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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: April 28: #STEM, #ReadingLevels, and Like-Hearted People

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Because I was on vacation last week, there are quite a few links. Topics shared here include #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #Kidlitopshere, #PreK, #ReadAloud, #STEM, Anna Dewdney Award, children's books for adults, gender identity, growing bookworms, math, parenting, publishing, reading, reading levels, Rick Riordan, screentime, and teaching.  I'm also working on another post with more detail from several joy of learning / play-related articles. 

Book Lists + Awards

EdwardGetsMessyCongratulations to + for winning award |

8 Fascinating , a from via

Darling Books about Fairies, & Other Wee Things, a new  

IzzyBarrPlayful Early Chapter Books About Sports, a https://t.co/WTn10chPgt

10 New Books Highlighting the and Strength of Girls & Women by

Diversity + Gender

Thinking About (Gender) Identity Labeling | links to a couple of interesting recent articles https://t.co/ZGoE07I9Tn 

Events + Programs

New Kid-Lit Landmarks To Be Named During |

I love things like this: Barbershops Give Kids Free Cuts if They  

Growing Bookworms

MalalaRethinking : Some Practical Advice from the Experts | Laura Lambert

Important: How to Be A Role Model – Without Actually Reading In Front of Your Class https://t.co/6l1w6oIpGG 


This post by about finding "Like-Hearted" people via Twitter made me think of my pals  

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

MagnusChaseRick Riordan Imprint Acquires First Three Titles

What makes a book one grown-ups will like? asks | Great discussion in comments

Revisiting Childhood Book Friends + what it feels like when someone criticizes them  

Parenting, Play + Screentime

One Simple Trick to End Tech "turn it off time" Tantrums Forever, what works for  

Give a kid a computer...what does it do to her social life? summarized some recent research

What Is Open Ended , and Why Is It So Important? Five Reasons Play Is Critical for Kids.

Schools and Libraries

What do we really know about pre-k? shares + discusses conclusions from a new research report  


How Do I Get My Kids to Love ? Simple Steps Parents Can Take at Home from  

12 Inspirational Stories About Women Who Code: Inspiration for Girls via

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: April 14: Book Deserts, Judy Blume, Harry Potter, and #STEM

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics inclue #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #Makerspace, #Math, #PictureBooks, #STEM, children's literacy, creativity, Harry Potter, Judy Blume, Kidlitosphere, poetry, raising readers, schools, science fiction, summer reading, and teaching. 

Awards and Book Lists

SuperfudgeJudy Blume to receive lifetime achievement award from American Academy of Arts + Letters

Passover , a   


The Power of Representation: finding yourself in by

Growing Bookworms

Yes! Reasons not to assign required titles + what to do instead to encourage

A highlight from Pernille Ripp's post: "Why not create reading experiences that actually entices further reading, rather than further dictation of what kids are expected to read?  Perhaps now would be a good time to examine our summer reading practices before the damage is potentially done."

The best way to improve kids' reading test scores? Provide access to books, encourage free choice...

A bit more from the Donalyn Miller's post: "Even in middle-income communities, we create book deserts for too many children through misguided efforts that level, limit, control, and define when and where and what children will read. We test and test kids while providing few opportunities to improve their reading skills in the only way that works—lots of successful, engaging reading experiences. This man-made desertification ensures that fewer children will read well or become engaged readers each year." (There's lots more: do go and read the whole post!

OwlAndPussycatBedtime : The One Thing Your Child Will Remember Forever by https://t.co/Z8ML9RrRg3

My recent post on Drawing inferences: Why it's a key skill is up as a guest article 's blog https://t.co/qU2JRbPzoV

Donating Character-Developing, Idea-Generating, World-Building Books: The Beginning by  https://t.co/n6KHeHRRXi


Extra-good week for round-up of middle grade fantasy + science fiction from around the blogs  

The 2017 Progressive Poem -- Line #8 from

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

BabymouseLockerThis makes me feel so old: Babymouse is heading to ... MIDDLE SCHOOL!?!?!?!

Inspiring story of writer Bob Greene who tracked down + thanked the first grade teacher who taught him to read

New DNA Study Finds Genes May Significantly Impact Ability | Traci Pedersen via  

Schools and Libraries

Homework: Helpful, Harmful, or Otherwise? asks | Is it more important than , , family? https://t.co/LMi2w6xuSb

HarryPotterBook1I love this: 10 Teachable Moments From and the Sorcerer's Stone - https://t.co/tUGmLNSuPs  (Good for parents, too!)

How Kills And How To Fix It -


3 Games Kids Love | guest post  

Inspiring With A Simple Home , Plus Airplane Activities for Kids https://t.co/NUqtAhD4HU

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: April 7: #ReadingWithoutWalls, #AutismAwareness, #GrowthMindset + More

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #GrowingBookworms, #GrowthMindset, #play, #poetry, #RaisingReaders, #ReadingWithoutWalls, #STEM, autism, economic diversity, games, homework, National Poetry Month, publishing, reading, screens, teaching, and translation. 

Book Lists

TheWildRobot10 Books to Inspire Inventors, Engineers, Tinkerers + Those Who Wish We Were! by https://t.co/VKxKlH2xZA 

50+ about Mixed Race Families now updated to 70+ books via


 Economics, Money + Class in 2017 Today — | Including poverty in

Events + Programs

ReadingWithoutWallsTake the Challenge this April + add to your https://t.co/pkPD6eL241

Here’s How You Make a Book Spine Poem with Your Students/Patrons —

World Week and Autism Acceptance/Awareness Month - resources + w/ mini-reviews  

Growing Bookworms

BravoEngle How Margarita Engle's books helped a mother + daughter to re-engage in discussion over books

How to Get Your Kids to Read a higher ratio of good stuff vs. "junk books" from + more 

How to Make Fun: 25 Ideas Kids Will Love | Jean Reagan etc. https://t.co/c2DkjtXbCA

Growth Mindset

Four Moves That Promote A In All |

Is Not Enough | on other character-based skills should help build https://t.co/Q6RBip7Yrb

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

WizardOfOz"the thing about as a child. You don’t just read a book: you enter it."

Even More Outlandish: Further Thoughts (vs her piece) on the Role of Translation +  


Lamenting a 2nd grade classroom "party" to which kids could bring tablets but not toys by

Schools and Libraries

RaisingKidsWhoReadNew studies show the cost of student laptop use for notetaking in lecture classes -

It Takes a Suburb: Lexington MA (where I went to HS) Struggles to Ease Stress | Kyle Spencer https://t.co/G7WmJqP5vC

We should not assume how parents will react to changes like eliminating says  

Bookmobiles and Beyond: new services on wheels serve newborns through teens |


The Big List of Board Games that Inspire Mathematical Thinking, sorted by age range, from  

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 31: Family #Reading, Book Nerds, and #OutdoorLearning

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics in this relatively brief edition include #BookLists, #ReadingAloud, #STEM, college, early childhood education, learning to read, love of books, parenting, play, raising readers, reading, reading choice, and teaching.

Book Lists

RosieProjectBook5 Fantastic Books for Young Scientists, | Must have Project Book for my daughter https://t.co/UFowNf51Mb

Best Books to Inspire Your Sports-Obsessed Kids to Read, a

Favorite for Girls Ages 6 and Up, from | Good ideas here for my near 7 y.o.

Events + Programs

Engaging Dads in Early Childhood Ed Programs: getting past obstacles + into the https://t.co/Ee9xmEAh4I


Drawing, & Seeing the World Differently by

Growing Bookworms

BlackbirdPondA reminder from life-long avid reader that adults should let kids read for enjoyment

The Challenge of Teaching College Kids Who Hate (after being turned off in HS) https://t.co/6ockqxomGx

What happens when you teach children to make inferences while reading?

The Joy of as a family - video chat from + w/ book recommendations https://t.co/Qgf6iJLCOy

What Kids Learn About Books from Watching Your Example | Modeling the joy of Edward Viljoen

Despite a couple of tech changes, “Unlucky Arithmetic: Thirteen Ways to Raise a Nonreader” still relevant


Updated: The Complete Listing of All Public Children’s Literature Statues in the United States

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

HarryPotterIllustratedLove this! Confessions of a Book Nerd via |"I use WAY too many Harry Potter references"

9 Ways to Spread Through Books + from | Leave a book for someone, + more

Stories can change our brains + sharing stories w/ kids builds bonds - Hilary Hawkes

Play + Movement

OutdoorClassroomDayBelieve in the power of + ? Sign up for May 18 via

An Unexpected Consequence for Kids Who Sit Too Much: Lack of body + spatial awareness https://t.co/AAh6krtQOI

Schools and Libraries

MathematicalMindsetsThe Way We Teach (w/ emphasis on speed vs. thinking) Is Holding Women Back says

Yes! says job is not to shape the opinions of , but to offer them a chance to create opinions https://t.co/yWfAeZ6tqj

Good stuff here: On the Need for Getting Rid of and how manages her classes without it https://t.co/K5jPkOKCzx

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 24: #KidLit Mirrors, Transitioning to Chapter Books + Knitting

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #GrowingBookworms, #GrowthMindset, #STEM, #SummerReading, autism spectrum, baseball, chapter books, economic diversity, Edgar Awards, Eric Carle, knitting, librarians, literacy programs, new readers, Readergirlz, Scholastic, schools, Sesame Street, teaching, and Women's History Month.

Book Lists + Awards

QueenOfTheDiamondIt's almost #baseball season! Yay! @momandkiddo shares Best Children's #PictureBooks about Baseball #BookList https://t.co/EKFG9CK1XZ

2017 #AnnaDewdney #ReadTogether Award Finalists Announced | 5 excellent #PictureBooks http://ow.ly/g9V930a89dZ  @PublishersWkly @penguinkids

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth 20 #PictureBook biographies about awesome women! from @literacious  http://ow.ly/s4M830a3x5f  #BookList

#EasyReader List for the 2017 #SummerReading Program, focus on Architecture, Building + Construction http://ow.ly/Snjj30a7DYN  @mrskatiefitz 

Chapter Book List focused on Architecture, Building + Construction for 2017 #SummerReading from @mrskatiefitz http://ow.ly/atB630aaal0  [See also middle grade list here: http://ow.ly/AmnA30ac8cQ]

2017 Edgar Award Nominees in juvenile + #YA categories from @tashrow    #mysteries #kidlit https://t.co/wJN7VPw3hE


When Our #Reading Lives Help Us Understand Our Life Situations | #kidlit mirrors for financial stress http://ow.ly/bJuQ30a3wXP  @nerdybookclub

WalkWithMeWe need #kidlit mirrors reflecting class issues: @SevenImp shares 2 #PictureBooks w/ economic difficulty http://ow.ly/g1kc30a0Ypv  @FuseEight

This is interesting. @sesamestreet introduces first new TV muppet in 10 years: Julia, who has #autism @npr_ed https://t.co/3SzJTO7YMw

Judging Books by Their Covers, looking for brown people, post by Laura Reiko Simeon @LEEandLOW via @CynLeitichSmith https://t.co/LT5ewaZOTc

This made me sad: author @Barbaradee2 asked by teachers not to talk about her #lgbt -friendly book http://ow.ly/nMet30ac7Cf  @nerdybookclub

Events + Programs

VeryHungryCaterpillarToday is The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day | @greenbeanreads has the scoop  #VHCday @penguinkids  #kidlit http://ow.ly/kf4c30a56ed 

Educators: @Scholastic #SummerReading Challenge is a chance to win 500 books for your #school to encourage #reading http://ow.ly/I3KM30a589o 

New @scbwi #literacy initiative Books For Readers gets books into hands of kids + teens http://ow.ly/RGXc30a11Ue  @leewind @CynLeitichSmith

A toast to the end of @readergirlz Not so needed now to connect teen girls + authors but still loved http://ow.ly/6WqZ30a0Z1g  @lorieanngrover

Book drive for elementary school of robotics team champs told to "go back to Mexico" via @haleshannon  #STEM #kidlit https://t.co/2HlMtcASjh

Growing Bookworms

TheWildRobotCrossing #Literacy Thresholds: Tips for When Kids Are “Stuck” #Reading the Same Things — Julie Hakim Azzam @HornBook http://ow.ly/CvzJ30aadGd 

#Road2Reading Challenge: Navigating Chapter Books: What #Readers Need to Know @alybee930 http://ow.ly/vjDi30a7CpC  w/ #BookList

Chapter book Challenges: @CarrieGelson shares roadblocks + needed skills to help kids make the leap to chapter books https://t.co/QmvXLp9vNr

Toy “Sleepovers” at the #Library Boost Kids’ #Reading Skills, Says New Study | Linda Rodgers @sljournal https://t.co/A1H79eUcP5

Growth Mindset

AWrinkleInTimeYoung Adult (+ middle grade) Novels That Model a #GrowthMindset | @edutopia via  @tashrow http://ow.ly/cPgC30a13MA  #YA #AWrinkleInTime 

Schools and Libraries

Canadian #teacher wins $1M #GlobalTeachingPrize for work in Inuit community in northern Quebec http://ow.ly/8SSX30a59Dl  @CBCRadioCanada

If goal is to increase #reading scores, cutting #librarians + media specialists are steps in the wrong direction https://t.co/BYPIP7Pby6

Three Rules for a Fabulous #SummerReading Program from a #MiddleSchool teacher #librarian @sljournal  http://ow.ly/Uk7b30a7NCE  | Offer choice

ChildDevelopmentAsking children to accomplish tasks (e.g. writing) before they’re developmentally ready leads to failure! @raepica1 https://t.co/hd65kkMiIB

Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still in Class - movement breaks help attitude + #learning http://ow.ly/BS0W30aa99o  Donna De La Cruz @nytimes

Assigned #Reading often Fails where #ChoiceReading Soars | @3TeachersTalk on problems w/ whole-class novels https://t.co/reqDp647Gi


Growing movement uses knitting + crocheting to teach #mathematical thought + interest girls in #STEM http://ow.ly/J1mS30a7D6i  @brightreads

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 17: #STEM #BookLists, eReaders + Learning Styles

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #eReading, #GrowingBookworms, #RaisingReaders, #SocialMedia, #STEM, Battle of the Kids' Books, conferences, creativity, learning styles, parenting, play, preschool, reading, reading buddies, reading logs, struggling readers, teaching, and Women's History Month. I did hold back a few links about growing bookworms. I've put those in a separate, more detailed post, which will be out next week. 

Book Lists

AdaTwist15 #STEM Titles To Celebrate Women | @dkfdkf8 @sljournal  http://ow.ly/jlBy309WCvV  #BookList #WomensHistoryMonth #kidlit

The Best and Most Inspiring #STEM Books for Kids, #BookList by @momandkiddo from #PictureBook to middle grade https://t.co/CWEW8muC2k

Have Struggling or Reluctant Readers? These Hi-Lo Titles Will Keep Them Engaged | @sljournal #BookList https://t.co/LMGLygnaQB


UK #Ebook sales continue to fall as younger generations drive appetite for print @siancain @GuardianBooks http://ow.ly/Nlcy309WrUT  #reading

New study: The influence of access to #eReaders + other devices on kids' book #reading frequency http://ow.ly/VzCH309N0lK  @sciencedirect

Events + Programs


11-Year-Old Starts Club For Young Black Boys To See Themselves In Books @_TARYNitUP @HuffingtonPost  http://ow.ly/QBl1309WsLX  #DiverseBooks

The 9th Annual @sljournal  Battle of the Kids’ Books Starts Tomorrow! | @medinger  http://ow.ly/I4Za309PQQt   #SLJBOBCAST  #kidlit

How one 2nd grade classroom turned problem of surplus books into community engagement / donation project @sljournal http://ow.ly/QcWC309YRoC 

Interview by @SevenImp of a volunteer for a program that unites incarcerated parents + their kids via #kidlit https://t.co/DzXPzcxVVL

Growing Bookworms

CharlottesWeb5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Books Together as a Family @growingbbb @Scholastic  | Indoor #reading picnic + more https://t.co/DwKOve4AMt

12 truths observed during #Reading Workshop w/ @CarrieGelson's  Grade 4 & 5 class this year : huge selection + more https://t.co/fqjboUmNVR

"Buddy reading across grade levels is a magical thing" says teacher @CarrieGelson + she shares why https://t.co/Ke0xMx7afe

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

2017 @Scholastic #Reading Report Reveals Extent of Book Ownership Divide, opp for #librarians | #KFRR @sljournal https://t.co/22MiyDhJwk

CharlieChocolateFactoryChinese Government to Restrict Foreign #PictureBooks – News from China w/ discussion from @fairrosa  http://ow.ly/y0rb309WPns  #OWNVOICE

This has some useful tips: The Power of #Conferences in a #SocialMedia Age @awsamuel @WSJ  http://ow.ly/sm1U309RpLm  #PLN

A post-festival reminder from @donalynbooks "Children’s and (YA) literature doesn’t exist for the benefit of adults" https://t.co/3gRQbCm7eY


AnimalsThis is good advice: When Your Kid Asks a Question, Hand Them a Book—Not a Phone | @WIRED via @tashrow https://t.co/kw2ARSCggF [This post inspired me to purchase the National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia for my daughter, who is just working on her first school report about animals.]

Inspired by a recent news story, @NotJustCute has ideas for encouraging creative problem solving + thinking in kids https://t.co/QUppVUOfrY


This is just fun: Nimuno's #Lego Tape Turns Anything Into A Lego-Friendly Surface  @LEGOIdeas @dailydot https://t.co/5qGQiznaFq

This post @AwfullyBigBlog seems right to me: we need to let kids be bored so more often that they can be creative http://ow.ly/ofge309YVse 

Schools and Libraries

43 Things We Need To Stop Doing In Schools: Killing the love of reading by making it about #ReadingLogs @TonySinanis http://ow.ly/PMnv309PQT 

Teachers must ditch 'neuromyth' of #learning styles, say scientists | @guardian https://t.co/QBdyb1fUSw

How to Pick a #Preschool and the Importance of #School Tours @LauraBarrEd https://t.co/aCbASEo10g

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 10: Palindromes, #WorldBookDay + Rock Star #Librarians

TwitterLinks Here are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #KidLitCon, #OwnVoices, book awards, Children's Book Week, children's literady, growing bookworms, International Women's Day, librarians, nonfiction, play, reading choice, social media, teaching, Women's History Month, and World Book Day.

Book Lists + Awards

Frankencrayon2017 Children’s + Teen Choice Book Awards Finalists from @CBCBook via @tashrow  http://ow.ly/A3US309DLse  #kidlit

Fun with Palindromes for Kids | #BookList from @housefullbkwrms https://t.co/0O0pHXuXkl

Telling Her Story: 60 New Books for #WomensHistoryMonth | A biography #BookList from @amightygirl

Top 10 Historical Fiction Titles to Encourage #Diverse Understanding of the Past by Rebecca Redinger @nerdybookclub https://t.co/c5YQdXEs1T

For #IWD2017 @alybee930 shares #nonfiction on women who contributed to the fields of #math + early programming http://ow.ly/vnJv309Iuam 


The #OwnVoices Gap in African-American Children's Books, shown via graph by @CCBCwisc http://ow.ly/7pR1309GD86  #kidlit #DiverseBooks

Amplifying Diversity: @medinger recommends that reviews look at Small Presses for #DiverseBooks + #OwnVoices http://ow.ly/jxV5309KXaF  #kidlit

Events + Programs

CBWLogoDatesAnnouncing the 2017 Children’s Book Week Bookmarks Reveal — @fuseeight @CBCBook #kidlit http://ow.ly/bR17309G6YC  #CBW17

For #WorldBookDay @ToysRUs surveyed 1500 parents about kids + #reading | 52% say reading is a fave hobby for kids http://ow.ly/uXuU309z2sH 

#WorldBookDay gives many UK children first chance to buy their own book | @GuardianBooks via @PWKidsBookshelf https://t.co/3UGbb9YKwA

STEM_Ruchi_SanghviRecommending #STEM Trailblazer Bios series for International Women's Day by @MaryAnnScheuer  http://ow.ly/vUw4309IuZU  #IWD2017 #nonfiction

Children's books and chocolate - a match made in heaven: Save the Date for #KidLitCon 2017, Nov. 3-4 in Hershey, PA http://ow.ly/U3ik309AiOD 

Colombia Garbage Collector Rescues Books From The Trash For Low-Income Kids | @HuffingtonPost via @PWKidsBookshelf https://t.co/dfCSjF5gRt

NFL Players Visited #Schools to #TackleReading for #ReadAcrossAmerica Day | @KathrynStarke @ReadItForward https://t.co/JGrM8Ic0fR

Growing Bookworms

FeathersA Look at Expository Literature + the kids who need access to it to develop a love of #reading @mstewartscience https://t.co/273HL3OXJs

When #Reading Speed Matters for Kids (+ when it doesn't) by @RodriguezCindyL @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/QyoD309IT1O  #LearningToRead

To Raise a Reader, parents should #ReadAloud to their children, says @ReadByExample w/ benefits list https://t.co/7jjQfMcLhV

Some heartening quotes from @CarrieGelson's #students that she show she IS growing #LifeLongReaders https://t.co/NGHlATzqIB

GoodbyeStrangerI was also heartened by the positive response of @katsok's students to the magic of a classroom #ReadAloud novel http://ow.ly/r3dR309IuA1 

This @HornBook post by @LauraAWoollett on Bonding (w/ baby) w/ books well resonate w/ MANY book-loving moms http://ow.ly/V8VL309Ivwy  #reading

Good advice: Tailor the #literacy activity to the interests of the kid: #RaisingReaders tip from @JGCanada https://t.co/IN71IDEglC

Look to #literary role models: Insight from the Kids & Family Reading Report | @Scholastic  http://ow.ly/M4KM309KYGe  #KFRR #RaisingReaders


Nice: "if we just sit back + allow ourselves to be open beautiful moments come to us" @Jonharper70bd @BAMRadioNetwork https://t.co/dnyzoMBy5M

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

SoHappyTogetherOn the dangers of "The #PictureBook (title) Earworm" — @fuseeight [e.g. So Happy Together]  http://ow.ly/s0uV309ItxX 

The Rock Star #Librarians Who Choose What Kids Read @WSJ  @MrSchuReads @100scopenotes @MatthewWinner @colbysharp https://t.co/QGd1NkCkl0

Why "Rock Star Librarian" is an Oxymoron, response to recent @WSJ piece from @alliejanebruce @ReadWhileWhite  http://ow.ly/yXSb309G4Un  


Children Love Playgrounds! Discover #Learning Through #Play | Cause and Effect, Perseverance + more @mamasmiles https://t.co/UH39KK19fP

Schools and Libraries

In Favor of the #SlowLearning Movement. By doing less extra stuff in class, kids are #learning more @pernilleripp https://t.co/HIlGpLUbv2

How #MakerMindsets Can Be An Easy Fit For Rural #Schools @LeahabShaffer @MindShiftKQED  http://ow.ly/2cMe309KYiq  #STEM #MakerED

Better ELA #teaching yields better math performance in subsequent years. But not vice versa. @DTWillingham  http://ow.ly/nt5j309DLhp  #schools

Social Media

I agree with the ideas in 3 Ways to Build Your Network (authentic sharing) by @gcouros http://ow.ly/XG2f309GbQo  #IMMOOC #SocialMedia #PLN

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 3: Mighty Girls, Library Sleepovers, and Playful #STEM

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #eBooks, #PictureBooks, Ezra Jack Keats Awards, free speech, gifts for girls, growing bookworms, libraries, parenting, play, raising readers, reading, schools, Sesame Street, and STEM.

Awards and Book Lists

PieceOfHomeThe 2017 Ezra Jack Keats Book Award Winners via @tashrow @EJKeats http://ow.ly/zk5f309q3HZ  #kidlit

Some of the Funniest #PictureBooks of 2017, according to @FuseEight  http://ow.ly/1Ifq309rMkr  #BookList

Children's Books about Women in Politics and Women Activists, #BookList from @momandkiddo  #PictureBooks #nonfiction https://t.co/CYNoxODRUC

Diversity + Gender

Some fun stuff here: 60 Girl-Empowering Birthday Gifts compiled by @amightygirl | All $25 or less, w/ age recs https://t.co/8CUAmJJsIb

Editorial: Tear Down That Wall: @RogerReads @HornBook on the #ReadingWithoutWalls Challenge by @geneluenyang  http://ow.ly/EsKF309upJH 

Growing Bookworms

AllOfAKindFamilyA lovely story from @sunlitpages about #RaisingReaders: When a Book Finds You at Just the Right Time  #kidlit https://t.co/Z5ThJPanGE

How stuffed animal sleepover programs at #libraries encourage kids to read @CNN  #ReadAloud #RaisingReaders https://t.co/n0wvH7VpXv

Exploring Software + Websites to Support #Reading Comprehension for kids by @CompConnCarla http://ow.ly/WKXj309q0TQ  #teaching

This is fun! 12 Fundamental Truths About Having A Bookworm Kid | @msemilymccombs @HuffingtonPost https://t.co/0iloZwTgiU

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

LittleMenInteresting 3-part series by @gail_gauthier on re-reading her childhood favorite Little Men as an adult http://ow.ly/dxT2309q3gQ 

Based on relevant studies, @DTWillingham reports that paper beats #ereaders for now, but he thinks this will change http://ow.ly/IzhV309rCPz 

Interesting musings from @op_booklover on Shifting #Reading Genres: Less YA, More Adult Fiction | See comments https://t.co/QYUCdjJhec

On beloved childhood #kidlit characters who have not (so far) been appropriated into other formats http://ow.ly/pagA309q1t3  @FuseEight 


ResetChildsBrainThis is a really good post from @momandkiddo | 4 Easy Ways to Limit #ScreenTime : Practical Ideas that Work https://t.co/B6IITcyxCq

#Parenting: How Big is Your Worry? @NotJustCute shares tips for Helping Anxious Kids Find Calm https://t.co/BklLtws0nS

Schools and Libraries

On "conflict between the free-speech ideals of academic debate + a creeping self-censorship in the #classroom @WSJ https://t.co/UGY5IBiugf

10 Neuro Nuggets for Educators (e.g. "numb buns = lame brains") @adamsteaching @BAMRadioNetwork https://t.co/JRGMakyMpm 


How and why the lovable, mistake-prone Grover was selected to teach children about #STEM http://ow.ly/x99E309rMCE  @TheAtlantic @sesamestreet

From Dream to STEAM: Guided #STEAM Learning (for kids 3-5) Through #Play @VealHeidi @BAMRadioNetwork https://t.co/JBubqXWIY4

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: February 17: The #Cybils Awards, #WRAD17, Schools and #Play

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. A highlight this week is the fact that the Cybils Award winners were announced on Tuesday (Valentine's Day). Other topics this week include #BookGivingDay, #BookLists, #math, book selection, bullying, charter schools, friendship, growing bookworms, libraries, play, reading, schools, screentime, student volunteers, Valentine's Day, World Read Aloud Day, writing. 

Book Lists

WormLovesWormFor Valentine's Day: 10 Great #PictureBooks about Love – #BookList from @tashrow https://t.co/uWEepbw4hv

28 Black #PictureBooks That Aren’t About Boycotts, Buses or Basketball | Scott Woods  http://ow.ly/vWod3092nj8  #BookList #DiverseBooks

A curated #BookList from The Classroom Bookshelf to align with @litworldsays 7 strengths (curiosity etc) for #WRAD17 http://ow.ly/8imL3094tS5 


Cybils-Logo-2016-Round-SmThe 2016 #cybils winners are LIVE http://tinyurl.com/zb55bra  #kidlit #ya #poetry #graphicnovels #nonfiction + more.  Thanks to all our judges!

5 Multicultural #Cybils Chapter Book Nominees, highlights from R1 judge Claire Noland  #DiverseBooks #kidlit http://ow.ly/IcB8308YgzW 

#Cybils Announcements Coming Tomorrow | judge @gail_gauthier runs down #YA speculative fiction finalists #kidlit http://ow.ly/j2oX308YfhD 

Happy 11th Blogiversary to @MsYingling, long-time #cybils category chair for middle grade fiction  http://ow.ly/fmH73094uI6 


Multicultural Statistics for 3400 books received by @CCBCwisc in 2016 http://ow.ly/6bnF3092Vge  #DiverseBooks #kidlit #YA

Events + Programs

WRAD1712 Apps & Websites for World Read Aloud Day (or any day!)  #WRAD17 @litworldsays  @classtechtips  http://ow.ly/7An0308Yhho  #ReadAloud

Building a World of Empathy Through the Simple Yet Profound Act of #ReadingAloud @pamallyn @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/gvG33092VGy  #WRAD17

Celebrate World Read Aloud Day #WRAD17 on 2/16 w/ these free online + offline resources @Scholastic http://ow.ly/L2zN3092moN 

BookGivingDayBlogBadgeIn addition to #ValentinesDay + #Cybils Day today is International #BookGivingDay 2017  @bookgivingday | Give books! http://ow.ly/9Lbr3090lHQ 

Valentines for Walking Books: A Student Volunteer Success Story from @abbylibrarian that brightened my day http://ow.ly/GEyl3090mv7 

Growing Bookworms

On Kids Who Delight in Characters Behaving Badly by @kirleclerc @nerdybookclub http://ow.ly/rGCB308Yh4A  #JunieBJones + more

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Willems_elephants_cant_danceLife lessons in “best friend” easy readers @teddyballgame83 @HornBook  http://ow.ly/Wa0m308TLhb  #kidlit @The_Pigeon #FrogAndToad

When They Still Just Hate to Write… | Some tips for how parents + teachers can support #writing @pernilleripp https://t.co/YUS7EAD6Th

Comical Information | Jennifer Wharton discusses + recommends #nonfiction #GraphicNovels @sljournal https://t.co/axqj1wHZrt

So Many Books, So Little Time: Tips for #Reading Strategically | @donalynbooks @nerdybookclub  http://ow.ly/Ojh4308YfHP  | Abandon books +more

A Good Scare: How Horror Books Can Help Kids Conquer Their Fears | @CurtisJobling @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/EYRJ3095grb  #kidlit

Schools and Libraries

CreativeBlockPlayReviews of three new books for #educators on the Importance of #Play @sljournal  http://ow.ly/YKi23090tyn 

Are teachers harming kids by assigning #screentime in class + #homework asks @Screensandkids @BAMRadioNetwork https://t.co/5gv5gqy81Q

How Access to Nature During The #School Year Can Help Students Thrive | Leah Shaffer @MindShiftKQED http://ow.ly/7VOT308XDX3  #Play

Not surprising, but worth reading: School bullying linked to poorer academic achievement @DailyGenius @drdouggreen https://t.co/rqZs8Ii4Xw

Hidden Digital Spaces (like @Twitter chats) Where Innovation in #Education is Brewing http://ow.ly/8oP6308TptQ  @MIND_Research #Collaboration

Buh-bye Barriers - A call from @lochwouters Stop #Library Fines + improve access http://ow.ly/DisS308ToZk [See also this followup: http://ow.ly/hx8P3090DA9]

Parent shares why she (and others she knows) chose #CharterSchool for her daughter @anaperiodista @HuffingtonPost https://t.co/0Jz6vO6gJj

In the age of robots, our #schools are teaching children to be redundant| @GeorgeMonbiot @guardian on other ways https://t.co/nIJlVdwqxu


Examples of (and motivation for) using #Math Talk with Preschoolers @easycda @BAMRadioNetwork  http://ow.ly/yQRd3092m59  #STEM #ECE

In Call for Early #STEM Learning, #Libraries Cited as Potential ‘Charging Stations’ | Lisa Jacobson @sljournal https://t.co/V3lFp17ee4

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: January 20: #STEM Books, #28DaysLater + Reading Aloud

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #GrowingBookworms, #GrowthMindset, #ReadingAloud, #STEM, Black History Month, Book Giving Day, boys and learning, Lego, libraries, Multicultural Children's Book Day, Picture Books, play, reading, schools, SLJ Battle of the Books, and teaching.

Book Lists

AdaTwistThe 40 Best Multicultural #PictureBooks of 2016 according to @coloursofus  http://ow.ly/q8Uh307Z61V  via @tashrow #DiverseBooks #BookList

CCBC Choices 2017: The Final List of 246 favorite books for kids from @CCBCwisc http://ow.ly/cVMF3088jKm  #kidlit #BookList

The first educator-vetted list of Best #STEM Books for kids for 2017, published @CBCBook http://ow.ly/AdbY30886Pv 

12 Can't-Put-Down 12 Books for 12 Year Olds, a @momandkiddo #BookList http://ow.ly/WIf53083Sj1  @KateMilford @AdamGidwitz + more

Books to Get Your Students Outside and Immersed in Nature, #BookList by @thereadingzone @nerdybookclub https://t.co/yKeZ2NzH6D


“Yes. . .I Have Those Kind of Books.” by @PaulWHankins @nerdybookclub   #LGBTQPIA #BookList #DiverseBooks https://t.co/637oC4umop

Events + Programs

28dayslogoWe Are Here: Announcing Honorees for the 2017 @brownbookshelf #28DaysLater #BlackHistoryMonth #kidlit celebration https://t.co/OXC8H9wCuC

#ReadYourWorld: Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2017 Events and Free Stuff | @RobertaGibson rounds up the details https://t.co/yyy9MW4CAy

The 2017 Contenders for @sljournal Battle of the Kids Books @SLJsBoB have been announced http://ow.ly/Ukhh3088iP3  via @medinger #kidlit

Dallas Public #Library hopes 'bookbike' is just the first of fleet to soft-pedal #literacy @Calebjdowns via @tashrow https://t.co/bWsNBfbYR1

Growing Bookworms

Followup from @TonySinanis 's son on things he likes about #reading + things #teachers do that help (+ that don't) http://ow.ly/38A33083QEM 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

5 Great Places to Donate Your Old Books |Laura Lambert @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/KEU4307ZcjD  #reading

Parenting + Play

WinnieMeetsQueenNew Pooh author Jane Riordan says boredom is good for kids + parents overorganize | @MailOnline via @iamfree2think https://t.co/C8Yekkp4tG

Powerful words to say instead of “good job!” – @Teach_Preschool responds to @raepica1 @BAMRadioNetwork  http://ow.ly/gjFl3083Tst 

Want to Raise Successful Boys? Science Says Do This (But Their Schools Probably Won't) @BillMurphyJr  http://ow.ly/4Bha3083ThJ  via @sxwiley

World's first professor of #play (funded by @LEGO_Group) apply now for the most coveted job in #education @guardian https://t.co/tqmDgEyIX8

Schools and Libraries

RedCrayon#PictureBook Believing: Sharing Picture Books with Intermediate Students by @CarrieGelson @nerdybookclub https://t.co/4B6z6MSCqt

Our Adopt-A-Shelf Program: The Deets | @ShawnaCoppola  http://ow.ly/ysvs3083T9G  #libraries #RaisingReaders

5 Tenets of Student Choice to strive for in the classroom from @pernilleripp  http://ow.ly/gu4o3083RKu  #teaching

#GrowthMindset: practical tips you may not have tried yet | @Inner_Drive @GuardianTeach  http://ow.ly/GoSH3083Q5H  @drdouggreen #teaching

What Will it Take for Schools to Get Serious About “Healthy #Homework ” Levels?  @EmergingEdTech via @drdouggreen  http://ow.ly/4HZL308a5hA 


How and Why to Teach Children to Think Like #Scientists (w/ Free Printable science journal) from @mamasmiles http://ow.ly/AmBI3083Rml  #STEM

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: January 13: #Diverse #BookLists, #BookGivingDay, and #Education

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this relatively light week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #STEM, Accelerated Reader, book-rich environments, educational disabilities, growing bookworms, International Book Giving Day, libraries, Jennifer L. Holm, Scott O'Dell Award, Marianne Dubuc, math, reading assessment, schools, Sydney Taylor Book Awards, teaching, and higher education. 


InquisitorsTaleThe 2017 Sydney Taylor Book Awards have been announced — @HornBook @JewishLibraries  http://ow.ly/d4dw307UwYx  #kidlit

So happy for @jenniholm for winning the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction | FULL OF BEANS  @randomhousekids http://ow.ly/ebG8307WIvj 

Book Lists

Mom @fuseeight evaluates + scores the 2017 construction-themed #PictureBooks to date http://ow.ly/dKeV307PpvR  #BookList

Less common chapter books for 7-year-olds to devour, a @momandkiddo #BookList http://ow.ly/TAV7307PpR0  @sarapennypacker @juanamedina + more

MuseumOfMysteriesThe #Diversity List: Picture, Easy, and Early Chapter Books of 2016 — @fuseeight   #BookList #DiverseBooks http://ow.ly/1otJ307Uyr9 

Events + Programs

Marianne Dubuc Designs Official Poster for International Book Giving Day 2017, reports @TarieS  http://ow.ly/6FVs307UwyS  @bookgivingday

Libraries Join National Initiative To Transform Public Housing into Book-Rich Environments @sljournal  http://ow.ly/YIUJ307UuU2  @nationalbook

Growing Bookworms

"Assessment that results in a student not wanting to read more...causes more problems than benefits" @ReadByExample https://t.co/RC9HcfqV4X 

Introducing Daliyah, the 4-year-old girl who has read > 1,000 books, visited the @LibnOfCongress  http://ow.ly/H0Rk307WMvr  @washingtonpost

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

HouseWithAClockTop 10 Homes in Middle-Grade Fiction according to @KeirGraff @nerdybookclub  http://ow.ly/itTS307Ppi0  #kidlit 

A genius idea from @momsradius | #Reading Parties where you read (separately) in bed with your kids http://ow.ly/9Wno307WKoB 

Rumors of the Demise of #Books Greatly Exaggerated @GallupNews   http://ow.ly/XVbR307WN3i  | 35% read 11 or more books in past year

Some ideas for #Audiobook bedtime stories…for grownups from @lyraelle  @HornBook  http://ow.ly/N8se307Xi4W  

Schools and Libraries

Sad! #Librarians Go Rogue In Devious Attempt To Save Books From Getting Tossed http://ow.ly/BZOm307WJsT  @HuffingtonPost via @100scopenotes

MathematicalMindsetsAre We Killing Students' Love of #Math? asks @alicekeeler | How can we get kids more engaged? http://ow.ly/nVso307UzN3  @joboaler #STEM

Tips for Parents & Teachers as Children Start School from @TrevorHCairney  http://ow.ly/TWOo307Uwor  | Look like good advice here

Supreme Court to decide: What level of #education do public schools legally owe to students w/ #disabilities? https://t.co/Fr5bLabeHW

Interesting discussion on Leftward Tilt of #Education Scholarship @educationweek http://ow.ly/LQQq307UBgY  | I esp. liked @CSattinBajaj piece

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: January 6: The #Cybils Finalists, #ScreenTime + Book Controversies

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage (plus a couple of links from last week, when I did not post very much and did not do a roundup). Topics this week include: #arts, #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #GrowthMindset, #math, #RaisingReaders, easy readers, growing bookworms, reading, screentime, teaching, the Cybils Awards, and The Snowy Day.

Awards + Book Lists

Cybils-Logo-2016-Round-SmThe 2016 #cybils finalists are here!! http://ow.ly/TJST307AP21  | Check out these well-written and kid-friendly titles, by category

#Cybils blog: 2016 Finalists: What’s Being Said | Some of our favorite reactions from authors, publishers, etc. http://ow.ly/97z2307J9jS 

31 Days, 31 Lists: Day 31 – The Best #PictureBooks of 2016 — @FuseEight  w/ links to another 30 #BookLists  #kidlit http://ow.ly/Is0D307CRRw 

A Final Review Round-Up of Books for Beginning Readers from @mrskatiefitz  http://ow.ly/hUCS307CRtT  #EasyReaders #ChapterBooks #kidlit 


AFineDessertThe PC Police Crack Down on . . . Kids Books | Meghan Cox Gurdon @WSJ calls for creative space for #DiverseBooks https://t.co/KC1ucqNL4F 

A Renaissance of Children’s Literature re: quality + recognition of #DiverseBooks says @literacious  #kidlit https://t.co/cBbPVTFJmK

‘We need diverse books,’ they said. And now a group’s dream is coming to fruition. #DiverseBooks @washingtonpost http://ow.ly/bVRU307JD1q 

E-Books + Screens

Science Says You Should Still Keep #Reading Print Books Over #e-Books | @good via @drdouggreen https://t.co/0wTQH5BsEq

KindleFireToddlers + Touchscreens: What Does the Research Actually Say? @MarnieKaplan @bellwethered @LarryCuban @drdouggreen https://t.co/dvzLR1PRZX

Growing Bookworms

Easy Ways to Get Your Kids (by age range) to #Read More This Year @ImaginationSoup @ReadBrightly   | Under-schedule! http://ow.ly/N0mg307H68a 

ReimagingLiteracyThree Keys to Creating Successful #Reading Experiences for less than avid readers from @pernilleripp  http://ow.ly/6ABt307H128  | Patience!

5 Reasons to Try #Audiobooks with Kids from @growingbbb  http://ow.ly/vqVe307IRAm  | e.g. #5 Adds more #ReadAloud time into your child's day

Growth Mindset

Pokemon Go Helps #Teachers Develop a #GrowthMindset | a reminder to try learning from kids by @mssackstein https://t.co/5m1Tl5KSXq


Morning Notes: #kidlit news from @100scopenotes | I WANT the #SnowyDay stamps coming soon http://ow.ly/5cTE307H4Vo 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

LittleHouseBigWoodsWhat #kidlit will survive 100 years from now? David Thorpe reflects on #LittleHouse + #GreenGables http://ow.ly/6bHJ307H4BR  @AwfullyBigBlog

I can heartily agree with some of @mrskatiefitz 's 2016 #Kidlit #Reading Pet Peeves http://ow.ly/A25f307s3R0  - esp. "prescriptive + preachy"

ParentingUnplugged Ideas to Keep Kids Busy (+ connect with them) While You Cook Dinner from @momandkiddo  http://ow.ly/NSkh307H4pd  #parenting

Schools and Libraries

Four concepts to help #teachers in Moving from a Classroom of Kids to a Community of #Learners | @bethhill2829 https://t.co/h3artQvBvS


The #arts help kids with #math, critical thinking + fine motor |Cory Rosenberg @MotherNatureNet  http://ow.ly/pKJP307CS3M  via @drdouggreen

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