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Bookstore Owners Tell Parents to Teach Kids to Love Books

Call to Oprah to Champion Children's Books

The Powell's Books blog has a wonderful article calling on Oprah to "leave adult literature to her increasingly snippy, predatory critics and start selecting children's books for her book club." The author, Alexis, is "one of those speciously optimistic advocates of the written word who thinks that if everyone just sat down and read Charlotte's Web there would be world peace." She is concerned, as am I, with how we as a society are going to teach children to be more literate human beings. She suggests that children's literature needs a strong advocate like Oprah, who can get millions of children to "grow up enamored of books, in love with reading". Alexis proceeds to suggest a number of under-read children's books, several of which I fully intend to look into. But don't take my word for it - read Alexis' article.

Be sure to read the comments, too. There is a very interesting ongoing discussion there. After reading the discussion, I'm not sure whether or not having Oprah specifically champion children's books would do the job. But I still think that Alexis makes an excellent point about the need for championship of children's literacy, and the positive outcomes that would come from more children loving books.