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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 19: #BackToSchool Edition

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics during this relatively light week have shifted from last week's plethora of #BookLists to a focus on schools and libraries. Other topics include: #KidLitCon, classroom libraries, college, Cybils Awards, dollhouses, early readers, ebooks, literacy, playful learning, read aloud, and Sir Ken Robinson.

Book Lists

10 (Non-Preachy) Life Lessons Found in the Pages of Middle-Grade Fiction by @MelissaRoske @nerdybookclub http://ow.ly/GOSk303mD6v  #kidlit

A Stranger Things-Inspired #BookList | Eerie, Creepy Books for Kids — @FuseEight   #kidlit http://ow.ly/3RGI303mDBn 

+ #KidLitCon stalwarts @tanita_s_davis + @MsYingling talk Tanita's coming-of-age/tween novels @sljournal  http://ow.ly/c4Nx303kNWp 

A Head's Up that The 2016 #Cybils Awards are coming soon!   #kidlit #BookAwards #PureFun http://ow.ly/o2Nb303glBg 

Events + Programs

#BooksWithBarbers program encourages #reading (esp for African-American boys) in barbershops @thestate via @tashrow https://t.co/KVQHJ4yMLE

Growing Bookworms

Some thoughts on Classic Beginning Readers and whether they are still useful or relevant at Guessing Geisel http://ow.ly/YjQN303go16  #kidlit

Why we need to #ReadAloud to struggling #readers by @measuredmom  http://ow.ly/jrns303bTyz  | "It shows them that the struggle is worth it"

Early #Literacy Around the House: The Kitchen (recipes, cooking shows, etc) by @mrskatiefitz  http://ow.ly/s1s9303bTn6 

Tough times out there? Here’s why #reading with your kids is more important than ever by @amyjoyce_berg  http://ow.ly/w3h3303bSIC  @tashrow

The Hurdles and Joys of #RaisingReaders by @LisaYee1 @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/6m1Q303ngJX  #FlashlightReading


ThisIsMyDollhouseMy favorite thing in today's Fusenews @fuseeight is photos inspired by THIS IS MY DOLLHOUSE http://ow.ly/Fmk7303gn8v 

Just a note that the program for #KidLitCon is shaping up nicely + will be posted soon. It's going to be great! https://t.co/Ov8wHZz3ty

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Thoughts on #Reading Analog (esp. for deeper reading) in a Digital World by @ReadByExample @nerdybookclub https://t.co/pobF9LqHC4 

The Three Robbers by @TomiUngerer + #moral-free children's books http://ow.ly/Z5zp303ik1K  by Mark O'Connell @Slate #kidlit

5 Ways To Keep #Books Relevant in a world full of online distraction by @Mylifeonawhim @HuffingtonPost http://ow.ly/fHfR303mxvJ  via @tashrow

Parenting + Play (or Lack Thereof)

 10 Ways to Motivate Your Kid to Learn w/ focus on joy of discovery, unstructured #play, #learning styles http://ow.ly/Z6aP303g8WO  @Scholastic

Wondering why adults don't spend more time physically, creatively #playing http://ow.ly/NgA5303bUca  Ruth Hatfield @AwfullyBigBlog

Depressing: The dark side of Silicon Valley, according to a teen who grew up there @businessinsider @Quora  #RatRace

Schools and Libraries

How to Create a Culture For Valuable #Learning rather than conformity + compliance http://ow.ly/TsDG303fZVF  @SirKenRobinson @MindShiftKQED

On using a "gradual release" policy for a 1st grade #classroom #library by Bitsy Parks @ChoiceLiteracy http://ow.ly/S6pB303d0yz 

The importance of curating / weeding your #classroom #library by @katsok http://ow.ly/uQBg303d0oS  @ChoiceLiteracy

How to create a positive (not incentive-based) #reading culture in your #school by Waheeda Simjee @tes http://ow.ly/xO3w303cZJa 

OpEd: America desperately needs to redefine ‘college and career ready’ - @dintersmith via @drdouggreen  http://ow.ly/kOZi303bT5r  #education

Who would have though? Finland’s Hot New #Karaoke Bar Is a Public #Library | @SmithsonianMag via @tashrow https://t.co/rHb6zrRShG

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 12: #BookLists Galore, Girls and #Math, #Reading Communities

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this relatively light week include #BookLists (lots of those!), #DiverseBooks, #PictureBooks, #STEAM, #STEM, activity books, the Cybils Awards, growing bookworms, math, Matt de la Pena, NCTE, reading communities, and reading aloud. 


Author @mattdelapena Wins the @ncte National Intellectual Freedom Award http://ow.ly/tWT03035s3d  @GalleyCat via @PWKidsBookshelf

Book Lists

First Half Recap Of 2016 #PictureBooks @bottomshelfbks @HuffingtonPost http://ow.ly/4EDr3036Zap  via @100scopenotes #kidlit #BookList

5 Fabulous #PictureBooks About #School - a #BookList from @housefullbkwrms  http://ow.ly/dTJh3034Wyd  #kidlit

Election + President Books Worth Casting a Vote For, a @growingbbb #BookList #PictureBooks https://t.co/95qxueZIDH

#Math Art Books for #STEAM learning, activity books, #PictureBooks + more from @momandkiddo  http://ow.ly/RJXz30339je  #BookList

Top Ten Books for Principals to #ReadAloud at Staff Meetings by @ReadByExample @nerdybookclub https://t.co/RasORTrfso

Excellent #BookList from Jean Little Library:  Strong Minds, Strong Hearts, Strong Girls - recent titles http://ow.ly/8pFs30338xM  #kidlit 

On the #Cybils blog: #BookList by @AnnettePimentel | #Baseball Stories You (Probably) Didn’t Know  #kidlit http://ow.ly/SbQ23039oKI 


Beyond a Snowy Day: @FuseEight rounds up some Out-of-Print African-American Children’s Book Classics  #kidlit http://ow.ly/iJjM303399n 

Reading + Growing Bookworms

One mom's solution to kids #reading "Junk Food for the Brain" | keep better quality stuff on hand http://ow.ly/mgpR3033854  @TheCathInTheHat

Read with a kid, learn something - @pwbalto shares recent #reading experiences w/ kids at the #library https://t.co/XQytvDnRV9

Black boys in ‘book deserts’ don’t get inspiring #literary experiences. Let’s do better http://ow.ly/Wj8B3039Pw1  @Chalkbeat @PWKidsBookshelf

The Power of a #Reading Community: "being part of a community... pushes you to be better" says @frankisibberson  http://ow.ly/pwde3039pAD 

Parenting + Outdoor Play

Timely for me: Yes, your kids can and should pack their own #school lunches @washingtonpost via @RaiseAnAdult https://t.co/FYdGavN6mh

Physical Activity Boosts Brain Power + Academic Performance in Kids + Teens - researchers report http://ow.ly/SVtN3039yq3  @hey_sigmund

The movement to bring back ‘risky’ play for children (in playgrounds + parks) @globeandmail via @EllenBSandseter https://t.co/QlIz8FQdKX


What's Keeping Women Out of Science, #Math Careers? Calculus + Confidence - http://ow.ly/h0PN30337DX  @LianaHeitin  @educationweek #STEM

This I like: #STEM Camp Shows Girls Can not only “get math” but get EXCITED about #math http://ow.ly/Iwv83039uUI  @MIND_Research

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 5: #KidLitCon, #DiverseBooks and Book Deserts

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #DiverseBooks, #KidLitCon, #BookLists, #PictureBooks, book deserts, book reviews, free reading time, growing bookworms, beginning readers, kidlitosphere, libraries, math, schools, and STEM.

Book Lists

Some of the Best #PictureBooks of 2016 Thus Far (Mid-Year Summary) from @FuseEight  http://ow.ly/Ui6Y302TRzw  #BookList

Beach reading for summer days: 5 #PictureBooks to share from @MaryAnnScheuer  http://ow.ly/fyHb302P6c8  #kidlit

Death Becomes Children’s Lit: More 2016 Books on Loss — @100scopenotes  http://ow.ly/v44A302TRvt  #BookList #kidlit

Giant List of Popular Preschool Books, classic + modern from @growingbbb  http://ow.ly/NYfS302VV2C  #BookList

Read Around Town: #PictureBooks that celebrate the #Library from @mrskatiefitz  http://ow.ly/VIAc302TKta  #literacy

Review Round-Up: Books for Beginning Readers (Easy Reader + Chapter Books), July 2016 @mrskatiefitz  #kidlit http://ow.ly/Dspn302KiF6 

14 Books for Kids Obsessed with Pokémon Go | @literacious @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/4BLh302KiuB  #kidlit

Diverse Books

We need more #DiverseBooks like THE SNOWY DAY (books w/ kids of color that are fun to read) http://ow.ly/QbK6302RurC  @Rumaan @Slate

 Growing Bookworms

A defense of giving kids time for independent reading in #school by @pernilleripp (also referencing @donalynbookshttps://t.co/awGkQZGhtq

Study identifies 'book deserts'—poor neighborhoods lacking children's books—across country http://ow.ly/TSWI302RhOB  @physorg_com @JetBlue

My Kids Read Only Subliterary Branded Commodities. Yours Probably Do, Too! @gabrielroth @Slate http://ow.ly/1u4u302VTvW  | Not true for all

9 Benefits Of #Reading With Your Kid, According To Science http://ow.ly/MlRs302WsCs  @romper via @PWKidsBookshelf #RaisingReaders #ReadAloud


KidLitCon2016LogoSquareCall for Proposals for #KidLitCon 2016 Extended to August 7th - Bloggers, Librarians, Teachers, share your ideas http://ow.ly/gHIM302TUY8 

Lots of interesting #kidlit tidbits in Fusenews: Though I See @The_Pigeon  As More of a King George Type @FuseEight  http://ow.ly/hMLk302Ri6M 


Teaching #Grit Through Sportsmanship, @mssackstein shares things kids can learn from playing sports, like focus https://t.co/SzeabNY5Fc

Students Gain New Perspectives on #Math Through Nature, Movement + Games in @MIND_Research Summer Program https://t.co/Y7ajMyR5EK

Top 3 Tips To Get Rid Of ‘I-am-bad-at-Math’ Syndrome in the Classroom | Merge #Math + Fun http://ow.ly/Y5wW302P66g  @magicalmaths @drdouggreen 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

New study finds people who read more live longer. Perhaps I could read all day every day and live forever @nytimes https://t.co/3QfhnnSaIt

Enthusiasm at the Edges: Thinking Aloud About Book Reviews of the best + worst #kidlit titles @100scopenotes http://ow.ly/WR0R302KiT5 

Food for thought in this teen op-ed @GdnChildrensBks  | Is YA fiction too politically correct? https://t.co/aitvnrrwS8

The In-Between | Behaviors that @ShawnaCoppola practices when she is between reads http://ow.ly/aaPy302P6ft  #Reading #Writing

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: July 29:

TwitterLinks Here are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter for the past two weeks @JensBookPage. There's quite a bit to share, because I was sick last week, and didn't do a roundup last Friday. Topics in this issue include #BookLists, #GrowthMindset, #KidLitCon, #PictureBooks, #STEM, audiobooks, authors, beginning readers, brain exercises, introverts, parenting, reading, teaching, and #SummerReading. 

Book Lists

SchoolsFirstDayA Few (Or More) Great New #PictureBooks | #BookList from @pernilleripp  http://ow.ly/gbtw302t6du  #kidlit

An important #BookList from @growingbbb | Easy But Not Boring #BeginningReader Books http://ow.ly/Wtoz302B0ZG  #kidlit

#PictureBooks + the Middle-Grade Reader w/ #BookList, titles to spark deeper learning by @mhoutswrites @MixedUpFiles http://ow.ly/8Yti302D9vS 

#STEM Girls – Ten Books Featuring Girls Rocking Science by @NCastaldoAuthor @nerdybookclub http://ow.ly/X76p302AYve  #BookList

40 Girl-Empowering Beach Reads For Tweens | #BookList from @amightygirl http://ow.ly/N6m4302wwh5  #kidlit

20 Great #Nonfiction Books for Reluctant Readers from @TrevorHCairney  http://ow.ly/xqDt302Fs9u  #kidlit #BookList

Family #ReadAloud Books for Every Season from @momandkiddo  http://ow.ly/HLSI302mNwn  #BookList

25 #SummerReads from #PictureBooks to #YA Novels from @literacious  http://ow.ly/jYJw302t5ZH  #kidlit #BookList

Spotlight on South Asian #Kidlit published in 2016 by @darshanakhiani  http://ow.ly/WHBh302HSF7  #BookList

Kids' Comics + #GraphicNovel Recommendations from @melissawiley  http://ow.ly/P8Qg302pe67  #BookList 


Breakdown of #diversity (or lack thereof) in #PictureBooks received by @CCBCwisc in 2016 http://ow.ly/we7w302HOeq  #Kidlit

Growing Bookworms

A Classroom Culture’s Impact on Students’ #Reading Success by @bookishadvocate @nerdybookclub https://t.co/cOxyLLRccJ

Why #Reading With Kids Matters, At Home + In The Classroom by @msathoms @nerdybookclub https://t.co/nLQOOJqpyT


KidLitCon2016LogoSquareFor #Kidliton 2016 we are looking for panelists! Program chair @charlotteslibhas lots of great ideas for YOU http://ow.ly/cvFi302AYQo  #kidlit

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

How to support #PictureBook authors + illustrators beyond buying the book by @joshfunkbooks http://ow.ly/VhBL302wu5l  #kidlit

I loved this post by @donalynbooks on the value of reading as an escape, a place to "disappear into the quiet" https://t.co/1eXsm5nI3g

Is Listening to an #Audiobook "Cheating?" @DTWillingham thinks not, for multiple reasons http://ow.ly/eYGo302B0hd  #reading

I am sure reading a lot of them: The Fastest-Growing Format in #Publishing: #Audiobooks  @maloneyfiles @WSJ https://t.co/3l0PRi2Bsj 


This is fun: Resources for Teaching Kids About Castles: Activities, Books, and Toys from @mamasmiles https://t.co/vbdXhcGtl8

Oh I could relate to this article about how hard it is to let kids do things for themselves:   @hbombmom @ScaryMommy http://ow.ly/lIPk302puCd  

Love this post from @momsradius about using Walkie Talkies to give freedom to her son + peace of mind for her http://ow.ly/sD1H302HOY1  #Play


This is pretty cool. Study suggests that "speed training" brain exercises can reduce later risk of dementia http://ow.ly/WJxn302D1Ag  @rddysum

New Study Finds #GrowthMindset Could Buffer Kids From Negative Academic Effects of Poverty @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED https://t.co/Cq9nftSrYS

Schools and Libraries

Ways to Make Your Classrooms #Introvert -Friendly by @julnilsmith  http://ow.ly/3krc302B2uL  via @drdouggreen #teaching

This short post by @sxwiley on connecting with kids by paying attention to what excites them resonated w/ me http://ow.ly/jaLs302B1DH 

How the Australian #education system is making kids stressed and sick  http://ow.ly/K0mj302mOPT  @Hayley_Gleeson ABC News Melbourne

Some good ideas: 9 Ideas for Combatting Boredom in #School (+ Why Being Bored May Not Be All Bad) @belathram http://ow.ly/UUE1302HPG1  #play

Actionable Steps to Bring #GrowthMindset into the Classroom by @PaulineZd  http://ow.ly/fKjF302Ft4G  @MIND_Research

How Can #Teaching and Using Questions Improve Learning? Tips for fostering curiosity by @mssackstein @educationweek https://t.co/HlZLL9D9AG

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: July 15: #ReadersAdvisory, #BookLists, and #BingeReading

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics for this super-light week include #BookLists, #Cybils, #KidLitCon, #ReadersAdvisory, binge reading, growing bookworms, Little Free Library, nonfiction, and reading. 

Book Lists

I could use this today: 15 Smile-Inducing Children's Books about Happiness + Joy http://ow.ly/FX0s30296SI  A @momandkiddo #BookList #kidlit

Get Kids to Read More with These Binge-Worthy Series by Stephanie Cohen @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/SZRI302bnUv  #kidlit #SummerReading

8 Kids' Books That Celebrate Diverse Historical Figures by @ClaySwartz @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/VP2a302geTV  #kidlit #BookList

15 Books to Keep You Cool This Summer, from Tacky the Penguin to Julie of the Wolves http://ow.ly/nNph302hU4B  @literacious #BookList

Growing Bookworms

The Influence of Books in Early Childhood | Guest post by @mrskatiefitz @pagesandmargins  #RaisingReaders https://t.co/Myq8gmkL6y

#RaisingReaders and Rainstorms | Using books to help teach kids responsibility by @Kateywrites https://t.co/slPl0TjnB5

Well of course: Kids Books Use More Rare Words Than Adult TV, reports @bustle http://ow.ly/9sx7302geHA  via @PWKidsBookshelf


This week's round-up of #kidlit fantasy + sci fi from around the blogs  w/ #Cybils + #KidLitCon plugs http://ow.ly/ZEXT302974e  @charlotteslib

Lots of interesting stuff in today's Fusenews, including a very cool clock — @FuseEight  http://ow.ly/gIPM302dhon  #kidlit

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Adventures in the real world, on kids #reading #nonfiction for pleasure by @annerooney http://ow.ly/2lGg30297sJ  @AwfullyBigBlog

Humorous but sad: My #LittleFreeLibrary war: How our suburban lending box made me hate books and fear my neighbors https://t.co/u8NW32DdEy

The Satisfaction of #BingeReading http://ow.ly/TPFB30296OM  @5M4B @5minutesformom #reading

Schools and Libraries

Why Kids Need to Read What They Want and how @himissjulie created suggested #SummerReading lists http://ow.ly/XN6x302gegw  #kidlit

Doing #Readers' Advisory for “Early Able, Eager Readers” ages 4-10,  http://ow.ly/GQQz302boiR  New resource reviewed at @sljournal

A proposal for organizing #library collections for kids w/ as few labels as possible http://ow.ly/5BEm302dQhw  @himissjulie #ReadingChoice

Sounds right to me: How self-proclaimed Lazy Teacher @sxwiley helps kids learn to be competent + self-sufficient http://ow.ly/NXJK302hUj8 

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: July 1: Accelerated Learning, #Reading + #SchoolLibraries

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. It's been a fairly quiet week on the blogs, but I do have posts on #BookLists, #PictureBooks, Amazon, Feminist Books, Lois Duncan, Pernille Ripp, playgrounds, reading, Rick Riordan, school libraries, teaching, accelerated learning. 

Book Lists

LouiseAndAndie10 Encouraging Books About Making Friends from @growingbbb  http://ow.ly/1dsL301GyN0  #BookList #PictureBooks

Shape Books that Think Outside the Box #PictureBook Edition @housefullbkwrms  http://ow.ly/JLmi301JboZ  #BookList

On the #Cybils blog: #BooList Fun: #Diverse Cybils #PictureBook Finalists, list by Katie @thelogonauts http://ow.ly/AJaV301OHVb 

The Ultimate #SummerReading List for 6- to 8-Year-Olds (w/ nice #diversity) by @olugbemisola  @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/2Au2301OhmO  #kidlit

TheodosiaRoundup of the @camphalfblood series + read-alikes from Jennifer Wharton http://ow.ly/JlGR301Gyhx  #kidlit #mythology #fantasy

11 Books Every Feminist Read Growing Up http://ow.ly/PrZ8301C4IQ  @bustle via @tashrow #StrongGirls #Matilda #PippiLongstocking

Top Ten Titles That Promote Summer Fun by @jdsniadecki @nerdybookclub  http://ow.ly/RlII301GzgH  #kidlit #nonfiction #poetry

This #BookList @sljournal  caught my eye: 11 #YA #Thrillers That Would Make Lois Duncan Proud http://ow.ly/wJNB301JG63 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

BeaverIsLostBeautiful! An Illustrated Guide to the Best Places to Read w/ Children, Elisha Cooper @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/CLwP301OONe  @PWKidsBookshelf

Fun! Braking for Books: @HMHKids Kicks Off Curious World Tour to encourage #SummerReading + #Play http://ow.ly/QkDq301OO3A  @PublishersWkly

Love it! How Being A Book Nerd As A Child Turned Me Into A Better Adult, Averi Clements @bustle http://ow.ly/P1Kb301OOw9  via @PWKidsBookshelf

"Reading is NOT answering questions at end of a passage" + lots more in: What #reading is not by @profesornana  http://ow.ly/oLRA301M4NY 

A plan for giving books that time they deserve: READ, REFLECT, REACT by @Kateywrites  @nerdybookclub  http://ow.ly/v6Is301JaNd  #Reading


Redefining playgrounds: "Play should be imaginative, it should have some element of controlled danger" http://ow.ly/EFMZ301Ogjn  @BostonGlobe

Schools and Libraries

PassionateLearners"What if every decision we made (as teachers) was centered on what is best for students" asks @pernilleripp https://t.co/eUVECmn9bi

.@amazon Unveils Online #Education Service (marketplace w/ free lesson plans, etc) for #Teachers @nytimes https://t.co/Pw5y1Nsk3q

Trend Alert: More #SchoolLibraries Staying Open all Summer, sometimes giving books away  @sljournal  http://ow.ly/DwvB301JFAG 

Why Don't #Schools Accelerate More Students? @PeterMDeWitt @educationweek  http://ow.ly/MQtF301LLhd  via @drdouggreen

Will homework disappear in the age of blended learning? 3 examples from @cliffcmaxwell @ChristensenInst http://ow.ly/LvFM301OJFw  @drdouggreen

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #PictureBooks, #Reading Choice, #Audiobooks + More

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #BookLists, Disney World, diverse books, #GrowthMindset, #SummerReading, Book Awards, leveled readers, libraries, reading aloud, reading choice, schools, teaching, parenting. 

Awards + Book Lists

TheStorytellerNewbery/Caldecott 2017: The Summer Prediction Edition — @fuseeight  http://ow.ly/iSGV301scXy  #kidlit #PictureBooks

Like Jennifer Wharton, I'm skeptical about books on specific #parenting issues. But sometimes you need them. A list: http://ow.ly/vjOH301scs0 

#EasyReaders w/ #diverse characters: Expanding our #library collection (ages 5-8) http://ow.ly/bAta301zL34  @MaryAnnScheuer #BookList

Read Around Town: Books about Laundry + the Laundromat http://ow.ly/mR9W301nzdc  @mrskatiefitz #kidlit

Read Around Town: Books that Focus  on the Bus + Bus Drivers http://ow.ly/Cb8l301zKD2  @mrskatiefitz #BookList

A Truly Eclectic #PictureBook Round-Up from @RandomlyReading   http://ow.ly/zDuh301xjXP  @MollyIdle @gBrianKaras @RyanT_Higgins + more

Goofy Pets, Daring Detectives, and a Drama Queen| Chapter Books Series Update | http://ow.ly/eRwM301uJgm  @abbylibrarian @sljournal #kidlit

Ten More Great School Age Readalouds for K-4th http://ow.ly/IFwh301sddh  @abbylibrarian #BookList #kidlit

Level Up: New @literacious series Pairing Video Games w/ Children’s Books| This week: Sports Games http://ow.ly/Rded301zJS7  #kidlit

Diversity + Gender

20 Books Featuring #Diverse Characters to Inspire Connection and Empathy  http://ow.ly/uf8Q301syAe  @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED

On the importance of praising girls for hard work + intelligence, not appearance http://ow.ly/ZUeT301sanG  @Jonharper70bd @BAMRadioNetwork

Toy Companies Aim to Make Toys More Gender-Neutral  @AnneMarieChaker @WSJ https://t.co/qmSsE8ZcoM

 Literature that Deals w/ Human #Diversity: Helping to overcome fear of the 'other' (age, race, etc) http://ow.ly/f7B1301xl2I  @TrevorHCairney

Growing Bookworms

Read It Wrong: One Tip to Make #ReadingAloud Even More Fun from @everead  #GrowingBookworms http://ow.ly/arlH301oPzG 

On the dangers of using leveled books to constrain a child's reading @pernilleripp  http://ow.ly/Ac9b301nyuM  Levels can damage reading life

6 Awesome Tips for Reading Chapter Books with Preschoolers (inc. abandon it if it's not working) from @growingbbb https://t.co/ach80wSJQc

On choice: What will my kids read this summer? I'm pretending not to care @Danny_Heitman  http://ow.ly/gfiw301nxys  @csmonitor via @tashrow

Adventures in #Literacy Land: Six #SummerReading Tips to keep kids #reading http://ow.ly/Nc6Y301utAJ 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

I agree with @literacious that marketing #Audiobooks at the Gym is a smart move on the part of @randomhouse http://ow.ly/4NlW301xpnB 

#PictureBook Bios I’d Like to See (Based Entirely on Hark, A Vagrant Comics) — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/AwC4301zMY0  #kidlit

Schools and Libraries

DisneyParadeHow to give any educational organization a @WaltDisneyWorld feel in 3 steps http://ow.ly/ekKw301xlgt  @TonySinanis #EdChat

A Small Fix in #Mindset Can Keep Students in School http://ow.ly/VPh1301oPHk  @AlisonGopnik @WSJ #GrowthMindset #teaching

6 Reasons to Visit the #Library This Summer | @denabooks  http://ow.ly/nHUW301nxTS  @ReadBrightly via @tashrow #SummerReading

Why "NO is an appropriate response (for preschoolers) to a choice...just as much as YES" http://ow.ly/MrvI301xjuH  @sxwiley #teaching

What’s in those pre-packaged leveled book boxes? We must seek quality classroom titles | Nicole Hewes @HornBook  http://ow.ly/xfo1301zLvX 

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: June 17: #48HBC, #SummerReading, Censorship + more

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #48HBC, #SummerReading, book lists, censorship, growing bookworms, kidlitosphere, libraries, Lois Duncan, movies, parenting, play, reading enjoyment, schools, STEM, teaching, and writing. Wishing you all plenty of summer reading, with books of your own choosing. 

Book Lists

Middle Grade adventures across the genres (gadgets + villains, #SF, + more) from Jennifer Wharton  #kidlit #BookList http://ow.ly/lhHu301b95Q 

18+ Books and Series For Kids Who Like the Warriors Series http://ow.ly/4nCY301dRM3  #BookList from @momandkiddo

Favorite Children’s Books About Summer in lots of great categories from @rebeccazdunn   #kidlit #SummerReading http://ow.ly/tGKb301kJMp 

Summer Reading 2016 for 5th & 6th graders: #FamiliesRead http://ow.ly/WVpM301dR3D  by @MaryAnnScheuer #BookList #kidlit

Out Now: #YA Titles Great for Middle Schoolers http://ow.ly/AdLX301izqZ  @libraryvoice @sljournal #kidlit

Diversity + Gender

Why Hollywood Doesn't Make More Movies for Girls, Like Matilda + The Parent Trap  http://ow.ly/vSQL301gvDa  @TheAtlantic via @PWKidsBookshelf 

Events + Programs

Chicago libraries aim to give away 1 million children's books this summer to beat #SummerSlide http://ow.ly/ExO8301ij1m  @chicagotribune

$13 Million in #SchoolLibrary Grants and Counting from @laurawbush Foundation http://ow.ly/dzVo301ljo6  @sljournal

Growing Bookworms

Books Every Teacher, Homeschooler, and Parent Should Read to help w/ #RaisingReaders http://ow.ly/WrxW301dRVo  @growingbbb

How One School Engaged Readers by Hosting "Flashlight Fridays" http://ow.ly/ZU16301dSp8  #RaisingReaders

6 Easy Ways to Get Kids Outside and #Reading This Summer http://ow.ly/kxSD301id8A  @momandkiddo @ReadBrightly #RaisingReaders

In Orlando's wake: "modeling love of reading + need for reading makes a huge difference" http://ow.ly/D5MI301ik5x  @RitaWirtz @BAMRadioNetwork


48hbc_newPut the next 48 Hour Book Challenge on your calendar for June 9-11, 2017! http://ow.ly/Zhgs301dRpf  @MsYingling is making it happen #48HBC

Lots of #kidlit tidbits in Morning Notes: Sit in the Dark and Eat Edition — @100scopenotes  http://ow.ly/og9Q301kKcQ 

More #kidlit tidbits here: Fusenews: Trotsky, Harriet the Spy, A.A. Milne and More — @FuseEight  http://ow.ly/fYsm301ljyo 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

I was sad to hear about the death of Lois Duncan, one of my teen favorite authors. Here's @RogerReads   http://ow.ly/gtEC301ljVJ  @HornBook

Thoughts on authors for adults who, when asked, disassociate from having read books published for kids http://ow.ly/5jy2301fTK6  @FuseEight

How to Make #Writing an Important Part of Your Child’s Life w/ diaries, blogs + more http://ow.ly/B5RB301dQVI  by @mrdad


Not really surprising: Kids Feel Unimportant to Cell Phone-Distracted Parents, says new study | @parenting http://ow.ly/2EQ9301e3ma 

After 16 Years, Teacher Is Fed Up With Kids’ Attitudes. His Rant On Facebook Is Going VIRAL! http://ow.ly/GHCp301b9mZ  @shareably @drdouggreen


Kids' #Nonfiction Books for Exploring The Great Outdoors http://ow.ly/KJqR301dSAg  A @mrskatiefitz #BookList for #play + #exercise + #nature

#Play Counts: Confessions + Learnings of a Play-based Teacher by @DenitaDinger  http://ow.ly/Cl1w301dTgN  via @sxwiley

Why Children Need #Play and How to Prioritize Play in a Busy World  http://ow.ly/nWEW301dSc5  @mamasmiles #parenting

Schools and Libraries

"We can't censor books because they make us uncomfortable" http://ow.ly/s7Wb3018Dwm  @katsok  on needing broad classroom #libraries

Kristin Abbott on the story of Ellen Mouchawar, who started a much-needed library at a local school http://ow.ly/Ez9y3018BP1  @nerdybookclub

Why #HighSchools Are Getting Rid of Valedictorians | A response from @DavidGeurin http://ow.ly/kRX6301lkkB  #EdChat

How Can Teachers Get Students to #Read Over the Long Summer Break? @MarvaAHinton  http://ow.ly/SE7i301lkMf  @educationweek


Not surprising to me: Teens Like Science, Not Science Class, Study Finds - @JZubrzycki http://ow.ly/t3UP301e35a  @educationweek #STEM

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: June 10: #48HBC, #ReadingAloud, #SummerReading + more

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #48HBC, #BunkReads, #SummerReading, booklists, funny books, growing bookworms, homework, kidlitosphere, LGBTQ books, play, raising readers, testing, KidLitCon, libraries, and writing. There were also some great links about reading logs and what parents can do to keep kids enjoying books, discussed here. 

Book Lists (including SummerReading recommendations)

This is neat. @CBCBook is seeking submissions to their first ever Best #STEM Books list http://ow.ly/q5VM3013VPm  #kidlit

For World Ocean Day, Best Books for Little Beach Babes http://ow.ly/gMxa3013Zw9  A Field Trip Life #BookList

#Summer Reading 2016: Preschool & Kindergarten -- #FamiliesRead http://ow.ly/WO1O300Z8kI  #BookList from @MaryAnnScheuer

#SummerReading 2016 for 1st & 2nd graders -- #FamiliesRead from @MaryAnnScheuer http://ow.ly/eUCR3013ZoQ  #BookList

100 Funny Chapter Books for Kids, by category http://ow.ly/Lok8300Z8uD  An epic @momandkiddo #BookList

A Tuesday Ten: Speculating on Spectacles | Protagonists in fantasy or SF with glasses http://ow.ly/OoRq300Z8aw  @TesseractViews #kidlit

Conclusion to #ScienceFiction Pathway series @TesseractViews w/ VIII (18 and up!) http://ow.ly/FTUO300YPkL  #HandmaidsTale + #Dune + 18 more 


#LGBTQLit for Children and Teens Comes of Age http://ow.ly/Nrf53011yqq  by Ryan Joe @PublishersWkly #kidlit #YA

Events + Programs

Welcome All Poems, Poets, and Lovers of Poetry - the first ever #Poetry Camp will be this fall http://ow.ly/MSkR300TyMM  @JoneMac53

This is an interesting idea: #BunkReads | Promoting Book Discovery at #SummerCamp http://ow.ly/xYFp3011yCw  #SummerReading @PublishersWkly

The @CBCBook Partners w/ the @unprisonproject for 2nd Year to Build Prison-Nursery Libraries for moms + their kids http://ow.ly/CjHM3013WNB 

Growing Bookworms

Prepare your child for kindergarten w/ interactive #ReadAlouds says @measuredmom http://ow.ly/nH9i3011uUk  #literacy

9 Activities for Kids to do at Home or in the Classroom during #ReadAloud by @sunlitpages guest @momandkiddo https://t.co/zA18ISFmPM

The One Thing that Made the Biggest Difference to @pernilleripp 's students was having time to #read http://ow.ly/oWRY300TyVA  #teaching

Motivating Struggling Readers: 1 Simple Tip - give them CHOICE (w/ resources) http://ow.ly/5YLV3015XsD  @thisreadingmama

#RaisingReaders: Everyday Tips from a mom of 4 readers, a Guest Post @sunlitpages http://ow.ly/YUVX300Z9GY 

How to stop an 8-year-old’s reading freeze http://ow.ly/byis3011GnY  @BookTrustUS #RaisingReaders

How Can Parents Keep Kids #Reading Momentum Going All Summer? Tips from @CTYJohnsHopkins @readingrainbow  http://ow.ly/cc4g30141BD 


48hbc_newWaxing a bit nostalgic for The 48-Hour Book Challenge + early #kidlitosphere days from @gail_gauthier http://ow.ly/QP0T300TzFM  #kidlit

So @MsYingling is considering resurrecting the 48 Hour Book Challenge w/ more Middle Grade focus. Have input? http://ow.ly/rpb5300Z8If  #48HBC

Lots of #kidlit + #kidlitosphere tidbits in today's Morning Notes @100scopenotes http://ow.ly/1vao3011r4l  

KidLitCon2016LogoSquare#KidLitCon 2016 Keynote Speakers Announced! Yay for Clare Vanderpool + @AS_King http://ow.ly/MMTY3013SRJ  from @book_nut + @Pamlovesbooks

Are YOU a person who cares about connecting kids with books? Think about presenting/attending #KidLitCon in October http://kidlitosphere.org/kidlitcon/ 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, Publishing

Musings on Self-Belief, #Grit, and Writing from @aquafortis   http://ow.ly/tpBR3016fyE  @angeladuckw @TheAtlantic

What’s the Geisel Anyway? A New Blog Takes a Look at This Unique Award | Guessing Geisel http://ow.ly/ltw03016o8Q  @sljournal


Lessons Learned from a Treehouse http://ow.ly/Qotv300Z80t  A parent working to stop overparenting talks w/ @RaiseAnAdult + Dr. Madeline Levine

4 Things I Plan to Do with my Kids this Summer by Bethany Todd w/ @LauraBarrEd http://ow.ly/qKZ8300Za0x  Downtime, reading, recharging

"It's just not fun anymore" | Why 70 percent of kids quit sports by age 13 http://ow.ly/J4vm3011GzV  @washingtonpost

Schools and Libraries

This is sad. A school uninvited @KateMessner, who had a visit scheduled for 5 months, b/c of her new book's theme http://ow.ly/bmeS3011KGP 

When School Administrators Think They Know Best http://ow.ly/d8UU30141t1  @literacious on @KateMessner @PhilBildner @haleshannon experiences

A chance to donate to get copies of @KateMessner's new book into the hands of kids who missed seeing her speak http://ow.ly/Hfh23015USc 

Our Job is Not to Censor | Why classroom libraries need to be for all kids  http://ow.ly/v97g3016oNj  @pernilleripp supporting @KateMessner

#Homework Inequality: The Value of Having a Parent Around After School  http://ow.ly/7Dmm300Z7fP  @lisquart  @TheAtlantic

Florida School Officials are holding back kids who do well in school if they opt out of tests @palan57 http://ow.ly/PVo6300YPOU  @HuffPostEdu

Reflections on #Library Service to Unattended Children (+ support of #FreeRangeParenting) from @mrskatiefitz http://ow.ly/OtWk30140Fm 

Recess Should Not Be Taken Away to Punish Kids, it is developmentally necessary http://ow.ly/yZ8c3011Kam  @POPSUGARMoms #JoyOfLearning

How #NerdCamp Transformed My #Teaching by @hollyschlan  @nerdybookclub http://ow.ly/bAVV3013ZSm  #BookADay #ReadAloud

Crazy Cool Things #Libraries Are Doing (That I Didn’t Know When I Lived in NYC) — @fuseeight  http://ow.ly/PeQc3015XYt 

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: June 3: #eBooks, #SummerReading, #teaching + more

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. It's a bit of a light week this week because of the holiday, but I do have links for you about #DiverseBooks, #EdTech, #GrowingBookworms, #SummerReading, beginning readers, classroom libraries, funny books, mysteries, play, testing, ebooks, and teaching.

Book Lists + Awards

Review Round-Up from @mrskatiefitz : Books for Beginning Readers (Easy Readers + Chapter Books), May 2016 http://ow.ly/FLLg300JAt9 

23 Entertaining Books For Kids Who Like Diary of a @wimpykid http://ow.ly/xlCv300JAly  A @momandkiddo #BookList #kidlit

RA RA Read: Recommended Middle Grade #Mysteries (standalone + series) chosen by Jennifer Wharton http://ow.ly/rpVE300JAdR  #kidlit

2016 Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards Announced (inc. video presentation) http://ow.ly/wfKb300Rkp4  #kidlit @HornBook

2016 #Diverse #SummerReading Lists Grades PreK-8 from @LEEandLOW https://t.co/eyxH8MVRvW


When is #Reading a Mirror, a Window or Neither? http://ow.ly/cv0m300MaKS  @medinger reflects on #DiverseBooks #kidlit

We Need Diverse #eBooks Too, Y’know says @fuseeight lamenting the small selection of choices  #DiverseBooks http://ow.ly/aXBf300Oxnh 

#EdTech + eBooks

Ed tech purchasing decisions | @DTWillingham questions some  intuitions regarding #EdTech http://ow.ly/3uxS300Mb2I 

#Reading Digitally vs. on Paper | @Larryferlazzo shares responses  http://ow.ly/kJTw300OuU3  @DTWillingham  @KristinZiemke  @lester_laminack

Growing Bookworms

#SummerReading: Solid tips for encouraging children to enjoy reading more from @MaryAnnScheuer  http://ow.ly/tkCR300Oy5O 

5 Reasons Kids Need Books in Their Hands...EVERYDAY! (to take home, to be responsible for, to enjoy) http://ow.ly/qKLI300JA8e  #raisingreaders

Are We Expecting Too Much–and Too Little–of #Reading / #Literacy Teachers asks @ShawnaCoppola https://t.co/ChN37EgycW 

Lovely post from @katsok | My Heart is Full: #Reading and My Sons (+ appreciation for @PhilBildner ) http://ow.ly/NNmR300Rnts 


#PoetryFriday -- Call for Roundup Hosts from @MaryLeeHahn http://ow.ly/pE9S300RoFM  #kidlitosphere


Some of the ways #play + storytelling + imaginative recreation stimulate #learning + #literacy http://ow.ly/idZv300Ma06  @TrevorHCairney

Schools and Libraries

Lindgren Award winner @megrosoff condemns UK's exam-focused education policy as an 'assault on childhood' @guardian https://t.co/49rMPC0JaT

Reflections on #Library Service Responsibilities to an apparent #SummerReading Scammer http://ow.ly/EWyO300Mbls  by @mrskatiefitz

"it is not what we got done that matters, it is how we felt doing it" | Take the Time says @pernilleripp https://t.co/vcJISuPwCP

Classroom Libraries Work: Tips from @donalynbooks @Scholastic for maintaining yours http://ow.ly/yvgy300EVsA  #kidlit

Sweat Small Stuff To Find #Teaching Zen |Control over kids is illusion but they can choose to engage http://ow.ly/t9Bz300OwpB  @focus2achieve

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: Gendered Reading, Growing Bookworms, #SummerReading + #BookADay

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include book lists, book covers, verse novels, gendered reading, diverse books, #EdTech, #BookADay, #STEM, growing bookworms, summer reading, schools, libraries, play, author visits, math, therapy dogs, re-reading, bookstores, and parenting. 

One Personal Link

This is neat. My blog post On the Virtues of Not Overscheduling Kids is being featured today @BAMRadioNetwork http://ow.ly/iVlu300xjTx  #play

Book Lists + Awards

Sorry, Junie B.: Early Chapter Book Characters I Actually Like http://ow.ly/CJV7300q3vG  @GeekMomBlog via @tashrow

Announcing the Biggest + Best New Award in Children’s Literature: The Undies — per @100scopenotes + @CarterHiggins  http://ow.ly/b4ji300xhkm 

Enchanting New Fairy Books + Fairy #Booklist from @rebeccazdunn http://ow.ly/Z3Zn300Cqel  #kidlit

On the #Cybils blog: #BookList Fun: Women in the Spotlight / performers who broke barriers http://ow.ly/Sl3c300Cquc  by @AnnettePimentel

RT @TheReadingTub: Thinking you'll dig this @JensBookPage - 5 Illustrated Books for Kids Who Dig #Math http://bit.ly/1TwrrzT  @ReadBrightly

#SummerReading: #BookLists and Tips for Every Age (preK to adult) from @ReadBrightlyEditors  http://ow.ly/Bckk300Az1G 

Non-didactic Children's Books about characters w/ Special Needs / differences http://ow.ly/mQ3Y300uIWa  @momandkiddo #BookList #kidlit

Jean Little Library: RA RA Read: Quick Reads: Books in Verse for Elementary and Middle Grade http://ow.ly/MIAp300sAGA  #kidlit #poetry

Diversity + Gender

Gender Politics + Construction Equipment: The Eyelashening — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/gX9I300xhd3  #kidlit

How “Girl Books” Could Save the World (if we could get more boys to read them) by Jen Malone http://ow.ly/v2M6300sAvx  @nerdybookclub #kidlit

How One Woman Is Helping Black Kids See Themselves In Books via subscription boxes http://ow.ly/XSw1300q0IJ  @_TARYNitUP @HuffingtonPost

#Diversity in children's books goes deeper than race http://ow.ly/eBaW300pZDE  @MPRnews w/ @mattdelapena + C. Robinson via @PWKidsBookshelf

MIRRORS, WINDOWS AND . . . PENGUINS and the motivation behind LILY AND DUNKIN http://ow.ly/Rqrz300CpN5  @DGephartWrites @nerdybookclub #kidlit


What a Decade of #Education Research Tells Us About Tech in the Hands of Underserved Students http://ow.ly/cmLv300sB4e  @EdSurge @drdouggreen

Educators: Connect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself! http://ow.ly/eDhq300uI8U  @bethhill2829 on why social media networks help in #education

Events + Programs

Good news! It's time for the 8th Annual #bookaday Challenge by @donalynbooks http://ow.ly/UuXH300xo28  #SummerReading #kidlit 

Growing Bookworms

1 Easy, Fun Way to Ignite a Love of #Reading: A tip for parents + teachers http://ow.ly/ZYey300q4qI  @coolcatteacher

Therapy Dogs Work Wonders for Struggling Readers http://ow.ly/Af5N300xPv1  @sljournal #literacy

Tips on #RaisingReaders in the digital age, a Guest Post by @randallde  http://ow.ly/UBgv300AF3a  @MrSchuReads

Parents – How to Help Your Child Love #Reading Over the Summer  http://ow.ly/eo08300vA6u  | Great advice from @pernilleripp #SummerReading

Sharing wordless books with children: tips & favorite books (for kids of all ages) http://ow.ly/yJGT300CplX  @MaryAnnScheuer #literacy

What Every Teacher of Reading Should Do According to @pernilleripp 's  Students http://ow.ly/uI8H300sz6T  | Book talks, choice + more

Good advice here: 4 Mistakes I Made Trying to Raise a Middle School Reader http://ow.ly/vTdl300q1MN  @Bookopolis @ReadBrightly

On helping kids to find the books that interest them to hook them on #reading @Catherine_D2013 @nerdybookclub https://t.co/C6msszMc2r


Various tidbits of #kidlit interest in Fusenews: The occasional library-centric “unruly pleasure”  http://ow.ly/Muwm300uIJA  @fuseeight

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Interesting: Surveying Stories: The risks of rage in Robin Stevens' Wells & Wong mysteries http://ow.ly/5TEG300xhZa  by @tanita_s_davis

I do like this idea: Host a Silent #Reading Party in 7 Easy Steps http://ow.ly/U5Tm300vnMp  @BookRiot I would add wine for mine! #introversion

Must-read for book-lovers from @aquafortis on The Comfort of #Rereading http://ow.ly/Fwkn300uLqQ  What are your favorite re-reads?

Author Nicola Morgan explains why she expects/needs/deserves to be paid her speaker fees http://ow.ly/F6yz300szfD  @AwfullyBigBlog

'People are hungry for real bookstores': Judy Blume on why US indie booksellers are thriving http://ow.ly/9k2n300sy3q  @GuardianBooks


MacArthur 'Genius' @angeladuckw Responds To A New Critique Of #Grit http://ow.ly/kHfo300AzIA  @npr_ed @anya1anya 

To Help Kids Thrive, Coach Their Parents (+ teachers) to have better interactions w/ kids http://ow.ly/v9Bl300vq6X  @nytimes #parenting


Now this is a place kids can #PLAY | Check Out the 57-Foot Mega Slide and More at Governors Island  http://ow.ly/9H4f300xye0  @mommypoppins

Summer Bucket list: things we did as kids that we should share w/ our kids today: picnics, kites, + more http://ow.ly/tAti300xxGW  @POPSUGAR

Why #Play Matters — No Matter How Old You Are http://ow.ly/BCpS300vpH9  @rolland_rg on @cogwbur via @litsafari

Schools and Libraries

For #schools: How to score top marks in organizing author visits http://ow.ly/4pKF300xhGr  @lizkesslerbooks #kidlit

Small Ideas for a Better Organized Classroom Library from @pernilleripp  http://ow.ly/xoU7300q2yd  #reading #schools

Tips for librarians to make sure they are supporting outside paid performers' work http://ow.ly/3EZw300ACtJ  @mrskatiefitz

An Open Letter to School Boards Everywhere on the importance of school #libraries + certified #librarians http://ow.ly/C8CJ300CJRm  @sljournal


How A Strengths-Based Approach to #Math Redefines Who Is ‘Smart’  http://ow.ly/pTVT300xwGA  @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED #STEM

Your Brain Has A Delete Button-- How To Use It (think about what's important to you) http://ow.ly/TI1L300uJUN  @FastCompany via @drdouggreen

2016 Maker Faire Bay Area Highlights from @mamasmiles  http://ow.ly/KIoE300szAJ  w/ links to #educational tools, kits, crafts + #STEM

Examples of #Math #Play in the classroom from @sxwiley http://ow.ly/x2Db300q2Qn  Coins, sorting, shapes, games + more

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #Parenting, #Play, #SummerReading + #ReadingWithoutWalls

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include book lists, #ReadingWithoutWalls, diverse books, gender norms, reading choice, reading aloud, summer reading, parenting, schools, #EdTech, free speech, #Readathon2016, Sherlock Holmes, print books, play, recess, growing bookworms, physical education, and STEM. 

Book Lists (more lists under Summer Reading below):

Awesome! Ignite Her Curiosity: 25 Books Starring Science-Loving Mighty Girls  http://ow.ly/xi41300dwwp  @amightygirl via @tashrow #STEM

Books for 3rd-5th grade Fairy Tale Lovers http://ow.ly/MmJa300irpy  #BookList from @frankisibberson #kidlit

The Best New Children's Books of Summer 2016 http://ow.ly/sRNj3007s6P  per @ImaginationSoup @ReadBrightly @JensBookPage #BookList #kidlit

RA RA Read: Scary Stories from Beginning ( #PictureBooks ) to End (middle grade + #GraphicNovels ) http://ow.ly/9Un3300dm8W  Jennifer Wharton

Ten “Comfort Food” Books/Series by Jennie Albrecht http://ow.ly/aPbG300dmwB  @nerdybookclub #BookList

Diversity + Gender

ReadWithWalls-criteria-300x225On National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature @geneluenyang 's #ReadingWithoutWalls Challenge http://ow.ly/4oPL300iqJI  @medinger

Guest Post @CynLeitichSmith | @leewind  on Little Pickle Press’ 7 Steps To Changing Kids' Publishing… + Our World http://ow.ly/vL7f300kLHS 

Challenging Gender Norms with “Boys Read Pink” Celebration  http://ow.ly/eHj2300kQbc  | The fabulous @MsYingling shares @sljournal #kidlit

Events + Programs

NationalReadathonDayThumb2This sounds nice! Support Child #Literacy Via National #Readathon2016 Day, Sat. May 21, noon to 4 http://ow.ly/aOY5300lEHc  @GalleyCat

SLJ Day of Dialog 2016 Recap: Chicago Edition! — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/JgpA300fBhj  @RichardPeckAuth keynote + more

Empowering Parents to Increase #Literacy in the Home: PCHP Approach  http://ow.ly/Cgq3300b7EL  @parentchildhome @LEEandLOW @CynLeitichSmith

Growing Bookworms

Serendipity. "Browsing books w/ abandon develops vital skills readers need to find joy + competence" http://ow.ly/PPCM300dlWp  @donalynbooks

Why every parent should read to their kids: vocabulary, listening skills + more http://ow.ly/LCka300dwMB  @malbers2 @Salon via @tashrow

5 Ways School Librarians Can Meet Needs of Students in Poverty http://ow.ly/sNwv300ilAI  @jenniferlagarde Be A Reading For Pleasure Evangelist

I covet this awesome Make Time for Reading clock from @Scholastic | Here are more pix: http://ow.ly/87B3300kSLM 

Print at home #SummerReading Bookmarks to Color http://ow.ly/d4kI300iqzC  from @momandkiddo

Higher Education

Why Free Speech Matters on Campus http://ow.ly/Aq6j300b5sF  Purpose of college #education isn't to affirm student beliefs, but to expand @WSJ

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Interesting take from @gail_gauthier on #SherlockHolmes as a 19th Century Superhero http://ow.ly/7nD2300fDpH 

Guest Post @CynLeitichSmith | Jennifer Swanson on how authors can jump on #STEAM bandwagon http://ow.ly/jMlW300dm1T  #nonfiction

Books are back. Only the technodazzled thought they would go away | Simon Jenkins http://ow.ly/uALp300dlNs  @GuardianBooks


Debunking the Myth of the 10,000-Hours Rule: What It Actually Takes to Reach Genius-Level Excellence http://ow.ly/PGTY300b86S  @brainpickings

#Bullying: Why Zero-Tolerance Doesn't Work http://ow.ly/sMsk300fDdO  @HeatherShumaker reports on new @theNASEM report

We need to share our mistakes w/ kids so they know making mistakes is ok http://ow.ly/YmJJ300fA0V  @Jonharper70bd @BAMRadioNetwork #MyBad16

The Decisions I Don’t Regret – One Parent’s Take On Impossible Choices http://ow.ly/95uX300bhZr  @SheInTheCle via @ECEPolicyWorks

Mothers feel most stressed about #parenting when their kids are in middle school, study finds http://ow.ly/ugox300kHxv  @WSJ

Beyond Firefighters, Doctors + Ballerinas: Inspiring Kids to Break the Mold http://ow.ly/Q8ud300ipWi  @AndraAbramson @readingrainbow


Sigh! Lessons from ‘The Goonies,’ and from the loss of unsupervised time for kids  http://ow.ly/LuTg300bhkU  @byclintedwards @washingtonpost

It's not "Wasting Paper" if kids are #learning /discovering /exploring  http://ow.ly/ZVOk300b6LQ  @sxwiley #PlayfulLearning

How to Re-think #Recess so that it's Accessible To Everyone? http://ow.ly/K2J1300gljL  @LauraBarrEd #play #schools

The Privatization of Childhood #Play | the impact of formal playdates http://ow.ly/xgWS300kPqo  @BigMeanInternet via @frankisibberson

On the benefits of giving kids choice | Choices allow children to #play in self-initiated ways http://ow.ly/7Hy1300kMcv  @sxwiley #ECE

Schools and Libraries (inc. #EdTech)

Cultivating Wild #Readers: 5 habits that translate well into classroom practice http://ow.ly/tv5U300dlCV  @donalynbooks @Scholastic

16 Modern Realities Schools (and Parents) Need to Accept. Now. http://ow.ly/Jitj300dxqI  @willrich45 @Medium #EdChat #EdTech

False promise of #EdTech in schools: "Technology may change quickly. Our brains don’t." http://ow.ly/oGwH300dxbA  @DTWillingham @NYDailyNews

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Summer Reading

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