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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 10: #ClassroomLibraries, #ComicBooks + #LoveOfWriting

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #anxiety, #AP, #BookLists, #ClassroomLibraries, #ComicBooks, #DiverseBooks, #Failure, #FlexibleSeating, #GraphicNovels, #HigherEd, #introversion, #Math, #parenting, #Schools, reading, storytelling, teaching, testing, and writing.

Top Tweet of the Week

A : If You Build It, They Will Read | " who are able to utilize a well-stocked, diverse classroom library spend 60% more time compared to those that don’t" - takes action!

Book Lists

WhatIsChasingDuck make kids want to read. Here's a from to help: Beyond Elephant and Piggie: Funny

Wonderful Wordless | new from | My family especially loves by + by

Four new + uncommon for beginners w/ mini-reviews from Elissa Gershowitz

KeeperOfLostCities10 Bingeable Series That Readers Love |

Events + Programs + Research

NYC Study Shows Coaches Had No Effect on Low-Income 2nd-Graders. I bet spending the $ on awesome + focusing on would have worked better

Study finds the most effective are the ones who turn to their colleagues for advice (while weaker teachers don’t bother)

The 'Brain' in : Does Teaching Students Neuroscience Help?

How Is Catching Up To Mr. Rogers | | social + emotional

Diversity + Gender

MaddisFridgeWhy inclusive need to think about and , by via

Sigh: Japan Medical School Accused of Rigging Exam Scores to Keep Out Women (b/c they might take time off for marriage or kids)

Do Kids A Disservice When Defining Books as “Boy” or “Girl” | | "Do we really want kids to ... Automatically assume because there’s a character of a different gender, the book isn’t for them?"

Growing Bookworms

All You Need to : "a good book, an engaged adult, and a receptive child" | excellent tips from for

Tips & Tricks for Great Books to Kids from | "It's not our right book" but "what the child needs at that particular moment in time" |

A Friendly Reminder (especially for ) from that Still Count as

I mean, if I told my child (as witnessed a parent doing) that didn't count for checkout, she would never go to the library with me again. And THAT would be sad.

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Sabrina Get New Respect, showing up in the prize longlist + elsewhere by Ellen Gamerman | Mostly about adult books, but notes rise in GN sales

One more benefit kids enjoying : When adolescents read (especially a variety of) books they realize "You’re not alone" | https://t.co/ir2WNBTCS4

'Elitist': angry pirates hit back after author campaign sinks website | | I say reading is theft. + should be paid for their efforts.

DaVinciCodeThe Way We Read Now. A new survey of America’s favorite shows that moves us far more than | Adam Kirsch

On getting kids started writing realistic by having them get to know their characters |

Want Young Students to Love ? Let Them With It. "reaching standards and finding joy, creativity, and a sense of identity through writing are not mutually exclusive"

This month's magazine has a couple of nice articles about the benefits of (brain health, reduced stress, etc) + tips for including more reading in your life (and modeling for your kids) https://t.co/yt6iCP5DII


Good advice here: What to Do When Your Child Says, ‘But Everyone Can Read But Me’ |

Three ways to ease your child’s jitters -

Schools and Libraries (inc. Classroom Libraries)

Questions to Assess our Before from + more

PipsqueaksNew Resources for by | tend to prefer but many kids like |

: Five Ways to Stay on Top of the Latest and Greatest in Children's Literature | on new blog for | "most important: Listen to your students" |

Four Reasons to Tackle . shares his elementary school's experience

There’s Strength in Being Vulnerable suggests become "more aware of the areas in which you lack knowledge or experience with regard to excellent instruction"

One Approach Does Not Fit All when figuring out what's best for individual (e.g. taking notes by hand vs. typing)

How California is transforming bus drivers, clerks and yard supervisors into by giving them to earn

GiftOfFailureShould we be setting our kids up for in the safe space of instead of only success? "Failure not only builds our ; it makes success all the more joyful and fruitful" | https://t.co/FEL1C3GaD9

This seems like quite a resource for enhancement: 400 to Follow on Twitter: Crowd-Sourced List for Educators by Educators –


Changing teachers’ ideas about boosts student test scores | + team recruited 40 CA 5th grade for course, kids scored 8 pts higher than control group

Make Your Daughter Practice . She’ll Thank You Later. | Girls think they aren't good at because they are often better at , so they don't put in the time to practice + improve

Testing + College Admissions

More students are taking exams, but researchers don’t know if that helps them (especially black + Hispanic )

Huh. I never thought about discriminating against . This is very interesting...

@JonHaidt: The admissions scandal at Harvard (which gave Asians bad ratings on personality to reduce their numbers) reveals a related kind of discrimination in admissions: against introverts. Great essay by Jonathan Zimmerman: https://t.co/CtOdBQuIBC

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 3: #JoyOfReading, #ReadingAloud, #GraphicNovels + #FunnyBooks

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #Cybils, #EarlyLearning, #giftedness, #GradeLevels, #GraphicNovels, #JoyOfLearning, #JoyOfReading, #parenting, #PictureBooks, #RaisingReaders, #ReadingAloud, #reading, #resilience, #schools, #STEM, #writing, classroom libraries, educational equity, funny books, and PBS Parents.

Top Tweet of the Week

Why 'getting lost in a book' is so good for you, according to | via | It makes you more empathetic + creative + gives you a rest | #JoyOfReading #Creativity + more

Book Lists + Awards

Cybils Logo - No DateA reminder from (at the end of her weekly roundup) that the call for judges is coming up soon. If you review or , it's a great opportunity

for about Friends and Families, from , + lots more

Inspiring Children's Books About , a from

Back to School Time: 40 Books About Mighty Girls' Adventures at | from

FrazzledFunny Books: Hilarious Reads for ages 8-13 from

Diversity + Gender

On Boy Books and Girl Books| "can we all agree that there is no such thing as a girl or a boy book? That kids need to be exposed to characters that inspire them, no matter their gender." https://t.co/Urex0dUaJG

On the need to give all American girls role models + what is doing to help do that |

Events, Programs + Research

ILA’s First-Ever Children’s Literature Day Brings Message of Hope Full Circle | Recap by |

The myth of : New study shows that splitting attention between lecture and use hinders long-term retention, and others in class suffer

Study finds + use in classrooms contribute to lower grades | via

Study on the Tennessee Program finds positive effects on kids' achievement + behavior at the end of pre-k reversed + began favoring control children by 3rd grade via

Growing Bookworms

FantasticFlyingBooksWhy Matter, Even for Teenagers & Adults | debunks four myths underpinning the idea that they are only for younger kids |

Why to Kids Helps Them Thrive. The number one piece of advice from | Cognitive, social + emotional benefits, plus you can "enjoy the snuggle"

Why I Created Rules for My Children – And Myself by | Her rules start w/ a good one: " to your children as often as possible, for as long as possible"

LunchLadyFieldTripIn an effort to provide books that kids WANT to read, a rethinks his , putting in mostly + via | My daughter would be in heaven

The Great Experiment by | Instead of bemoaning kids flipping through them, "help readers to see what graphic novels really are: worthwhile, serious, and profound pieces of "

On Not Being a Reader…Yet – muses on kids who lose by not being ready (yet) to when + standards think they should be

LillysBigDayDesigning a first-grade for "gradual release" throughout the year to allow to build book-browsing skills

Mental Health + Play

Children learn best when engaged in the living world not on says | "If the move to continues, children will spend much, if not most, of their waking hours in front of screens"

Truth! Kids Need and . Their May Depend on It. School leaders need to act now says |

‘My brain feels like it’s been punched’: the intolerable rise of , including among | | via

This makes sense to me: Harvard research study finds " may inadvertently undermine some aspects of emotional " ( + emotional vulnerability) via

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Why Can’t I Let Myself Stop a Book I Hate? Is it optimism, grit, guilt, or difficulty in letting go of ? asks via

MitfordA Few Lessons from on + | "A isn't bad" + "Sharing your writing is scary"


A call from for + to return to kids. Let them outside (despite “Where’s The Mom?” busybodies). Give them +

When Change is Hard: 5 Transition Skills for Kids | advice from If you are , headed to a new , etc.

Surround your Kids with Things and Ignite their Spark for – "A child needs to learn that they do not need the parent or teacher to learn (but leaving stuff lying casually around helps)" https://t.co/mXPrYCEYIk

Is it just me, or does hiring a for your kid seem a bit over the top (or, ok, crazy)? Of course, I want my kid to spend LESS time on , not more, so I'm not the target audience for this

at Should Tailor Skills to Different Stages. Fewer parents are volunteering just as new research shows it yields benefits from better grades to lower rates of depression  https://t.co/8b2iSWkuYQ

Schools and Libraries

EdGovernanceCompeting Values in Make Real Transformation Challenging. "If we focus too heavily (on being) to all students, then we inevitably trounce on the other values... efficiency, choice, and excellence

What's without ? A North Dakota district is finding out.

California kids who didn’t learn to read to get day in court | Lawsuit argues poor instruction violates minority students' rights

Lawmaker Seeks to Expand Programs in New York City. Supporters say this would help advance -

opens Urban Elementary in hometown of Akron, Ohio, in partnership w/ city

How a inspired a new way to train — and how that is leading to a new kind of |

3 Reminders from for the Beginning of the Year | I liked "No matter how happy (or sad) your colleagues or students seem, don’t hesitate to share a kind word or action" |


SteamPlayLearnThe ONLY 3 Resources You Will EVER Need! per

Tennessee approves first-ever standards for K-8 schools

President Trump signs bipartisan bill into law -

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: July 27: #DisruptTexts, Rereading, #LemonadeStands and #SchoolLibrary #Genrefication

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #Amazon, #BookAwards, #BookLists, #CharterSchools, #DisruptTexts, #DiverseBooks, #FlexibleSeating, #GirlScouts, #HearingLoss, #Mindfulness, #RequiredReading, #testing, bookstores, education policy, gender, libraries, reading, rereading, schools, and undiscovered readers.

Top Tweet of the Week

GreatGatsbyIs 'The Great Gatsby' really ? driven movement challenges to reconsider the classics + expand perspectives

Book Lists + Awards

2018 Winners Announced! —

Books to Help Everyone Feel Welcome!, new from

Your Kids Will Relate to these Early about | by featuring https://t.co/BRXuyXtpJw

No Romance Required: 30 Books About Girl – Boy Friendships | from

BodieTroll: A Heroic Troll, Ghostly Girl, and Slice-of-Life Manga | July 2018 Xpress Reviews via

Diversity + Gender

Girls-only shop classes are spreading, upending stereotypes but running Title IX risk

Events, Programs + Research

Does this Program for Disadvantaged Kids Bypass , , and Fun, While Tracking Students? shares her concerns (+ some better ideas), and I agree

First survey of its kind for 50 years finds 65% of Americans still think they have above average https://t.co/XiT2IVfcYk

RT @KMPPerry: “Often, children of low-income households and children of color don’t get the early experiences that get them ready for school.” As shares in the , is tackling kindergarten readiness by focusing on parental support. https://t.co/LOR6xqxWva

Morning Notes: Facepalm Edition — | Seconding Travis in congratulating Kathy, blogger from , on opening real-world

RT @DTWillingham: New data: "modest effect" of one-shot growth mindset intervention on beliefs about intelligence ($) https://t.co/AcKIahDIrS

Growing Bookworms

LionWitchExcellent advice from on encouraging kids to - "We naturally want more of the things we love... should be grateful students want to recreate the experiences they had when reading beloved books." https://t.co/3aOXhQ0ZcI

Why and How Is in Crisis in our by | "Everyone would agree that the goal is to help children become confident learners who can read and write and choose to do so"

What should we call "reluctant readers" that is less de-motivating: selective, developing, undiscovered? Whichever, is seeking Tips & Tricks to Motivate

For : How to Easily Do A by | Don't forget to transfer ownership of talks to early on |

How to to Differently Aged Children for Fantastic Family Time!, advice from , who reads aloud a lot

EnormousSmallnessWhy for Year 6?| talks about why + how should aspire to get kids to ENJOY + in detail how to use Picture Books to help, w/ for older kids https://t.co/aSAyJMjye4

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

How To Do a Beloved Classic Today: Some thoughts from on new Anne with an E, Season 2 (+ some other remakes)

Phone Addiction? Here’s One Way to Fix It - writes in about how she is much more thanks to leaving her phone in the kitchen at night h/t

Today Show, Jimmy Fallon, Reese Witherspoon Lead Online Revival | via | Seems like everyone has recommendations, which is nice to see.

Parenting + Leadership

MIndfulGames for Children - w/ tips for kids (+ their ) at different ages

Grown-Ups Fight for Children’s Right to Sell Lukewarm Lemonade -

This is very cool: How the Humble Is Becoming a Pipeline for Young - | trying to fight decline in

You’re Never Going to Be “Caught Up” at Work. Stop Feeling Guilty About It. | w/ tips for avoiding the negative effects of guilt + shame

Schools and Libraries

ElDeafoHow Are Trying To Overcome 'Language Deprivation' For Kids |

: What’s the Point? Elementary principal shares some questions and reflections after discussions on Twitter

On Rewards – "for longterm motivation and behavior, I have come to question more and more the place of tangible in the ", but remain open to nuanced approaches, says https://t.co/u7N8jXOPHQ

Moving Beyond a to an by – going beyond, say, learning to doing something w/ math https://t.co/zYMlBELA54

DragonHunterHow Makes More Like , making it easier for kids to find books + for to identify collection gaps | https://t.co/AnwOwT8Yt1

Here's one of many, many responses refusing the recent opinion piece suggesting that should replace local . Personally I thought that headline was a joke when I first saw it. nails it.

11 Things I Will Never, Ever Admit to My Local | | "I put multiple books on hold — (i.l.l. books) — and then forget to pick them up"

Politics / Education Policy

Trump Priority Gathers Steam as Senate Passes Career-Technical Bill - | Idea is to update existing federal grant program to also boost +

must grapple with rising costs of . This piece by in sums up what's happening around CA (inc. my daughter's district)

Opinion piece by | A Plea for a Fact-Based Debate About - Nice to see someone try to look at both sides in any debate these days


Nice! add 30 new badges in , and |

A Baltimore program uses the arts to combat the , sneaking in + learning and keeping it fun |


Seven things research reveals — and doesn’t — about Advanced Placement -

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: July 20: #GrowthMindset, #Audiobooks, and #IndependentReading

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #AndrewLuck, #audiobooks, #BookClubs, #GrowingBookworms, #GrowthMindset, #JoyOfReading, #MarshmallowTest, #math, #reading, #ReadingChoice, #schools, #STEM, #SummerReading, #SummerSlide, independent reading, and self control.

Top Tweets of the Week

I'm delighted to report that after 13 months I finally finished reading and the Order of the Phoenix to my 8-year-old daughter. It was an excellent experience, from laughter to tears, and I loved sharing it with her. to kids! So worth it. [Not a link, but this was quite a much-liked tweet so I wanted to share it here.]

Well this is depressing: Leisure in the U.S. is at an all-time low, per recent study reported in via | I agree w/ that this reinforces need to give time to read in

Book Lists

ElDeafoMulticultural Books for Children: 60+ all in one place from |

Getting Ready for the First Day of Books for | a from |

Diverse Books

Cleveland Students Lead Initiative To Diversify Local Elementary |


Free Speech + Ideological Diversity

To Get Along Better, We Need Better Arguments - Our polarized keep us from learning from our opponents | Prof Walter Sinnott-Armstrong has suggestions (+ in his new book) #IdeologicalDiversity

This resonated | The mob is a danger to society - "We are slowly normalizing the policing of speech and opinion. Sometimes overtly, and sometimes through ... intimidation"

Growing Bookworms

RestartHow , parental support + an understanding helped 's son go from not to "Kinda A Reader" in 5th grade |

Cal running back who loves offers free football tickets to young readers via Challenge

"We hear again and again about the power of independent ... So why isn't everybody doing it?" Yes, You Can Find Time says , w/ tips on how

BookWhispererYes! The Problem With Our Early Obsession| We need to stop crowding out w/ fear-based focus on skills – | w/ quotes by +

Growth Mindset

Let’s Stop Telling Kids to ‘Find Their Passion’ – " the reality is this: most kids are too young to know their passions; it’s just plain unfair to make them" + it breeds + says https://t.co/YN4ChM3dWH

8 Habits that Block Productive Struggle in Students | "Praising students for their smarts" + more |

Kids Today Are Actually More Patient Than Kids 50 Years Ago - Susan Pinker reports on re-enactments of

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

MixedUpFilesToo Busy for a ? Join an Online Version - Did you know about 's online book club ? They're reading this month https://t.co/W0plvTierq

New study suggests that pack a more powerful emotional punch than film –

Schools and Libraries

Revisiting Reagan's 'A Nation at Risk' Report 35 Years Later - Talking about US is misleading because "the United States does not actually have a national system"

What Actually Means—and 5 Ways for to Help Fight it | | + more

Screen Time

Frequent Technology Use Linked to Symptoms in Teens, Study Finds - + | This shows correlation not causation but seems worth further study. Also makes me wonder about increasing in


MathematicalMindsetsStanford research shows that students (esp. girls + ) do better on tests when elementary school teachers face down their own demons —

Why Do Women Shun STEM? It’s Complicated says Professor | Professors outside mischaracterize subjects as not creative + poach bright female students

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: July 13: #Reader Identity, the #MarshmallowTest + #FlexibleSeating (or not)

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookList, #Dystopias, #FlexibleSeating, #GrowthMindset, #LearningStyles, #Literacy, #SummerReading, #Treehouse, #YA, gender roles, failure, play, Project LIT, reading, and science.

Top Tweet of the Week

JediPrincipalThe cries of joy from my daughter will be audible all across the neighborhood when she gets home today. Yes, we received an early copy of the new book by from today. [releases July 31st]

Diversity + Gender

Musings on strength, failure + gender in by | "I think a better reaction against the truly awful, helpless Mary Sues of the past is not ‘strong’ female characters, but realistic female characters"

Book Lists

Favorite Dragon and for Kids, new from  https://t.co/jnv4NofiCL

SummerBrainQuestKid Tested : Activity + Information Books | from | Making fun

10 Captivating to Read This Summer | from Dena McMurdie | I found a few worth checking out here

Events + Programs

First Project LIT Summit: shares the welcome address w/ background on this program started by high schoolers to combat w/ quality + https://t.co/1eDdWp84iC

Spotlight: NY-based program Literacy for Incarcerated Teens (LIT), profiled , provides material + support for teens https://t.co/X7WiCb9po4

Buckle-up for the Road Trip! | | Family events to meet authors + costume characters

Growing Bookworms

She Just Asked Google To Remind Her to “Read All the Books On the Bottom Shelf” reflects on how not pushing her agenda on her daughter probably led to her daughter CHOOSING to read this summer https://t.co/KxTMzPilpv

PassionateReadersOn and Its Importance – need to help kids understand who they are as readers + set a path to grow, says |

Show and Tell Idea for from w/ printable resources https://t.co/QlmtTwsU8n

Growth Mindset + Self Control

"Find your passion" is bad advice, say Yale-NUS and Stanford psychologists | Sitting around waiting to find passion runs counter to + developing via

Try to Resist Misinterpreting the - "Early research with the marshmallow test helped pave the way for later theories about how undermines " https://t.co/48EhEdvRew

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

UgliesFor Teens, Seems Pretty Real — And That's Why They Like It : |

Resilience, strength, empathy: How books are helping my daughter find her place in the world -

You can never have too many books | This photo tour by Anne Rooney of her daughter's overstuffed bookshelves made me smile |

The series, by Andy Griffiths -- zany, over-the-top, can't-put-it-down stories | celebrates the latest release w/ words from the author about the series' kid-engaging vision

Parenting + Play

WildThingsAreGrowing Children's Imagination & Creativity by | Sample ways to encourage story-based by age group

Stop the Slide! Prevention Tips for 6- to 8-Year-Olds from Schools and Libraries

A counterpoint: The Case Against |

I found it refreshing to see someone advocate for Finding the Middle Ground in arguments (listen, assess other arguments for their strengths, etc). Thanks

How to help struggling when they are young | | in training need more support


LightningThiefApplying the Power of to Excite Students About | , +

How to boost skills in the early grades - |

Will New Standards Improve Elementary Education? | |

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: July 6: #Reading Promotion and Summer #Vacation / Learning for #Teachers

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this relatively light week include #BoardBooks, #BookLists, #ClassroomBookADay, #GraphicNovels, #GrowingBookworms, #Math, #ReadAloud, #STEM, adventure stories, book challenges, pensions, professional development, teaching, and vacation. 

Top Tweet of the Week

Raising Kids Who Want To Read : Parents "should model reading, make pleasurable, to your kid in situations that are warm + create positive associations" https://t.co/H0MCvOgkDZ

Book Lists + Awards

RealFriendsPress Release Fun | The Debut of the 2018 Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards | Some great on the 2018 nominee lists shared in this post [including nominee Real Friends, one of my family's favorites.]

Here's the first installment of the Top 100 Poll Countdown from | #100-91

Favorite for 4th of July | a timely from

Perfect : Adventure Books for Kids: A Gigantic of Exciting Page-Turners from | fantasy, mystery, humor, history + more, all adventurous

How I Am Growing by | A Few Professional Development Books for to Boost Work |

Growing Bookworms

ItsAllAboutTheBooksSetting Them Up For A Lifetime Of by Clare from | "I believe once a person has truly experienced the they will find their way back to a vibrant reading life"

"there is a simple way (for ) to help their students to be better readers, to love reading, + to grow and learn ... All they need to do is give kids time and let them read" independently

Promotion: Transforming the Reading Culture of a K-8 Building by + | + other ideas for

Be a Reader Leader – What Administrators Can Do to Promote a Culture in | time, protecting + more

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

South Carolina Police Challenge 2 of high school's Titles for "indoctrination of distrust of police" |

BookScavengerMy 10-year-old self would have adored the real-world book scavenger hunt + other experiences described in this post by BOOK SCAVENGER author

Schools and Libraries

Food for thought in this piece by | Why Are We Still Personalizing If It’s Not Personal? | Individualization has diminishing returns + increases potential for isolation

Newly retired assures fellow that they work harder in the summers than even they realize, and that their Teacher Brains never stop running

"Taking time to rest and recharge is essential for us as educators" | shares the strategies that are working for him this summer |

Why California Is Losing Teachers and Laying Off Secretaries - | This challenge with pensions has certainly been the case where I live

is the new hiding in plain sight. This piece by looks at some pros (autonomy to ) + cons (questions about https://t.co/4l1J1kzWEE


ChokeHow to help children overcome - speaks w/ |

RT @carolynjones100: San Francisco school finds key to raising math scores: Teacher training via

8 Fun Ways To Keep Learning Alive Through the Summer | | + lots more

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: June 15: #BookAccess, #OwnVoices, #LoveOfReading + Enjoying Summer

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #AchievementGap, #BookLists, #ChildDevelopment, #curiosity, #GraphicNovels, #gratitude, #GrowingBookworms, #IntrinsicMotivation, #OwnVoices, #parenting, #play, #ReadAloud, #reading, #rewards, #teaching, Bill Gates, Donalyn Miller, and libraries.

Top Tweet of the Week

BookWhispererMust read: "much of what we describe as the “achievement gap” is caused by differential access to books... Kids need books everywhere. They need , , + public ." https://t.co/wYJkWe22No

Book Lists

50+ Chapter Books (to add to your reading) good for Preschoolers + 3 Year Olds, from https://t.co/v3OFirzDlD

A Mighty Girl's Ultimate Guide to Girl-Empowering for Kids | | | Most of my daughter's faves are here

Diversity + Gender

Summing up a recent Controversy in |

Where Boys Outperform Girls in : Rich, White and Suburban Districts - (girls outperform boys on English tests either way) +

Events + Programs

FactfulnessVery cool: Bill Gates is giving a digital copy of the book FACTFULNESS (which I read b/c of his rec + really enjoyed) to all US college students graduating this spring:

Growing Bookworms / Summer Reading

On creating : "if we have not made a concerted effort to create life-long readers when they leave our system, perhaps we have failed in our ultimate goal", w/ questions for leaders https://t.co/XkwcP7MD0S

Make Room For Both Types of urges to give kids true free choice, unrestricted time so that they learn to LOVE reading | May all of my daughter's future teachers know this

— The Greatest Gift Your Kids Will Give You |

"I’ve learned that if I can keep my eye on the big goal of creating lifelong , I can’t rush them through this stage (choosing series books vs. "good" books). It is a critical stage in the life of a reader"

MrsSmithSpySchoolThoughts from on the benefits of , w/ designed to keep it FUN [Her book Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls is super-fun too]


Fusenews: A Giant Dance Party Changes Nothing (but it is fun) — has various tidbits to share

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

The Lion, the Witch + the Wardrobe voted the children’s book most UK adults want to read again, beating out The Secret Garden | | 2/3 of adults agree in bed helps w/ sleep

Your Brain on (Why Your Brain Needs You to Read Every Day) by | brain connectivity, more fluid reasoning, emotional intelligence + more

Read a book --- it could save your sanity » Study of 15k+ seniors found ' risk of developing dementia was significantly lower than non-readers via


RaisingHappinessA Family Guide to Surviving the Summer by | Creating new routines, limiting + raising expectations for chores sound right to me

How to not melt the couch, and other life skills to teach your kids this summer - Karen Weese | This is a pretty good, if ambitious, list ranging from how to iron to how to be a good guest |

The Perils Of Pushing Kids Too Hard, And How Parents Can Learn To Back Off | + |

Mr. Rogers's Simple Set of 9 Rules for Talking to Young Kids - Maxwell King -

How to Improve Verbal Communication With Your Child: "3) Read Together — Even When They Can Read Themselves. It is impossible to overstate the importance" of this

Schools and Libraries

Why Every Kinder and 1st-Grade School Day Should Begin with Inquiry + Imaginative by Olivia Wahl | Referencing

EverythingBeyond the Comfort Zone: Language Arts on how she gets buy-in from before letting kids reads books w/ controversial content

Noticing the Good Stuff in the : A Suggested Practice | | Share a |

Don't Use Gimmicks to Motivate Students - they take away - strive to inspire autonomy instead, says

It's Time to End Mandated Summer Assignments - rounds up ideas for promoting + instead https://t.co/BLQ86Dp8Rg

If This Is the End of Average, What Comes Next? | raises concerns w/ conclusions in book re:

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: June 8: The Marshmallow Test, Summer #BookLists + #FreeRangeKids

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #BookAccess, #BookLists, #GrowingBookworms, #GrowthMindset, #KidLitCon, #LoveOfBooks, #math, #OwnVoices, #play, #PoetryFriday, #SummerReading, #SummerSlide, #TeachersWrite, boys and reading, libraries, parenting, reading, willpower, and writing.

Top Tweet of the Week

The Marshmallow Test: What Does It Really Measure? responds to larger follow-up study suggesting affluence rather than willpower matters https://t.co/zaZcGLpd3y [One of my most popular links ever.]

Book Lists

WatermelonSeed 2018: for Preschool, TK + Kindergarten (ages 4-5) from (w/ links to other lists by age - follow Mary Ann's blog to see those)

30 Mighty Girl Books About Summertime Adventure, Growth, & Discovery | from | I bet boys would like these too |

Diversity + Gender

This: Expanding Empathy: Boys should be reading "Girl" Books says | "We shortchange boys and underestimate them when we don’t expose boys to stories with girl main characters"

Research on in Youth Literature, coedited by + Gabrielle Atwood Halko, is a new “peer-reviewed, online, open-access journal,” via

A Closer Look at 2017 Latinx Books from |

Events, Programs, and Research

The Incredibles to use superpowers for Card Sign-up Month in September | |

HartRisleyInteresting new results re: the '30 Million Word Gap' | Larger studies find much smaller gap + some would prefer to remove 'deficit thinking' of gap-focused mindset https://t.co/ECU6CzzWUd

Lots of food for thought here: The "Debunking" of Hart & Risley (30 million word gap) and How We Use -

, community of , , who believe people who write can teach more effectively, has 2018 virtual summer writing camp via

Teachers: Prepare your class for the 10th annual K-4 contest. This year's theme is Heroes (human or animal) https://t.co/t3G3L2GWYf

Growing Bookworms / #SummerReading

RT @MrsPStorytime: Need tips for ? I've gathered up so many FREE resources and activities to share with you! https://t.co/pig0jzD2jI

This post brought a little tear to my eye: How + her team Gave Every 7th grade Student a Book on the Last Day of School

Here's another teacher taking solid action to encourage in the classroom: Learn more about in podcast  https://t.co/YqCNzlK0z7

BookWhispererStrategies for Building A Culture of Independent in a 9th Grade English Class | |

Digital Device + Free Texts = Reading All Summer Long by

For thinking ahead to next year, here's a guide from founder on Getting Started with

How To Find Good Children's Books: The Best Tips and Tricks from | , professional sites, + more |

Challenge for Kids — 2018 Edition | Ideas from + for making a fun adventure | Read a then draw your own in chalk


KIDLIT_con_poster_final_web_smAnnouncing the Poster, designed by Isabel Roxas!

Hey there bloggers, here's a call for Roundup Hosts from

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

The Endless Possibilities of Story & : 3 ways + story change lives from

Guest Post : on Keeping it : Handling Tough Topics in Fiction | "First, don't be depressing"

Parenting + Play

GoodNewsBadBehaviorWhy Children Aren't Behaving, And What You Can Do About It : interviews author |

The Overprotected American Child: Parents + communities are figuring out ways to give their children more independence + become more self-reliant adults

What Kind Of Parent Are You: Carpenter Or Gardener? | shares interview w/ | often focus too much on who their kids will be as adults

An Overlooked Skill in : How to Have Fun - It's not just kids who benefit from more |

Schools and Libraries

Interesting discussion on idea of opening to slow the

3 Reasons for to Recognize Effort and Growth Over Achievement and Outcomes

How Is Increasing Engagement, w/ implementation tips  https://t.co/bBg5kvS7ds


HowToBakePiNeat idea: How To Bake ∏ (Pi): An Edible Exploration (w/ for ) of the of Mathematics by | Thoughts on the book from |

Latinx + African-American less likely to pass advanced , classes according to recent data

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: June 1: #Mysteries, #SummerReading, #GrowthMindset + #KidLitCon

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this busy week include #BookList, #DiverseBooks, #Grades, #GrowthMindset, #IdeologicalDiversity, #KidLitCon, #kidsneedbooks, #kidsneedmentors, #libraries, #OwnVoices, #play, #SchoolLibraries, #schools, #STEM, #SummerReading, censorship, growing bookworms, lego, math, mysteries, and reading choice.

Top Tweet of the Week

This is inspiring: A Fifth Grader’s Mission To Save His School’s Librarian |

Book Lists

Ada-Byron-Lovelace14 Books That Connect Students With Valuable Scientists' Struggles |

Books about Inventions and their Amazing Inventors! New

14 Kid-Approved Books for Advanced 1st + 2nd Grade Readers | from , + other great choices

8 Middle Grade for Fans of The Westing Game | |

50 Books for Super from Black Children's Books and Authors blog

If you are in need of a wide variety of suggestions, check out the List of Lists: May 25


On the blog: An Interview with Martin Sandler, author of Jr. High winner The Whydah: A Pirate Ship Feared, Wrecked, and Found


GirlsWhoCodeA Closer Look at 2017 African/African American Books from

RT @UChicagoLaw: "If conservatives and liberals refuse to attend college together... how can we expect to live and govern together?" Matthew Reade '21 (incoming 1L) pens op-ed about how he has benefited from spending time with those who do not share his views. https://t.co/Rqkio9RdlI

Events, Programs and Research

The Problem with - | "most students are not employing study strategies that mesh with self-reported learning preferences + the minority who do show no academic benefit"

Octopus AND - + teaming up to help kids learn to love +

Neat outreach program: Library in a Box: Jennifer Wharton assembles curated boxes of books, puts them in locations accessible to underserved families, in hopes of bringing them into the library

RT @RitaPlatt: Let's keep our kiddos reading this summer...in a really simple way. Try this experiment with me! Let's see how it goes!

Libraries of the Little, Free, and New Orleans Variety — is helping a highschooler collect books for one in the MS Delta

Mindset theory doesn’t translate directly from kids to adults – telling an adult they are a “hard worker” can backfire says new study – https://t.co/gomCmbrGcR

What's Going On In Your Child's Brain When You Read Them A Story? Study found the most benefit for young kids from listening while looking at pictures (vs. listening only or looking at video) https://t.co/zUhzkIPGfP

Growing Bookworms / Summer Reading

Best Programs, Contests + Challenges 2018 per , w/ reminder to skip any that add too much pressure for your child

AllTheAnswersThe Power of Sharing Stories in Stacks | Booktalking + individualized recommendations are key to nurturing readers in via

For – How to Create Great Experiences for All – tips from | "Visit places where books are present" + lots more

How + her 7th graders are making Plans, because " make plans"

This! "Stop killing the magic of books with required " says mom + reader https://t.co/HG3QB1cqOl

A dad's lament: "My Kid Won’t Read the Books I Pick Out for Her Anymore"

The results are in: is important for student achievement | | 85% of families involved in 2 studies said free books contributed to kids more

Major milestone: my daughter can read | Mom shares 3 things she's doing now (continuing to to her child, e.g.)

On Being Mindful of the Messages We Send Kids About Their Book Choices

15 Tips for Starting a Lifelong Conversation w/ Kids About Books |

Kidlitosphere / #KidLitCon

RichardPeckThe Children’s Literature Community Reacts to the Passing of — a roundup from

Exciting news from organizers + | We Won a Grant from Tourism Council! Should help w/ bringing excellent keynote speakers https://t.co/mNHDcdNRw2

SAVE THE DATE: 2019 in Providence, RI on March 22-23 | has the scoop on why to go:

New post from the blog: Our Latest Attendee List! – | + have a great crew of fans + creators lined up

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

ReturnToGoneAwayThis is fun: Literary Homes I'd Like to Live In, from | Me, I'd add the house from Return to Gone Away by Elizabeth Enright, and several from Zilpha Keatley Snyder

How to combat efforts to at a school: Read, Rise, Resist, Repeat by Kacy Smith


The power of through #play. + work to introduce concept in Malta, reports via

Kids do not spend nearly enough time outside. Here’s how (and why) to change that.

24 Arkansas elementary to expand recess next year in a pilot program via

Don’t rob your kids of outdoors free | "Let your kids be kids. The warm weather won’t last forever, and neither will their childhood. Enjoy both while they last."

Schools and Libraries

Arguments for Multi-Grade Classrooms in Today's | Krissa Mayhew | Preparation for adult world, individualized , etc. | Disadvantages not addressed here

Find Public Support as Campaigns for Higher Pay Goes to Voters - +  https://t.co/B3KaqSBL2L

PowerOfQuestioningWant to Give Up in your or ? Here's How You Can Get Buy-in -

Train Your to Think Like Researchers |Help them to maintain + take risks, says https://t.co/FmlAh8O4rw

If Supporting Passion Is So Important, What Do We Do If They Don’t Have Any? guest post:

Trial finds physically active academic school lessons boost pupils’ activity levels and focus –

Why Are the Leaders We Need -


Calculus Is the Peak of High School . Maybe It's Time to Change That - |

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #ReadingChoice, Mysteries, #SummerReading + Vanity License Plates

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. It's a bit of a light week because I was traveling for work, but I do have a few links for you on: #BookLists, #mysteries, #ReadAloud, #SchoolLibrarians, #SummerReading, reading choice, schools, and teachers.

Top Tweet of the Week

Flood"I don’t censor the books my children read. I think they’ll be stronger for it" says | I agree with her.

Book Lists

for puzzle lovers, a from | to to

The Best Books for According to My Students 2018, a from


Today on the blog: Interview with Dori Hillestad Butler author of winner KING & KAYLA AND THE CASE OF THE SECRET CODE


Finding before they're : A Guide For , + from Kelly Jensen  https://t.co/ORlGZeYgjt

Growing Bookworms / Summer Reading

PassionateReadersOn Summer Checkouts | Some ideas from on how could help ensure access to books for kids over the summer

Why to Kids Helps Them Thrive, w/ tips for making the most of together - http://ow.ly/Mhlp30k5QIP

A request to from | Don't make end of year rewards about meeting some numeric goal. Celebrate each student's growth; the things they are proud of https://t.co/4RlL3YvMak

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Book-Related Vanity License Plates | Now I want one


RaiseAnAdultIt is time to bring back the for teens. Here's why + tips for finding one. | quotes (one of my top recommended books for )

Schools and Libraries

How 100 low-income students meet goals of heading off to by | Way to go Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

Frontloading: The Great Equalizer – ctkreider | Providing w/ information before helps prepare them to learn, regardless of background deltas

Another unsurprising study: Nearly all spend own money on school needs

Literacy-essentialsIs joy the main event at your school? asks , w/ summary of ideas from new book by |

Fewer Suspensions, More ‘Hugs and Bubbles’: Oklahoma City’s Experiment in School Discipline - https://t.co/cwHo9gMRuc

U.S. State of the Union from | # of school librarians down 19% since 2000 / profession is evolving in different directions

Two studies point to the power of - relationships to boost - | platooning may be harmful, while looping is beneficial

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: May 18: #SchoolLibrarians, #SummerReading, #RosieRevere + #Math

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #Coding, #CommonCore, #Curiosity, #DiverseBooks, #PBL, #SchoolLibrarians, #ScreenTime, #SummerReading, #testing, publishing, schools, teaching, and #RosieRevere.

Top Tweet of the Week

How Will Save the World by | Josh says we need to give them tools to teach |

Book Lists

TenNineEightBest Toddler Books (Books I Wish I Was Still Over and Over), a from | Most of these were faves in my house, too

Explore Your World: 30 Mighty Girl Books About Outdoor Discovery from to for about

Perfect Summer Kids and Parents Will Adore, from | My family is listening to right now |

Jasmine-toguchi-200x30020 Books for Young Readers To Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month & Year-Round | via

32 Titles for Every Day of Asian Pacific American History Month & Beyond | via https://t.co/2QxwGp7xQS

Some appealing titles here: A Top Fifteen List of in & Fantasy by |


VincentTheoOn the Blog: Interview with , author of Sr. High Winner VINCENT + THEO from

Events, Programs and Research

May Have Killed the Cat, But It Makes the via reviews recent study + shares tips for creating a culture conducive to curiosity at

Study concludes that Learn Less When They Sense Teacher Hostility - | snide remarks + sarcasm are a barrier to

Growing Bookworms / Summer Reading

I love this: 5 Great Places to Stash Books Around Your Home to Encourage by Lindsay Barrett

RT @KayeNewtonBooks: Reigniting a Passion for Summer Reading (and through out the year) ! https://t.co/FhbhIWSEq7

20+ Engaging Ideas from | activity calendars, superheroes, challenges + lots more

The summer conundrum: Fight , or give the kids a break? - Andrea Orr | | Personally I vote for the break but w/ plenty of

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

QuestioneersNew adventures await literary heroine (+ Ada Twist + Iggy Peck) as + launch series https://t.co/5RUoTbLmPv

A Salute to the Reprints from | Here’s to Getting A Second Chance in 2018

What are the ingredients of a universally appealing early fiction series? By

Schools and Libraries

How to Really Thank a by | Vote for politicians who believe in funding public , give teachers livable wages + resources

Can Change Measures of Success by Focusing on Meaningful Work Instead of Test Scores? | Amadou Diallo |

Supporting a real no-brainer | Studies show they impact student , espec. for students of color from disadvantaged neighborhoods

Poverty & Reading: The Sad and Troubling Loss of and Real Librarians + how it hurts kids in poor

The Anger Don’t Feel Comfortable Expressing, + some suggestions for calming that "ill-tempered beast"

Social Media and Screen Time

"Let’s find ways to work alongside (our kids) as they work to develop healthy, positive, and balanced habits" re: says https://t.co/DiZqDnNnmU


CommonCoreDummiesWhere "successful education starts; w/ adults who know what questions to ask + who have the skills to help children discover their own solutions

Teen entrepreneur thinks Aussies are overstating the importance of + should focus on softer skills like | via

In Op-Ed, argues that should stop encouraging kids to take + focus on things like + instead

16+ Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids, a roundup of ideas from blogs, etc. by

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: May 11: #Curiosity, #Treehouses, #SummerReading + #TeacherAppreciationWeek

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #BookAccess, #BookLists, #curiosity, #Cybils, #DiverseBooks, #FourTendencies, #GraphicNovels, #Homework, #KidsNeedBooks, #literacy, #nonfiction, #ReadAloud, #SchoolChoice, #SchoolLibraries, #SocialMedia, #SummerReading, #parenting, and #schools.

Top Tweet of the Week

Fabulous 8th Grade Reading - Perfect for (focused on contemporary ) from https://t.co/zkCfhz24c4

Book Lists

HotHotRoti2018 List for Grades PreK-8 | | There's a webinar on 5/16 to discuss

In the Classroom: Gateway and the Nonfiction Continuum | tips and from

I just downloaded a bunch of these as samples for potential : Witness, Murder, Killer: 13+ Mystery Titles for Ages 13 and up | from


SpillZoneOn the blog: Interview with + Alex Puvilland, authors of winner SPILL ZONE from


The Diversity Gap in Children’s Book Publishing, 2018 (narrowing but still large) |

RT @Reason: The liberal media's answer to ideological diversity concerns: ban conservatives, hire socialists https://t.co/Wm4uwahPhP

Research Summary: is Related to Greater College grads on both sides of the political spectrum are less tolerant of their political opponents than are people w/ less education

Events, Programs and Research

Author writes about how she (inspired by ) kicked off a movement that's resulted in stacks of books going to various

ScholasticSummer2018RT @ScholasticEd: The Scholastic Challenge starts today! Read more about how educators, public librarians and community partner organizations can help kids keep reading all summer long:

Appreciate Every Day, Not Just on One Special Week urges | is a noble calling

A recent NYU Steinhardt study shows that access to books remains a significant barrier to with children, but free book vending machine program helped some via

Dawn Finch urges participation in the campaign | Goal is for every UK schoolchild to have access to a great library + professional librarians

GardenerCarpenter Is a New Power in - In developing , scientists are starting to look to children for inspiration

by others is extremely effective – a new study tested a key reason why: retrieval practice – https://t.co/Q0KejBuODg

is key to early childhood success in and , especially for kids from poorer communities, according to new study https://t.co/g1iD0OyQzX

What About ? – agrees w/ that kids are more alike than different in how they learn

Growing Bookworms

MissSpidersTeaPartyLessons from Listening to Toddlers by Meghan Rose | They show memorization, ability to follow a

"And, here’s a big truth: The root of the big decline in a love for reading (by kids) is us, specifically the English Teacher" w/ suggestions for change | via

Creating Joyful Plans by | , partnerships, + more


FourTendenciesI have found learning about 's fascinating + illuminating. Here's an overview in : How These 4 Different Personality Types Find Motivation https://t.co/jIHMxcL1mF

These for Grown-Ups described in are awesome! I especially liked the one with a area https://t.co/r8WL9F560M

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Storytelling Goes Graphic | Analysis of the boom via

Some interesting tidbits in Morning Notes: The Places You’ll Forget Edition — + more


Tips on helping talk to students about + boost their development, w/ strong sample questions | Max Brand

Schools and Libraries

TwiceExceptionalWhy So Many Gifted Yet Struggling Students Are Hidden In Plain Sight | Interview w/ +

Excellent piece: The Problem With Hurrying Childhood | "Kids should like school" + we should honor their growth

Interesting piece on how limitations from can trickle into , limiting student + hence enjoyment of

How to Plan and Implement In | has some ideas | https://t.co/CKZda5brMa

Trump Has Hurt Support for , But It Remains Popular, Survey Finds -

One Ohio 's Approach to Bad Behavior and Trauma - Katherine Reynolds Lewis | helping kids to manage "overwhelming feelings and control their impulses"

Some thoughts from on how the US should be Appreciating | | Respect, income commensurate w/ work / + resources

Social Media

BigDisconnectThe Teenage Trap - For some kids, hyper-vigilance that they maintain online is anxiety-producing | Jennifer Breheny Wallace https://t.co/si76jQUOOZ


Challenge Your Kids to Try Something New this Summer | the K-12 Game-a-thon asks kids to design a to solve a problem https://t.co/ed0MfALpxs

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