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More Comfort Reading: Under-Read Children's Books

A fellow Jen, Jen Rouse, has started a wonderful list of "under-read books" on her site. These are chapter books that she remembers fondly from her childhood. Her list includes such gems as the Emily series by L. M. Montgomery, the Green Knowe series by L. M. Boston, and the Great Brain books. I completely agree with Jen's comments about the books. These books are like old friends to me, too. When I see them in the library or the bookstore, I want to stop and give them a little pat to say hello. The only ones on Jen's list that I haven't read are the Alvin Fernald books -- I'll have to check those out soon.

I should also admit that Jen's post mentions this website, and perhaps it's a bit too much relentless self-promotion for me to link back to it. But I do really think that if you enjoy this site, the books on Jen's list will make you smile. Happy Reading -- Jen

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