrow http://ow.ly/Yex6d  #kidlit

17 Important #PictureBooks to Read for #BlackHistoryMonth from @ReadingRainbow @JenniBuchanan http://ow.ly/Y8PqW 

Some #PictureBooks on Friendship and Loneliness, classroom favorites from @PernilleRipp http://ow.ly/YewPC  #kidlit

Happy Year of the Monkey! A #BookList from @HornBook celebrating Lunar New Year http://ow.ly/Y8PlN 

18 Middle Grade Mystery Books, old and new, from @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/Y60MT  #BookList 


This is awesome! @Tanita_S_Davis shares a #Cybils Valentine for children's book loves everywhere http://ow.ly/Yezkv 


Girl's drive to find #1000BlackGirlBooks hits target w/ outpouring of donations | @GuardianBooks  #DiverseBooks http://ow.ly/Y8RQx 

"Where are the children’s books that celebrate working-class values and voices" @ElenCaldecott @GdnChildrensBks http://ow.ly/Yeva9 

The Out-of-Print #DiverseBooks that @FuseEight would bring back if she could http://ow.ly/YexVE 

Events + Programs

DisneyReadsDayTomorrow is the first annual @Disney Reads Day in support of #literacy + @FirstBook  #MagicOfStorytelling http://ow.ly/Y0yED 

Exiting the Echo Chamber: #CTTCB16 Social Media Institute | notes from @145lewis  @FuseEight @colbysharp @SevenImp http://ow.ly/Y62tL 

Philly Girl Scout Creates Community Lending Library by @CarlyOkyle @sljournal http://ow.ly/YeuZS 

Growing Bookworms

How To Buy Baby's First Favorite Book (and Be the Best Aunt Ever) by @thebibliot @bookriot  @PWKidsBookshelf #Beekle http://ow.ly/YeuNk 

Guest Post by Amber Dlugosh @DavidGeurin | 6 Assumptions That Were Killing #Reading In My Classroom http://ow.ly/Y628y  #EdChat

Good advice here: What (NOT) to do when your child falls out of love with books. @kateywrites #RaisingReaders http://ow.ly/Y61aa 

"talking with kids about their reading (choices) is part of being a thoughtful, intentional parent" says @Everead http://ow.ly/YexKK 

Advice to #Teachers On #ReadAlouds: ‘Pull a Favorite Book, Stop What You Are Doing, and Read to Them’ @Scholastic http://ow.ly/YezrX 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

In latest @Scholastic podcast, @Savageartist talks with editor Liza Baker about the Power of #PictureBooks http://ow.ly/Y5RA7 

92 Percent Of College Students Surveyed Prefer Physical Books To E-Readers (more satisfaction) | @DigitalTrends http://ow.ly/Y8SmO 

Majority of UK parents worried about children's digital reading, survey finds @GuardianBooks http://ow.ly/YeuFf  #eBooks

Lovely! Favorite Quotes About #Reading and Writing from @growingbbb http://ow.ly/YewWR 

Playful Learning

If We Know Play-Based Learning Works, Why Don’t We Do It? Don't we want kids to learn with joy? @MindShiftKQED News http://ow.ly/Y5NQH 

Fun example of #literacy play in @sxwiley kindergarten church class: treating  letters  like blocks http://ow.ly/YexxZ  #JoyOfLearning

Schools and Libraries

In the Classroom: Thoughts from 4th grade teacher + author @medinger on Teaching kids About Slavery w/ #BookList http://ow.ly/Y5YqE 

Calling Them Out or Lifting Their Voice? @cathymere reflects on kids who don't like sharing in large groups http://ow.ly/Y5XLn  #EdChat

Supporting Introverts in a 1st Grade Classroom by Courtney Pawol @ChoiceLiteracy http://ow.ly/Y5PuT  #teaching #introversion

When We Harm Rather than Help – Some Thoughts on Reading Interventions from mom + teacher @PernilleRipp http://ow.ly/Y5Xd4  #education

#Nonfiction #PictureBook Wednesday| @carriegelson shares the delightful effect of nonfiction in her classroom http://ow.ly/YexcZ 

American Mensa's @scotteatsbacon on Keeping Advanced & Gifted Kids Safe + Motivated to Read  @ReadingRainbow http://ow.ly/Y0yLm 

17 Powerful Leadership Thoughts for #Teachers from #METC16 shared by @DavidGeurin http://ow.ly/YezwQ  @gcouros @RafranzDavis


New Ways to Teach Young Children to Code: apps, games, and logic puzzles - ideas from @SueSWSJ @wsj http://ow.ly/YevGv  #STEM

A Group of American Teens Are Excelling at Advanced Math @pegtyre @TheAtlantic http://ow.ly/YewdE  #STEM #EdEquity


The testing opt-out movement is growing, despite government efforts to kill it @ValerieStrauss @washingtonpost http://ow.ly/Y8P5u 

New, Reading-Heavy SAT Has Students Worried @anemonanyc @NYTimes http://ow.ly/Y8PJu  #testing #education

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #Teaching, #STEM, Reading Choice + more

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include book lists, chapter books, science books, diversity, Global School Play Day, Black History Month, growing bookworms, book reviews, creativity, schools, libraries, Genius Hour, STEM, and reading choice. I also shared a few #JoyOfLearning links, with quotes, in a post yesterday. 

Book Lists + Awards

A #BookList with timeless appeal from Jennifer Wharton: Pink and Fancy #PictureBooks  #kidlit http://ow.ly/XLikU 

Read Around Town: The Dentist's Office, 10 #PictureBooks about dentists + teeth from @mrskatiefitz  #BookList http://ow.ly/XUh5a 

18+ American Folktales and Tall Tales for Kids from @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/XOUSj  #PictureBooks #kidlit

Review Round-Up: Books for Beginning Readers (easy readers + chapter books), January 2016, by @mrskatiefitz  #kidlit http://ow.ly/XGXMj 

A good list: Top 10 (or so) Chapter Books for Transitioning Readers by @librarianarika @NerdyBookClub  #kidlit http://ow.ly/XJsGi 

A Tuesday Ten @TesseractViews |#kidlit that takes place on the Red Planet (Mars)  http://ow.ly/XRLDI  #BookList

2016 AAAS/Subaru Prizes for Excellent in #Science Books: @tashrow shares winners in #PictureBook, middle grade, YA http://ow.ly/XGXAa 

2016 @EJKeats Book Awards for best new talents announced. Congratulations to @Devas_T + @PhoebeWahl  #kidlit http://ow.ly/XXDwF 

2016 Best Fiction for Young Adults list is out from @YALSA@tashrow shares the top 10 http://ow.ly/XXYLF  #YA #BookList

2016 Great #GraphicNovels for Teens, a #BookList from @YALSA shared by @tashrow http://ow.ly/XUgUL  #kidlit


African-American Experience Children’s Literary Reference Guide (books published 2011-2016) — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/XOU5c  #kidlit

Increasing #Diversity in #kidlit Reviews: Behind the Scenes w/ @sljournal "Gatekeeper" @LibraryVoice @ReadWhileWhite http://ow.ly/XRKtw 

Where are the #diverse children's books? | @mumfordmumford @MPRNews  @LEEandLOW @mattdelapena http://ow.ly/XXDNb 

Events + Programs

GSPDPlay, Baby, PLAY! Why teachers should participate in Global School Play Day on Feb. 3 #GSPD @GSPlayDay http://ow.ly/XJtHQ  #PLAY

Interview of founder of 24th Annual African American Children’s Book Fair @brownbookshelf  #BlackHistoryMonth http://ow.ly/XOTEC 

Informational #PictureBooks Celebrating African American History | Joy Fleishacker @sljournal http://ow.ly/XY1eC  #BlackHistoryMonth

McNuggets with a side of 'Paddington': McDonald's serves books in Happy Meals for 2016 @paperhaus @latimes http://ow.ly/XY2nQ 

Growing Bookworms

Thoughts from @frankisibberson on new Every Child a Super Reader book by @ernestmorrell + @pamallyn @Scholastic http://ow.ly/XOUCi 

"Anytime we tell someone that what they’re reading is wrong.. we make them like reading a little less" @JulieFalatko http://ow.ly/XRLcA 

#RaisingReaders: How My Parents Raised Readers w/out Being Avid Readers, guest post by @housefullbkwrms @SunlitPages http://ow.ly/XOVre 

Good advice here from @BookChook | Three Parent Plans to Create a Strong Reader  #GrowingBookworms http://ow.ly/XXZp7 

Reading Ahead! How to Keep Your Advanced Reader Challenged and Interested - @JenniBuchanan @ReadingRainbow http://ow.ly/XRMuE 

Why It's Never Too Early To Start Reading With Your Kids | @HPCAParents @canpaedsociety  #RaisingReaders http://ow.ly/XLlHy 

Going Schoolwide w/ Reading Engagement: Start with Success (+ lots of interesting books) says @ReadByExample http://ow.ly/XJsM7 

Keeping Independent Reading FUN is Critical to Student Achievement | Judy Newman from @Scholastic at @NEAToday http://ow.ly/XY1QX 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

UK author SF Said campaigns for more children's book reviews in newspapers says @TheBookseller http://ow.ly/XS7He  via @PWKidsBookshelf 

.@Amazon Is Said to Be Planning an Expansion w/ up to 400 Retail Bookstores @nickwingfield @NYTimes http://ow.ly/XUih4 


Stanford educator Denise Pope says students need more sleep, family time, @chalsuccess in @MercuryNews http://ow.ly/XLlUG  #EdChat

RT @TedFujimoto: How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off http://nyti.ms/1nv0ZIj  #creativity #edchat #deeperlearning

Playful Learning

10 Ways to Make Handwriting Practice Fun, guest post by @Creekside_Learn for @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/XUhn3  #JoyOfLearning

How Turning #Math Into Maker Workshop Can Bring Calculations to Life + get kids clamoring for more @LindaFlanagan2 http://ow.ly/XUiGJ 

Schools and Libraries

Enough with the Teacher Talk- Ideas from @PernilleRipp for Getting More Student Talk (like, just ask the question) http://ow.ly/XHGU6 

The Professional Books that Changed Me as a Teacher (and why for each) by @PernilleRipp http://ow.ly/XRLlQ  #teaching #EdChat

Tips for Parents in Week 1 of School (& Some for Teachers Too!) from @TrevorHCairney in Australia http://ow.ly/XRK4K  #learning

'Micro Schools' (< 150 kids) Could Be New Competition for Private K-12 @AriannaProthero @EducationWeek http://ow.ly/XOXO9 

What Character Strengths Should Educators Focus On and How? (Results from Boston study) @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED http://ow.ly/XOSfB 

So You Teach a Whole Class Novel – A Small Idea to Help keep the process positive for all students @PernilleRipp http://ow.ly/XOTxJ 

"one of the most valuable things educators can do is to help kids accept + celebrate mistakes" @AndReaBeaty at #4OCF http://ow.ly/XGYcv 

Laughter In the Library: Reading and Sharing Books That Make Kids Smile by @LarnetteS @NerdyBookClub http://ow.ly/XGXPb  #kidlit

Kindergarten teacher: Don’t blame us if your kids are overworked. It isn’t our fault @ValerieStrauss @washingtonpost http://ow.ly/XH0YF 

The 4 essentials of a successful #GeniusHour (1: let students explore their passions) by @jillbad @ESchoolNews http://ow.ly/XGZXL 

Thoughts from @ReadByExample on how to handle #reading logs in high school (try using social media) http://ow.ly/XXZCS  #teaching


Finding the #Math in Storybooks for Young Children, why and how | Herbert P. Ginsburg @MindShiftKQED  #STEM http://ow.ly/XRJx8 

Full #STEAM Ahead: Why Arts Are Essential in a #STEM #Education | @mbteach @Edutopia http://ow.ly/XOWSk 

Do Elite Colleges Lead to Higher Salaries? Only for Some Professions (Yes for business, no for #STEM). Study at @WSJ http://ow.ly/XOSUx 

#CommonCore standards for mathematics expect students to conceptually understand math @dailyjournalnet http://ow.ly/XOMex  #STEM

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #DiverseBooks, #RaisingReaders, Creativity + more

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics include book awards, book lists, snow days, speculative fiction, the Cybils awards, poetry, diverse books, gender, STEM, coding, Multicultural Children's Book Day, Black History Month, growing bookworms, grit, parenting, schools, libraries, creativity, publishing, Mo Willems, reading, and growth mindset. 

Book Lists and Awards

Why “The Hired Girl” Won the 2016 O’Dell Award (w/ recap of controversy)  

Snow Problem: 7 Books for Snowy Days | by

Slightly More Recent Books on Slavery for Young People, list from  

A Tuesday Ten from | The most recent Speculative Fiction titles that won the Newbery


For : Ones that Got Away per

RT @SLJournal:What to Read? Check out and the — Good Comics for Kids  

Diversity + Gender

A good thing: gets more realistic with 3 new body types + 7 skin colors, reports

"Books are tools through which children + adults see the framework of difference + learn to deal w/ it"  

Including in Your Home Library: Global Kids by w/

RT @SLJournal: Book Publishing—from Executives to Reviewers—Is White and Female, Survey Finds

Infographic from in Publishing: 2015 survey shared

Details on the book drive that is doing to support Marley Dias'

Support Pours In for 11 yo Girl Gathering 1000 Books w/ Black Girl Protagonists |

MCBDUseful! Resources for Finding Multicultural Children's Books from

Kids missing out on fab books b/c adults around them think there are books for boys vs for girls"

Really good article: 8 ways you can empower girls to learn coding by  

Events + Programs

28dayslogo (1)Congratulations to the 2016 Honorees, authors/illustrators to be showcased during

Vietnamese Children's Favorite Stories reviewed by for |

Growing Bookworms

"learning to read pictures is the first step in learning to read" on writing  

How We Created A Community of Readers |Looking for next steps beyond finding reading time by teacher

Why schools must create a culture of reading, w/ concrete tips for teachers from


Bosses: Are You Too Gritty for Your Own Good? Do you keep trying to win losing battles

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

An informal taxonomy of Childfree adults in children's literature from Clémentine Beauvais  

Cool! will oversee new Elephant & Piggie Like Reading line of early readers for reports

The Conversation Around A Birthday Cake for George Washington | rounds up links, in time order

How Storytelling Works in the Brain and Why We (especially students) Need Stories via

Why You Should Read 50 Books This Year (+ What to Read + How To Do It) by via


Five Tips for Watching Videos with Toddlers (Plus a List of Favorites!) from  

"Just as effort alone can’t deliver results, praising effort isn’t enough to help a child.."

Schools and Libraries

The loss of (UK) libraries is another surefire way to entrench | Mary O'Hara

"what are the best ways that + can cultivate creativity?" Start of conversation at

On schools moving from Standardization to Personalization by after reading

How to Get Started With Genius Hour for Elementary Classrooms? by (helping kids uncover unique gifts)

Cultivating a Classroom Culture of Creativity (e.g. add Stop and Think time) by at blog

Makes sense to me: Teacher Burnout Is More Likely Among reports

9 Reasons Every Educator Should Embrace Change from principal w/ ideas from

How Can Schools Tap Into Parent Power For the Good of Students? On teacher home visits |

"we don’t focus on being able to learn that much in schools" but on making sure kids can be taught

Technology for the Sake of Technology: Consider the Why and the How says

8 competencies that schools should facilitate per SirKenRobinson in CREATIVE SCHOOLS, shared by

Ten Things Drawing Can Teach Us About (high levels of creativity, insight, etc) from

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