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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: November 23: #GiftGuides, Schools, and Thanksgiving-themed #BookLists

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists (many, with Thanksgiving and kindness-related themes), #DiverseBooks, #KidLitCon, #PictureBooks, book awards, book talks, boys and reading, easy readers, gift guides, librarians, screen time, and teaching. I'm posting this a bit early because of the holiday. Wishing you all a joyful Thanksgiving and a peaceful start to the holiday season. 


Voting Is Open in The Undies Case Cover Awards! from @100scopenotes + @CarterHiggins  http://ow.ly/UI3W306qA0m  #kidlit #PictureBooks

Book Lists

LastStopMarketStreetNew #BookList from @momandkiddo | Children' Books about Kindness http://ow.ly/fe86306orDM  #kidlit #PictureBooks

Helping Kids Prepare for Change: #PictureBook Suggestions and Questions from @BookChook  http://ow.ly/pCRz306qE1z  #BookList

Guard Your Children's Hearts With #DiverseBooks urges @housefullbkwrms http://ow.ly/Riyh306qBET  #BookList #PictureBooks #Kidlit

10 Great #PictureBooks on Thankfulness – #BookList from @tashrow  http://ow.ly/x4eV306qBTJ  #Thanksgiving

Thanks & Giving: A Children’s Booklist for Thanksgiving : @rebeccazdunn  http://ow.ly/55tJ306oroA  #kidlit #PictureBooks

LongWalkToWaterFor Thanksgiving: A #BookList of Refugee + Immigrant Books for preschool to middle grade @semicolonblog  http://ow.ly/fIl7306m1Mm  #kidlit

Beware of Exploding (Numbers of) Nutcrackers, in #PictureBook form, warns @FuseEight  http://ow.ly/hBYu306ooq4  #BookList

Top 10 #PictureBooks that Play with Perception and Perspective, #BookList by @chickadeelit @nerdybookclub https://t.co/HVNtrIBnBt

#EasyReaders Kids will WANT to Read - #BookList from @thisreadingmama  http://ow.ly/Llc7306qCQ2  #kidlit 

Gift Guides

I added some of these to Child's wishlist: Best Single Player Logic Games for Kids, list from @momandkiddo https://t.co/PYrZZ1uFPK

Middle Grade Holiday Book Gift Guide, categorized by interests of kids, from @brandymuses   http://ow.ly/iwB3306orPC 

#YA Holiday #BookList #GiftGuide from @brandymuses | friend groups, romance, families, + more http://ow.ly/MNQ3306qALM  

Growing Bookworms


Advice from 7th graders about what makes a good #BookTalk, gathered by @katsok  http://ow.ly/JZbM306k966  #reading

Here's a fun idea from @growingbbb | Repurpose Old Games and Toys Into #Literacy Activities https://t.co/wZf5JsdZjl

Good article by C.J. Quinn on BoysRead blog about helping boys build self-esteem via #reading http://ow.ly/LiOm306m1CV  #RaisingReaders

Raising Boy Readers — "read to your boy for his whole life!" + read him what he wants to hear http://ow.ly/lrhM306sZAt  @libraryin @HornBook

Growth Mindset

#GrowthMindset: Clearing up Some Common Confusions | @ebriceno8  @MindShiftKQED  http://ow.ly/x1cW306m1gz  via @drdouggreen #teaching

Building A Tinkering Mindset In Young Students Through Making | @MindShiftKQED   http://ow.ly/HONm306kaC8  #GrowthMindset


KidLitCon2016LogoSquareFor those who missed #KidLitCon 2016, check out @SheilaRuth 's detailed recap w/ photos, tweets + topic lists https://t.co/hvkqpzMg6d


Is #ScreenTime Dangerous for Children? @AlisonGopnik thinks fears are overblown https://t.co/lmg06g69oC

Schools and Libraries

Tips for Imaginative #Educators: Let them Obsess - Collections + hobbies for #learning http://ow.ly/Axqf306qDw3  @perfinker @BAMRadioNetwork

Teachers: How to build a better relationship with parents: text them http://ow.ly/4Xc6306qBc3  @jessica_lander @tes @tesusa via @drdouggreen

Teacher-Parent Communication Needs to Improve, Studies Say | @kate_stoltzfus  @EdWeekTeacher  http://ow.ly/V0TD306kau2  #Schools

Further evidence of need for #librarians | Most Students Don’t Know When News Is Fake, Stanford Study Finds @WSJ https://t.co/u01SLVC9SK

"One of the largest disparities ... is access to books at home" New @Scholastic  Study Looks at Equity in #Education http://ow.ly/iTM1306jL7q  

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: November 18: #Thanksgiving Books, Gift Guides + #Learning via #Play

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #GrowthMindset, #LittleFreeLibraries, #PictureBooks, #Thanksgiving, Andrea Beaty, audiobook, empathy, fiction, gift recommendations, growing bookworms, nonfiction, play, and reading.

Book Lists

Announcing the Ultimate End of the Year List Sequence: 31 Days, 31 Lists — Coming in December @fuseeight http://ow.ly/93bi306cuIP  #BookLists

ThanksForThanksgiving8 Great #Thanksgiving #PictureBooks recommended by @momsradius  http://ow.ly/T0l1306cv2k  #BookList

This #BookList from @tashrow spoke to me today: 10 Great #PictureBooks on Quietness https://t.co/69E6bcPgv9

Erica @momandkiddo  always has good taste. Check out her: Favorite #PictureBooks of 2016: Part 4 http://ow.ly/jqu93069Zi0  #BookList

Top Ten #PictureBooks That Encourage Us To Get Outside And Explore by @BooyTweets @nerdybookclub https://t.co/u6BjpCr46d

JosephineCelebrating women and their work, a positive #PictureBook #BookList from @MrsBrownsBooks   http://ow.ly/rwKl3065FkG 

Picture Books about....Books and #Reading, a @RandomlyReading #BookList http://ow.ly/eqAe306hzOR 

Our Top 10 Bedtime #ReadAloud (Chapter) Books (5 each for older/younger readers) by @HKregel @nerdybookclub https://t.co/cqreab13LG


When Publishing and Reviewing #DiverseBooks, Is Expertise Overrated? | @LEEandLOW @sljournal  http://ow.ly/t9Mb3065teT  #kidlit

Gift Guides

TryThisGiving the Gift of #Nonfiction | Nonfiction Notions | Suggestions from the #Cybils own Jennifer Wharton @sljournal  http://ow.ly/U6fg306f9ms 

Gift Guide for Young Coders and Engineers from @momandkiddo w/ emphasis on using real-life objects http://ow.ly/ndHr3065Gin  #STEM #coding

Lots of good #kidlit choices for different age ranges in the 2016 Holiday Recommendations Post from @everead  http://ow.ly/qOUN30673iS 

Gifts for Kids that Encourage #Reading (Especially Reluctant Readers) from @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/S4bO306f86y  #Bookmarks #games #magazines 

Resources for organizing a Family #Literacy Night, plus literacy-themed holiday gift ideas from @LauraBarrEd https://t.co/s4pfBwdOjH

Growth Mindset + Creative Problem-Solving

AwesomeLegoCreationsThe Best Types of Toys for Teaching Creative Problem Solving Through #Play | Great ideas here from @mamasmiles https://t.co/uJog2jvYKY

What Makes Struggle Productive? How do you frame struggle in #learning to help kids grow http://ow.ly/jlqY306f7fb  #GrowthMindset @mssackstein

5 Questions to help determine if your #school is aligned with a #GrowthMindset http://ow.ly/R6lw30673tr  @Bcudly @drdouggreen


AdaTwistThe #kidlitosphere's own @andreabeaty is in @WSJ | Children’s Book Author Andrea Beaty’s Favorite Gadgets https://t.co/c85y5HrexQ

Lots of #kidlit links in yesterday's Fusenews: But you tell me over and over and over again my friend — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/yHum3065BWI 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Reading with Your Ears: #Audiobook recommendations + request for suggestions from @donalynbooks @nerdybookclub https://t.co/t1nhBCzVba

Marketing a blog via #LittleFreeLibraries | @op_booklover is sticking labels inside + donating her review books https://t.co/Zah2oAsydC

Empathy by the Book: How Fiction Affects Behavior | literary #fiction has most effect on empathy http://ow.ly/CqXr30673E2  @WSJ 

25 Ways to Make #Writing More Fun for Kids from @thisreadingmama  http://ow.ly/BG5V306hzgZ 

Schools and Libraries

Lovely post on the necessity and joy of Classroom #Libraries by @katsok @Scholastic  http://ow.ly/3Lxe3065H5g  via @MrSchuReads

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: November 11: #PictureBooks, #Diversity, #GrowthMindset + #EdTech

TwitterLinks Here are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #EdTech, #GrowthMindset, #PictureBookMonth, books for boys, ESL, growing bookworms, homework, imagination, literacy, play, reading, and self-reliance.

Book Lists

Gallery: The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2016 — @100scopenotes  http://ow.ly/djyC305RBx  #PictureBooks #kidlit

NotAPictureBookThe Year’s Best #PictureBooks for Kids Who Love Books | A #BookList from @Kateywrites https://t.co/XwIGrfmpTd

Great #PictureBooks to Teach Plot | A #BookList from @pernilleripp https://t.co/cEbaWxZBls

10 Best #PictureBooks on Kindness – #BookList from @tashrow https://t.co/He2w8aAale

Favorite Books for 5 Year-Olds | A @growingbbb #BookList  #PictureBooks https://t.co/a7WzcwzwnT

10 Early Chapter Books for Boys | @denabooks @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/N2SV305ZaWT  #BookList #kidlit

Top Ten Books to Give to Adolescent Boys Who Say They “Hate" #Reading by @oonziela @nerdybookclub http://ow.ly/m3Y2305X4yM  #kidlit


Children's Books About #Diversity and #Multiculturalism, a @momandkiddo #BookList http://ow.ly/MlLd305X5w3  #DiverseBooks #Parenting 

Events + Programs

PirasaursToday's "Why #PictureBooks Are Important" post for #PictureBookMonth features my twitter friend @joshfunkbooks http://ow.ly/nfNW305YWIB 

Growing Bookworms

Correcting #Reading Mistakes (or not, depending on the type) by @thisreadingmama   http://ow.ly/m3gE305RBUt  #literacy

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Here’s my secret weapon: I read, says @Jonwestenberg  http://ow.ly/piSR305RBdP  via @tashrow

Parenting, Self-Reliance, and  Growth Mindset

MindsetForget the #GrowthMindset (for a Moment): Time to Unravel the Fixed Mindset - @stefanieffrank @BAMRadioNetwork https://t.co/gCqdvvbjFc

Actions for Raising Literate, Informed, Engaged, Participatory Citizens (a starter list) from @donalynbooks https://t.co/LIMV6VV4EG

What Happens When We Shield Kids from Boredom | Do we stifle imagination? @MindfulOnline via @drdouggreen https://t.co/kUG8t2IErl

"attempting to impose adult best-laid plans on every minute of children's lives is both evil and foolish" @palan57 https://t.co/JAbxpG3B3D  #Play

Schools and Libraries

HackingHomeworkHelping Parents Support Students with #Homework at the Kitchen Table by @mssackstein  http://ow.ly/ksbg305X4VS  #GrowthMindset

Notes on the Examination of #EmergingTechnologies for Their Potential Impact on #Schools « @drdouggreen  http://ow.ly/yOiO305YYHv  #EdTech

Food for thought from @sxwiley on Wielding Our Power Carefully in how we interact with young kids re: #JoyOfLearning http://ow.ly/nDSy305YZUL 

An Increasing Number of Kids Need to Learn ESL. Here's an idea: Let Them learn English through #Play http://ow.ly/3FD03060Vyz  @jp_de_pedro

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: November 4: Boys and Reading, #GrowthMindset + #PictureBookMonth

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #GrowthMindset, book clubs, boys and reading, early readers, gifted education, parenting, Picture Book Month, Picture Books, and screen time.

Book Lists

6 Slick Presidential Election #PictureBooks | A #BookList from @momsradius  http://ow.ly/x10w305KuQI  | I would add BUDDY FOR PRESIDENT

BlizzardTop Ten Books To Celebrate Snow by @lauragmullen @nerdybookclub  http://ow.ly/N6mH305F634  #BookList #PictureBooks

Not to be Missed Rhyming Books for Preschoolers http://ow.ly/9ATT305PhiC  | A @growingbbb #BookList of #PictureBooks

Perfect for today. A #BookList of #CUBS -themed #PictureBooks from  @fuseeight http://ow.ly/XL8e305Phya 

Diversity + Gender

How to get your boy #reading | Male bookworm role models + designated time http://ow.ly/hQbd305KwM4  @SusanElkinJourn @GdnChildrensBks 

Events + Programs

Kicking off #PictureBookMonth w/ "Why #PictureBooks Are Important" by @carmenoliver  http://ow.ly/7dIy305KsA9  | Opening possibilities

Read about how @susankusel offers Book or Treat! for #Halloween  http://ow.ly/b6BL305IwqN  @HornBook #RaisingReaders

Growing Bookworms

RaisingKidsWhoReadHow to Help Students Develop a Love of #Reading | @HKorbey @MindShiftKQED   | w/ advice from @DTWillingham

How Mother-Daughter Book Clubs Can Help Girls Find Their Voice | @maupinschmid  @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/gjzi305NcRO  #literacy

#Review Round-Up: Books for Beginning Readers (#ChapterBooks #EasyReaders), October 2016 from @mrskatiefitz http://ow.ly/ixbu305IvCS 

Much truth here: The Tough But Important Task of Raising Free-Range Readers @olugbemisola @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/txzG305PccI  #ReadWidely

Growth Mindset

How #ArtsEducation Teaches Kids to Learn From Failure @MindShiftKQED  http://ow.ly/86jR305Kxao  #GrowthMindset

MindsetLetting Children Always Win Is a Losing Strategy says recent research @AmherstCollege http://ow.ly/BO3F305Ncj8  @annlukits @WSJ #GrowthMindset

Nudges (including #GrowthMindset ) That Help Struggling Students Succeed by @DavidKirp @nytimes http://ow.ly/B6EX305Ivlo  #learning

Why #GrowthMindset Isn’t Working in Schools…Yet | @rupa_c_g @EdSurge  http://ow.ly/bHIm305FZyR  via @drdouggreen #Teachers need strategies

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

CuriousGeorgeMedalChaos Unleashed: What #PictureBooks Tell Us When They Go Completely Bonkers — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/UVd3305NaPb 

Parenting / Screen Time

Impact of #Devices on Children's Sleep A 'Major Concern' for Researchers @BenjaminBHerold @EdWeekEdTech http://ow.ly/SNph305Kxqz 

Why Parents Aren’t Always the Best Role Models for Their Kids + how fiction can help @AdamMGrant @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/1QWy305Pfsp 

Schools and Libraries

When They're Not Beside Us | @CathyMere asks: How do we set students up for #learning when they are on their own? http://ow.ly/60Wb305PgOT 

This is Us ... Too: The Need for #Gifted #Education | guest post by @AngelaAbend  http://ow.ly/4fzi305Ktin  @educationweek #GrowthMindset

This is an encouraging story: Growing number of elementary schools now #homework-free http://ow.ly/dp7R305IvWs  @CBSNews via @drdouggreen

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 21: #KidLitCon16, @BallouLibrary + #ReadingAloud

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #BookLists, Ballou High School, book donation, growing bookworms, grades, KidLitCon, libraries, mysteries, picture books, reading aloud, school, the Cybils Awards, women illustrators, and writing.

Book Lists

FindingWinnieWomen Make #PictureBooks Too (2016 edition), #BookList + call for suggestions from @LaurelSnyder  http://ow.ly/lbn6305caDe 

New Children's Books for Preschoolers from @growingbbb  http://ow.ly/li9z305gFOc  #PictureBooks to Elephant & Piggie #BookList

Top Ten Books to #ReadAloud During Story Time by Shannon Hawkins | @nerdybookclub http://ow.ly/7EA4305dsZC  #BookList

Detectives unite!: Celebrating National #Mystery Series Week | #BookList from @Scholastic  http://ow.ly/jrh9305cajP  via @tashrow


CharlesDarwinAroundTheWorldFrom category organizer Jennifer Wharton: #Cybils Elementary and Juvenile #Nonfiction Nominations Round-Up http://ow.ly/OtZE305e91e 

#Cybils #BoardBook Nominations Round-Up from Jennifer Wharton  | Check out this new category! #kidlit http://ow.ly/ENYT305gEoA 

#Cybils Fiction #PictureBook Nominations Round-Up from Jennifer Wharton http://ow.ly/epzl305gEzZ  | So many great titles #kidlit

On the #Cybils blog: Now accepting submissions from #kidlit + #YA publishers, authors, and publicists http://ow.ly/S2UM305iY4U 

Events + Programs

The 2016 #BookFair for @BallouLibrary  is ON!!! Donate #YA titles via @amazon wish list http://ow.ly/YZk8305c9oB  @chasingray #HighSchool

Growing Bookworms

FullOfBeansFull of Beans: Building students' knowledge of a story's setting, helping show movie in our minds @MaryAnnScheuer http://ow.ly/hA0v305gFl6 

8 ways to engage kids when #reading #PictureBooks @Donna_Erickson via @tashrow https://t.co/AifmAts7J6

Eight ways writing 'teaches' reading to under 5 year olds from @TrevorHCairney  http://ow.ly/Ciqa305dsFb  #literacy #GrowingBookworms

Img_1003Thoughts + photos from #KidlitCon 2016 from this year's host @book_nut   #KidLitCon16 https://t.co/XscPlXK64R (shown w/ co-organizers)

Postcard (highlights) from #Kidlitcon 2016 from organizing team member @aquafortis  #kidlitcon16 http://ow.ly/WwXD305h6Ql  


PlayborhoodI like it! The Anti-Helicopter Parent’s Plea: Let Kids #Play! by Melanie Thernstrom in @nytimes  http://ow.ly/HtVw305lkpu  @playborhood

Schools and Libraries

For school + public #librarians | The 2017 Maureen Hayes Author/Illustrator Award — @FuseEight  http://ow.ly/cW9Q305iWml  @alscblog @SimonKIDS

The Emotional Weight of Being Graded in #School, for Better or Worse | @LindaFlanagan2 @MindShiftKQED  http://ow.ly/5JSB305c8LH  @mssackstein

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 14: Halloween Books, #Cybils Suggestions + #Reading

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this relatively light week include #STEM, audiobooks, e-books, Elephant & Piggie, Graphic Novels, kidlitosphere, learning, Picture Books, reading, and the Cybils Awards.

Book Lists

IAmWitchsCat8 Great #Halloween #PictureBooks, a @momsradius #BookList http://ow.ly/U8p43059RM8  #kidlit

Fantastic #GraphicNovels for Kids (3-5th Grade—and up!), a @momandkiddo #BookList https://t.co/hU3XCadCYE

Latina girl power! Chapter books with Latina characters (ages 6-9), #BookList from @MaryAnnScheuer  http://ow.ly/ptgn3055sGK 


AgentOfGlassNominate for #Cybils! Some Speculative Fiction Suggestions from @MsYingling  http://ow.ly/EIYD3055tSp  #kidlit

New post on the #Cybils blog: Nominations Notes and organizer / panelist Wish Lists!  #kidlit #YA http://ow.ly/wlOB3055r0j 

#Cybils 2016, Middle Grade Speculative Fiction category description + suggested titles from @semicolonblog  http://ow.ly/rjAU3055wyK  #kidlit

Need some #Cybils nomination ideas for the #poetry category? @JoneMac53 has a list  | Nominations close 10/15 https://t.co/WimXOCtxat

#Cybils #YA Fiction Nominee Suggestions from @melissawiley http://ow.ly/6vt9305acKn 

TerrorAtBottleCreek#WNDB Wednesday - some suggested middle grade fiction titles for #Cybils nominations from @MsYingling  http://ow.ly/LmO43057RjJ 

#Cybils #Poetry Nomination Ideas from @MsYingling   | Remember, nominations close SATURDAY http://ow.ly/STu43057Rv4 

Nomination suggestions for various categories for #Cybils from @semicolonblog http://ow.ly/ql2F3059R2i  #kidlit #BoardBooks #Nonfiction #YA

New #Cybils blog post: Two days! Nominations Close on Oct 15th | Nominate your fave titles in #kidlit #poetry etc http://ow.ly/cAAu3059RWX 


Pondering why overweight children are not represented in children's books, @AwfullyBigBlog  http://ow.ly/ijO93055rC8  #kidit

Growing Bookworms

PippiSurviving (and even looking forward to) Road Trips thanks to #Audiobooks@snelsonbooks @HornBook  http://ow.ly/qXnb3057RCe 

Barbershop Cuts Prices For Kids Who #ReadAloud During Appointment | books feature African-Americans http://ow.ly/PL8R305acfo  @elysewanshel


Various Kidlitosphere tidbits in Fusenews: Giant Brick Party — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/vsbh304Y4Xw  #kidlit

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Print or Digital, It's #Reading That Matters, new surveys raise questions about book-reading http://ow.ly/ECoG304Y71k  @PublishersWkly via @tashrow

Mo Willems’ best-selling book series comes to life in Elephant & Piggie’s We Are in a Play! http://ow.ly/79HG304Y6MV  @insightnews @The_Pigeon

NotAPictureBookThis Is What Happens When You Read Too Many #PictureBooks@fuseeight shares some trends she's observed http://ow.ly/a1AC3055sa7  #kidlit

Discussion topic introduced by @op_booklover | Do you envision the location as you read? http://ow.ly/1A4u3059RrL  #reading

The Real Reason Why Kids Love #Mystery Books So Much (success from being smarter) http://ow.ly/tF5q305acyu  | @AuthorStuGibbs @ReadBrightly

Schools and Libraries

Why Isn’t Science Class More Like #Learning to Play Baseball? | @AlisonGopnik @MindShiftKQED http://ow.ly/HyZ93057Mly  #STEM #Apprenticeships

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 7: Hamsters, Halloween + #Cybils Nominations

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. There are quite a few links, because I was traveling late last week, and this post covers ~10 days, including an active time for the Cybils Awards. Topics this week include: #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #HispanicHeritageMonth, #ReadAloud, censorship, chapter books, class size, easy readers, Halloween, libraries, play, reviewing, schools, the Cybils Awards, and toys.


A Report on The Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards & The Scott O’Dell Award Ceremony from @FuseEight http://ow.ly/v4UG304OQgQ  @HornBook #kidlit

ANNOUNCED: The 2016 #NationalBookAward Finalists for Young People’s Literature @100scopenotes http://ow.ly/bsOq304VB6W  #kidlit @nationalbook

Book Lists

SickDayforAmosTen Quiet #PictureBooks That Speak Volumes by Jackie Leathers @nerdybookclub  http://ow.ly/tS9r304OOs1  #BookList

101 Books To #ReadAloud To Kids Before Kindergarten, by age, from @growingbbb  Classic + classic-to-be #kidlit  https://t.co/0Ylwem4mm1

20 Titles to Celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth#Biographies, #Nonfiction & #Poetry | a @literacious #BookList https://t.co/HhfzcTOLc7

DollBonesScary & Non-Scary #Halloween Novels for Family #ReadAloud Time | a @momandkiddo #BookList https://t.co/2S3HSnt1Eh

There seems to be some sort of mini-trend of #kidlit featuring Hamsters | @MsYingling reviews 3 http://ow.ly/CYOQ304QCCr 

Come Out Come Out Wherever Your Are - #YA Reads to Thrill and Chill for Halloween http://ow.ly/56zr304ONXF  #BookList from @yabooksandmore


In case you missed it this weekend: #Cybils Nominations are Open | Here's the official scoop w/ links  #kidlit #YA http://ow.ly/DylQ304OOi0 

#Cybils Nominations Are Open | Details + reasons why you should care from @semicolonblog  http://ow.ly/WqQD304OOAs  #kidlit #YA

CharmedChildren#Cybils Nominations Have Started. @brandymuses shares some eligible titles in Elem/MG Speculative Fiction http://ow.ly/MuVV304OOHD  #kidlit

Big List of #Cybils 2016 Nomination Suggestions by category from Jennifer Wharton http://ow.ly/r3G7304OOPg  #nonfiction #EasyReaders + more

Some additional #Cybils recommendations from @charlotteslib | books published last fall that might be overlooked http://ow.ly/zJzX304OQ1e 

Diversity + Gender

The Ridiculous Crusade for Gender-Neutral Toys, @JVLast @Acculturatedsays kids "gender the heck out of them" anyway https://t.co/dlqCsXdBSX

Growing Bookworms

InfamousRatsos Reviews of Books for Beginning Readers posted in Sept 2016, rounded up by @mrskatiefitz http://ow.ly/mJrI304ONjx  #EasyReaders #ChapterBooks

All parents who #ReadAloud to kids must read: The #PictureBook as Family Phrase Generator — @FuseEight  http://ow.ly/BJWw304QC70 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

For bloggers, @op_booklover started a discussion on whether or not people #review everything that they #read http://ow.ly/1JFZ304OHfa 

LilyAndDunkin"Silent censorship is often the culprit" | Strong words on Sharing (books) Bravely by @DGephartWrites @nerdybookclub https://t.co/jauOphgu6j

Schools and Libraries

#Schools Learn Expensive Lesson on #ClassSize | tradeoffs in spending, flexibility, $ for arts, etc. @mcjomcg @WSJ https://t.co/dAKMD6uzuh

Why toys should be in every #library children’s department—and how to make it happen @lisagkropp @sljournal  http://ow.ly/5rhA304Oh9f  #play

Photo essay: The Pigeon (from @The_Pigeon) is hiding in various locations in @MrBenjiMartin 's school #library

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 30: #BannedBooksWeek, #HispanicHeritageMonth + #GrowthMindset

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Not included here are various posts about the Cybils Award judges as well as the descriptions for the various categories. Please visit the #Cybils blog to see these. Topics this week include #DiverseBooks, #GrowthMindset, #KidLitCon, #math, Boston Globe - Horn Book Awards, Gene Luen Yang, grades, growing bookworms, Hispanic Heritage Month, magic portals, Picture Book Month, and reading choice. 


AmericanBornChineseHow MacArthur ‘Genius’ Gene Luen Yang plans to use resources to expand #ReadingWithoutWalls + his other efforts http://ow.ly/5hjL304vKd2  @WSJ

It's 2016 Boston Globe - @HornBook  #PictureBook Award Day  http://ow.ly/27II304zPLV  #kidlit

Book Lists

25 Titles to Celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth#PictureBooks | a @literacious#BookList  http://ow.ly/Q5FG304xEji  #DiverseBooks

25 Title to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month – Middle Grade & #YA | @literacious #BookList http://ow.ly/r8RX304vtth  #DiverseBooks #kidlit

Children's + Young Adult Fiction Featuring a Child w/ an Incarcerated Parent http://ow.ly/9PTd304EUYA  #BookList from @MitaliPerkins #kidlit

Books for Kids to help with navigating Death and Grief http://ow.ly/p4Qk304zOku  | #BookList from @growingbbb #kidlit #PictureBooks

Children’s Books That Tackle Race and Ethnicity | #BookList from @mariarussonyt http://ow.ly/ND6I304xC77  #kidlit #WeNeedDiverseBooks

A Tuesday Ten from @TesseractViews | #kidlit featuring Magical Gateways / portals to other realms (wardrobe, etc.) https://t.co/EU8mggHZDl

The Sibling Reality: When #PictureBooks Stop Being Nice + Start Getting Real — short #BookList from mom @fuseeight http://ow.ly/dG0w304EVdd 

Diverse Books

Kids' Books Featuring #Diverse Characters Are More Likely to Be Banned http://ow.ly/xdxZ304CWpz  @PENamerican @ElectricLit @PWKidsBookshelf

Events + Programs

Picture-Book-Month-Calendar-2016-300x2322016 #PictureBookMonth Champions Announced! #kidlit authors, illustrators+ more http://ow.ly/qVSf304CuWD  @PictureBkMonth @AuthorDianneDLC

The focus of #BannedBooksWeek 2016 is on celebrating #DiverseBooks http://ow.ly/e4QB304zQ5c  | @HornBook #kidlit #YA

How @aquafortis is Celebrating #BannedBooksWeek + list of frequently challenged books w/ #diverse content http://ow.ly/rk3l304CvFB 

Growing Bookworms

Three simple words from a doctor that changed a child's life: "let him read" by @RobertHoge @nerdybookclub https://t.co/uRS4HBgAAb

Students reading books that are just ok will not inspire further reading + is a #reading crisis says @pernilleripp https://t.co/Nd5OT4Oy0y

Growth Mindset

MathematicalMidsetsTeacher shares How "Mathmatical Mindsets" by @joboaler showed her she's not "dumb" re #math @alicekeeler @FresnoBee https://t.co/BHvul9lABP

Thoughts from @katsok on the Beauty of Failure - learning + becoming more understanding of others http://ow.ly/v2cL304vs00  #GrowthMindset

A teacher changed Perspective on Grades b/c students who receive comments only show the most #growth http://ow.ly/f8if304vswj  @hhschiaravalli 



Early Bird registration for #KidlitCon 2016 (Wichita, 10/14-15) closes 9/30. Don't miss this chance to talk #kidlit

#KidLit + #YA bloggers + fans, #KidLitCon 2016 is your chance to meet keynotes @AS_King + Clare Vanderpool in person http://ow.ly/G10m304vxA2 

New project: The Backlist! from @bkshelvesofdoom will cover older books + stories, at least 5 years old http://ow.ly/xi2R304EVQc  #kidlit #YA

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Just for fun: Famous Illustrators’ Depictions of Knitting Ranked in Order of Competency — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/u5gm304vrAB 

And for more fun, @Lauri14o is doing #PictureBook Personals | installment 2 features a certain monkey http://ow.ly/oJCr304vrHr  #kidlit

In Praise of the E-Reader from new convert @sunlitpages  http://ow.ly/CAKJ304EWY1  #reading


RaiseAnAdultStanford Dean Says Parents are Ruining Their kids By Overparenting http://ow.ly/Wbf1304AB0T  #DailyCrackle @RaiseAnAdult | give them chores

Schools and Libraries

Boys & Learning: Build, Design, Create & Experiment by @TrevorHCairney  http://ow.ly/lUlF304EUFr  | Many lessons fail to actively engage boys

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 23: Tons of Links on Growing Readers

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Not included are the live tweets that I did of the Cybils panelist announcement, as there were many of those. You can find the lists of panelists on the Cybils blog. Other topics this week include #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #PictureBooks, #WorldReadAloudDay, Growing Bookworms, Harry Potter, introversion, kidlitosphere, libraries, Mo Willems, parenting, reading aloud, reading choice, recess, school librarians, and schools.

Book Lists + Awards

Big News: National Ambassador for Young People's Lit Gene Luen Yang Named MacArthur Fellow http://ow.ly/TgQF304tkOF  @sljournal #kidlit

TheStorytellerOur Favorite Children's #PictureBooks of 2016 (Part 3), a @momandkiddo #BookList http://ow.ly/wP0w304mt2a  @storybreathing @evanturkart + more

Making new friends -- #PictureBooks for the new school year (ages 4-8), #BookList from @MaryAnnScheuer  http://ow.ly/HKM5304msxu 

A Tuesday Ten from @TesseractViews | #ScienceFiction in #PictureBooks  http://ow.ly/h1IH304iTAu  #BookList

6 New #PictureBooks That Celebrate Autumn recommended by @rebeccazdunn  http://ow.ly/KJnI304qT7R  #kidlit #BookList

WorstPrincessPrincesses with Attitude: My Top Ten Princess Books (UK published) by Emma Barnes @AwfullyBigBlog  http://ow.ly/nQrA304iTHw  #BookList

Favorite Preschool #Science Books, from thinking like a scientist to life-, earth-, physical sciences http://ow.ly/DiAT304iaEq  @growingbbb

Always interesting: Newbery / Caldecott 2017: Fall Prediction Edition — @fuseeight  http://ow.ly/IB4n304msma  #kidlit #PictureBooks


Changes Are Fun, Part Whatever | Meet our new #Cybils Fiction #PictureBook chair, @debnance (replacing @readingtub ) http://ow.ly/2YEk304mtPh 


MangoAbuelaMeLots of #DiverseBooks news + #writing links in today's Cynsational News & Resources @CynLeitichSmith  http://ow.ly/QQQ2304ibUq  #kidlit

Events + Programs

Sign up to Skype with an Author on #WorldReadAloudDay 2017! http://ow.ly/OJsg304qITk  #WRAD @KateMessner #ReadAloud

Growing Bookworms

Cutting parents whose babies just aren't interested in #ReadingAloud yet some much-deserved slack @HornBook http://ow.ly/lDqP304mEPa 

IllustratedHarryPotter1One librarian/parent's perhaps controversial thoughts on Why the Public #Library Does Not Need Toys by @mrskatiefitz http://ow.ly/k0RB304oBJe 

One Mom's Opinion on When to Read #HarryPotter to her kids from @sunlitpages http://ow.ly/HFtb304oDtu  #ReadAloud

"Planning for reading + being picky about our book choices is important" esp. for reluctant readers @nerdybookclub https://t.co/wkPuSlFox7

A Few Ideas For Better Book Shopping, an important skill (teaching kids how to find great books) from @pernilleripp https://t.co/L4dT2FAOkZ

Sigh: Parents spend 25% less on books for boys, study reveals @thebookseller via @PWKidsBookshelf  http://ow.ly/Jooh304tPJb  #RaisingReaders

NarniaWardrobeWhy you should never stop #ReadingAloud to your kid by @feistyredhair @TreeHugger  http://ow.ly/Vy1b304ibnw  via @tashrow

Heathy diet linked to improved #reading skills in children, per study from Finland http://ow.ly/fM5S304ibap  via @tashrow

8 ways that being a #reader benefits kids | @alessiamariee @POPSUGAR  http://ow.ly/idZT304i9Xw  #RaisingReaders via @PWKidsBookshelf

Interesting: Lift-the-flap books may hinder toddlers from learning new words @ScienceDaily http://ow.ly/6dKB304i9yV  via @PWKidsBookshelf

9 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Interested in #Reading and #Storytelling from @MarjorieIngall @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/KsXx304rtSh 

Why You Should Read Challenging Books To Kids, Plus 8 (multicultural) Recommendations @bustle  http://ow.ly/I1pF304tPOf  via @PWKidsBookshelf


I could relate to this piece by @raisinghappines | Please Stop Interrupting Me! How interruptions make us irritable https://t.co/9axmNlZhmE


Lots of #kidlit tidbits in today's Fusenews @fuseeight | @CeceBellBooks  @100scopenotes @SevenImp + more http://ow.ly/YPiV304iapQ 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

CookieFiasco#KidLit: Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! Notes from @momsradius on new #EarlyReader series edited by @The_Pigeon  http://ow.ly/26XU304iU8O 


Get Your Children Good and Dirty (+to eat better +to avoid extra antibiotics) - Microbes crucial to our health  @WSJ https://t.co/aMeJ5ie3gT

One Mom’s Journey Raising a Child with Bipolar Disorder @DGephartWrites @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/PaGV304ruc1  #Parenting

Schools and Libraries

UK-focused, true everywhere: #School #librarians, a precious resource under threat by Linda Strachan @AwfullyBigBlog http://ow.ly/JXYZ304jOIh 

CatInTheHatIntellectual Freedom + the Leveling of #BeginningReaders: When #Library Values Clash by @DanielleBookery http://ow.ly/d0Se304qV52 

Top Ten Things from #nErDcampMI We Want to Try in Our Work by #teachers for teachers @ClareandTammy  @nerdybookclub https://t.co/5cR2woLu62

A reminder from @sxwiley of a failed chance in which he gave kids an answer instead of letting them think it through http://ow.ly/F4Wn304mF2S  

Long Island School District Doubles Recess Time For K-5, Should Other Districts Follow? @SayvillePatch http://ow.ly/9Hpn304jP3n  @drdouggreen

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 16: More #Cybils News, Mathical Awards, #DiverseBooks + #Joy

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #STEM, asperger's syndrome, book awards, Growing Bookworms, math, play, publishing, Raising Readers, read aloud, Rick Riordan, teaching, the Cybils Awards, and World Book Day.


SecretCodersPress Release Fun @FuseEight | Mathical Book Prize Now Accepting Submissions for 2016 http://ow.ly/dQAW3044dfp  #kidlit encouraging #math :-)

I find there are too many #kidlit awards to cover. Luckily @CynLeitichSmith has this Summer Awards Roundup http://ow.ly/IKv9304dgMN 

New Geisel Award Infographic by @100scopenotes http://ow.ly/ztiO3044doH  #EarlyReaders #DrSeuss @The_Pigeon #kidlit

Book Lists

WaitingForBiblioburro13 #PictureBooks That Celebrate Hispanic Heritage | Wesley Salazar @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/G633304dh65  via @literacious #DiverseBooks

Best #ReadAloud Books for 4th Grade, a @momandkiddo #BookList http://ow.ly/qlZd3048TQk  @lspark @kaaauthor @wenmass + more

Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome, w/ #BookList + personal reflections from teacher + mom Claire Noland http://ow.ly/DiNl3048Teo  

The Failed Presidential Campaigns of Children’s Book Characters — a #bookList from @100scopenotes  http://ow.ly/FZfU304fTjR 


Applications for 2016 #Cybils Judges Are Now Closed. Thank you to those who applied. Panelists to be announced 9/21 http://ow.ly/607j304fUUC 

New #Cybils blog post: Meet the 2016 Organizers: Stephanie Charlfour, Chair of new #Audiobooks category | @scharle4 http://ow.ly/2r5b304bE2z 

New #Cybils blog post: Meet the 2016 Organizers: Jennie Rothschild, Middle Grade and #YA #NonFiction @kidsilkhaze http://ow.ly/cnB1304byig 

Cybils-Logo-2016-Round-LgNew on the #Cybils blog: Meet the 2016 Organizers: Melissa Wiley, #YA Fiction Chair | @melissawiley http://ow.ly/Rk3e304by5A 

On the #Cybils blog: Meet the 2016 Organizers: Karen Yingling, Middle Grade Fiction Chair @MsYingling  http://ow.ly/e7ll3049dEn  #kidlit

On the #Cybils blog: Meet the 2016 Organizers: Charlotte Taylor, Elem + MG Speculative Fiction Chair http://ow.ly/Pedy3048XkX  @charlotteslib

On the #Cybils blog: Meet the 2016 Organizers: Jone MacCulloch, #Poetry Chair http://ow.ly/Romo3048X2I  @JoneMac53

Blog Post: Meet the 2016 #Cybils Organizers: Jennifer Wharton, Elementary/Juvenile #NonFiction Chair http://ow.ly/GyAx3044JYX  #kidlit

Blog Post: Meet the 2016 #Cybils Organizers: Liz Jones, #GraphicNovels Chair  http://ow.ly/tz8h3044rut  @lizjonesbooks

Blog post: Meet the 2016 #Cybils Organizers: Jodie Rodriguez, #EasyReaders /Early Chapter Book Chair http://ow.ly/c81Q3044eNV  @growingbbb

Diversity + Gender

TwelveSummer Girls & Women in Children's-YA Lit Roundup by @CynLeitichSmith  http://ow.ly/Jtii3048RWI  #kidlit #YA #gender

The Uncomfortable Truth About #Diversity + Children's Books @DashkaSlater @MotherJones  http://ow.ly/B8mP304do4o 

Events + Programs

World Book Day 2017 targets giving away 1 million books to UK children | @GuardianBooks http://ow.ly/fwtU304bzKV  #literacy #WorldBookDay

Cool: @FirstBook + @NEAFoundation to Bring Thousands of #DiverseBooks, Resources for Children in Need http://ow.ly/52iO3044dEK  via @tashrow

National Ambassador Gene Leun Yang + @CBCBook Kick Off #ReadingWithoutWalls Challenge for kids http://ow.ly/l7jy304fSoB  #DiverseBooks #kidlit

Growing Bookworms

Gruffalo1/3 of UK parents admit skipping pages in bedtime stories because they are tired @MailOnline  http://ow.ly/xP4d3044e30  via @tashrow #Reading

Welcome, families! — @HornBook launches new Family #Reading Blog http://ow.ly/YqCT304dhmm  #RaisingReaders #kidlit

A few observations on The Subtle Genius of #FredRogers from @mrskatiefitz  http://ow.ly/oJk2304bwwU  #teaching #MisterRogers

Old but good: Helpful Tips for Parents on How Not To #Read to Your Children @MarjorieIngall @tabletmag https://t.co/S0olSSru59

8 Things Your Kid's #Teacher Wishes You'd Do at Home to support #Reading development http://ow.ly/oSMU304fRK9  @dcorneal @ReadBrightly

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

ThroneOfFireThis makes sense: @DisneyHyperion Announces New Rick Riordan Imprint for mythology-based #kidlit http://ow.ly/A6jK304bzqO  @camphalfblood

Makes You Appreciate Traditional Publishers: @gail_gauthier discusses issues she often sees in self-published books http://ow.ly/a5zq304bw7Y 

The most recent @HornBook podcast features the #Kidlitosphere's own @SevenImp http://ow.ly/oTHi3048WcF  #kidlit @TheNiblings4 @FuseEight


Want to Raise Successful Kids? Here's what science says to do for #gifted kids @BillMurphyJr http://ow.ly/oTpM3048WNI  @CarrieMarshall1

Schools and Libraries

CrushschoolFood for thought: I Stopped Lecturing, Because I Want My #Students To Learn - @focus2achieve @BAMRadioNetwork https://t.co/PWTeRluRXL 

On how bringing joy back into the #classroom and into the #teaching profession would solve the teacher shortage https://t.co/TnMB8kcsLX

"The worst thief is he who steals the playtime of children." (W.D. Haywood quoted by @sxwiley  http://ow.ly/SGEj3048Reo  #play #JoyOfLearning


Research-Based Solutions to Address #Math Anxiety (w/ references) from @MIND_Research http://ow.ly/XRch304byFc  #STEM

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 9: The #Cybils, #TalkLikeAPirateDay + Standing Desks

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #PictureBooks, #ReadAloud, Anna Dewdney, Cybils Awards, growing bookworms, libraries, parenting, reading, schools, self-reliance, STEM, STEAM, and testing. 


So sad: Author Anna Dewdney didn’t want a funeral. She said read to a child instead. http://ow.ly/EhwT303ZDmT  @ElaheIzadi @washingtonpost

Book Lists

In the #Classroom: Ice-Breaker #ReadAlouds (for the First Week of School) from 4th grade #teacher @medinger https://t.co/4KxBigD0pP

#BackToSchool #PictureBook Round-Up from @RandomlyReading  http://ow.ly/hwE4303ZUtG  #kidlit #BookList

Best Classic #FairyTale #PictureBooks, a @momandkiddo #BookList https://t.co/66UqI6e1t3

A Tuesday Ten @TesseractViews | Speculative Middle Grade Characters: Ten Girls Every Reader Should Meet http://ow.ly/fJJQ303ZUeg  #kidlit

#School Stories (elementary to middle school) to Help Kids Thrive from @housefullbkwrms http://ow.ly/PYrb303WSz0  #kidlit


Cybils-Logo-2016-Round-SmExciting news! The #Cybils organization is now officially a not-for-profit corporation http://ow.ly/pPB6303UJ7y  #kidlit #YA #blogging

Blog post: Meet the 2016 #Cybils Organizers: Anne Levy, Executive Director  http://ow.ly/vC8S303ZUTd  @zaftigbabe #kidlit #YA 

Blog post: Meet the 2016 #Cybil Organizers: Sheila Ruth, Publisher Liaison  http://ow.ly/KC7X303ZViN  @SheilaRuth #YA

Blog Post: Meet the #Cybils 2016 Organizers: Jen Robinson, #Literacy Evangelist + Social Media Guru  http://ow.ly/mb4K303ZYe9  @JensBookPage

New #Cybils Blog Post: Meet the 2016 Organizers: Sarah Stevenson, Co-Blog Editor  http://ow.ly/mhxl3041Kyn  @aquafortis #YA

#Cybils blog post: Meet the 2016 Organizers: Melissa Fox, Co-Blog Editor (+ this year's #KidLitCon host) http://ow.ly/S9yf3042b9s  @book_nut

Cybil Is Calling | @gail_gauthier suggests that #kidlit bloggers consider applying to judge for #cybils http://ow.ly/xKp6303ROgG 

#Cybils call for judges closes Sept 14 - here's how @melissawiley + @JoneMac53 are sharing w/ poems on Twitter http://ow.ly/bT4g3042aTy 


A roundup of this Summer's Children's-YA Lit #Diversity Conversations from @CynLeitichSmith  http://ow.ly/B0rG303ZUoa  #kidlit #DiverseBooks

Events + Programs

Ten Pirate-y #PictureBooks for International #TalkLikeAPirateDay by @JenniFrencham @nerdybookclub  http://ow.ly/FP3T303ROpf  #BookList 

Tips for helping kids to love #reading, in Time for International #Literacy Day today from @Scholastic + @sljournal  http://ow.ly/PHxY3042aoN 

Growing Bookworms

The Benefits of Not Having TV, from a mom looking to #GrowBookworms http://ow.ly/mkJA303WSk0  @mrskatiefitz #reading

On previewing a book before #classroom #ReadAloud to set kids up for engagement by @frankisibberson  http://ow.ly/G3OS303WR8b 

#RaisingReaders: on using the power of books + #reading to shape future leaders http://ow.ly/PlCC303UW8f  #ReadersAreLeaders @Kateywrites

How to Create Empowered Readers in the #Classroom – A Beginning by teacher @pernilleripp | Start w/ #BookChoice https://t.co/SRwvCU7xzq

I would have loved this Breakfast with #Books program by #teacher @patrickontwit when I was a kid http://ow.ly/zUEr303UPbG  @nerdybookclub

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Food for thought: The Nuanced #PictureBook Biography (covering personal failings) w/ examples @fuseeight  http://ow.ly/ZRNz303WQGL 

Majority of Americans are still #reading print #books | @pewresearch  http://ow.ly/do3q303QCq5  #eBooks

3 Obvious Ways @twitter Promotes #Literacy (for adults + students), starting with "you read more" by @gcouros https://t.co/nyOmPqQNh8


Should We Let Toddlers Play With Saws and Knives? We may be eliminating too many risks from childhood @AlisonGopnik https://t.co/gm8x1ch2X1

Your son will learn to problem-solve in your absence: school sign telling parents to keep their distance goes viral http://ow.ly/bC1J303UQ2F 


You Already Have these 40 Common Household Items to Do #STEAM Projects at Home w/ kids http://ow.ly/nQNA3041L0U  @momandkiddo #STEM

Nice! Girls learn app coding to navigate a way out of their Mumbai slum | @guardian  http://ow.ly/dYRz3041Mta  via @drdouggreen #STEM

Schools and Libraries

What if schools were not only about developing intelligence, but helping kids find theirs in various areas http://ow.ly/rlDE303ZTVl  @gcouros

Could standing desks in #school be the answer to how to keep kids fit? http://ow.ly/9P32303WOXy  @globalnews via @DavidGeurin #fitness

Amazing Children's #Libraries from around the world, w/ photos, by @savitakalhan @AwfullyBigBlog  http://ow.ly/KhXO303UPFD 

Do We Really Have Time for Digital Citizenship in the classroom? @DavidGeurin says we can't afford not to http://ow.ly/Q07g303RP5T 

What Doesn't Work: Classroom #Literacy Practices We Should Abandon per @nellkduke @edutopia http://ow.ly/gFDC303ROHO  via @drdouggreen


How can anyone take #StandardizedTest scores seriously when some kids TRY to do badly? @valeriestrauss @drdouggreen https://t.co/HUXjjtt5yR 

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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 2: Schools, Screen Time, #KidLitCon + #Cybils

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #KidLitCon, beginning readers, celebrity picture books, diverse books, homework, recess, school, Screen Time, the Cybils Awards. video games, writing contest, Mrs. P Storytime, education and The Pigeon. 

Book Lists

TheWildRobotTop Ten Books to Build a Classroom Culture by Cindy Christiansen @nerdybookclub   #school #kidlit https://t.co/yQ6JCCP3Jy

Diverse #EasyReaders that All Kids Will Love, a @momandkiddo #BookList  http://ow.ly/saRH303HbXI  #DiverseBooks

Fall Books for Preschoolers, a @growingbbb  #BookList  http://ow.ly/D3D9303JVaF  #PictureBooks

Books that always work at storytime, chosen by children's librarians http://ow.ly/pM6x303LTfm  @lpbradley @Slate #kidlit #BookList

Review Round-Up: Books for Beginning Readers, August 2016 http://ow.ly/nXY6303Ozla  from @mrskatiefitz #EasyReaders #ChapterBooks

Every Kid Reads in Their Own Way: 7 Children’s Books About #Dyslexia @DeniseSchipani @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/OuKY303JcNf  #kidlit

A Tuesday Ten @TesseractViews | Books that showcase the Dark Side of middle grade fantasy  http://ow.ly/jfR1303LQN6  #kidlit #BookList


Cybils-Logo-2016-Round-LgA Blogger's Must Have Tool for the 2016 #Cybils | Your library card (+ your application to be a judge) http://ow.ly/wHDj303H7TD  @readingtub

#PoetryFriday: The Late Edition with a #CYBILS Announcement from #Poetry Chair @JoneMac53   #kidlit https://t.co/VW7RKHqlU5

It's #Cybils Season! I suggest you consider applying to be a judge, preferably in my category, says Jennifer Wharton http://ow.ly/amXT303F1RY 

Why Bloggers Should Participate in #Cybils + #KidLitCon by @cybils blog editor + KLC16 organizer @book_nut https://t.co/CAOFPq205J

Events + Programs

Mrsp_contest_2016The theme of this year's Be-A-Famous-Writer Contest @MrsPstorytime is #LIBRARIES http://ow.ly/dTrd303CJer  Starts 9/1

The fab @MrsPstorytime is at All the Wonders talking w/ @MatthewWinner  about this year's BE A FAMOUS WRITER contest https://t.co/OHDisHzcJ1

This is cool. Now Arriving on the New York Subway: Free #E-Books, Timed for Your Commute - @nytimes  http://ow.ly/G9f4303JUcz  via @sljournal

September 13th would have been Roald Dahl's 100th birthday | A “Buzzwangling,” “Dahl-icious” Centennial @sljournal  http://ow.ly/Tv7J303JUCl 

Growing Bookworms

Great resource from @rebeccazdunn Learning How To Read: A #BeginningReader Booklist from wordless #PictureBooks up http://ow.ly/XOxp303Hbyh 

The importance of ReadingAloud to your children by @lester_laminack for @Scholastic http://ow.ly/Ay3f303Oz5F  #RaisingReaders


KidLitCon2016LogoSquareGreat #kidlit blogging news: The 2016 #KidLitCon Program was just released http://ow.ly/84NN303CHvA  @charlotteslib @book_nut


"Your perception IS your reality. We can choose to find the positive in negative events" @SeanAThom http://ow.ly/demp303LQni  @BAMRadioNetwork

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

The #PictureBook in 2016: Social Themes and Lessons as observed by @FuseEight http://ow.ly/wdqS303CKop  #MakingMistakes #GenderRoles + more

Critical review of children’s books by celebrities like Jay Leno, John Travolta, + Gloria Estefan @lbennett @Slate https://t.co/OgXf7WBrFW

BabysittersClubThis is awesome: As a Boy, I Was Obsessed With the Baby-Sitters Club Books. I Have No Regrets http://ow.ly/5DCt303Jfoo  @bennettmadison @Slate

This is truly gorgeous: Book lover? This magical destination is a must for your bucket list. http://ow.ly/lPAC303OPuc  @Upworthy

Screen Time

Are screens "digital heroin?" @DTWillingham says this analogy is false + a scare tactic (despite issues w/ screens) http://ow.ly/6lAu303Hd3g 

Positive link (correlation) between video games and academic performance, study suggests @guardian https://t.co/8ju8u5teMb

Playful Learning

Fun stuff: 5 Ways to Use Rocks in the #Classroom by @sxwiley http://ow.ly/3OuW303JeCp  | My daughter always has a bag of rocks around

#Playful Teaching: School Is Supposed To Be Fun @focus2achieve @BAMRadioNetwork http://ow.ly/C9Ai303LPGx  Adapting #PlayfulParenting to class

Schools and Libraries

My daughter would love this idea: Find the (stuffed) Pigeon! in the #library by@MrBenjiMartin http://ow.ly/pEwv303CLjj  @The_Pigeon

Homework: The Great Debate: A proposal for weekly instead of daily #homework by #teacher Cathy Collier http://ow.ly/f6zw303F2fq 

It just shouldn't be this hard: Local Florida Parents Calling for Elementary #Recess http://ow.ly/DKHr303CKYI  @JaxMomsBlog via @drdouggreen

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7 Mantras to Start the School Year @ajjuliani | I like "Failure is an option here..." by @elonmusk  via @drdouggreen http://ow.ly/DEml303JeeH 

4 charts reveal what Americans think about the biggest #education fights, including school closures @ChalkbeatNY https://t.co/WvBVE5DPKK

Eye-opening: What Kids Wish Their #Teachers Knew by Donna De La Cruz  @nytimes http://ow.ly/7mH7303Mfvp  #IWishMyTeacherKnew #schools

It's about students' whole lives: How Clean Clothes Can Help Kids with Chronic Absences at #School | @MindShiftKQED https://t.co/ucOLrMmmJe

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