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Quotes from Robert Munsch About Family Literacy

Canada is gearing up for Family Literacy Day (January 27th), and beloved children's author Robert Munsch will be visiting with the Lee family of Calgary to do some storytelling. Mr. Munsch is the honorary chairman of Family Literacy Day, and, as you would expect, is a big proponent of raising children who love books. In an article in today's Toronto Star he is quoted on family literacy:

"Encouraging literacy for kids is all about promoting reading in a family setting, says Munsch.

"If the parents don't read, if there are no books in the house, kids don't read," he says. "In a busy world, kids' literacy is under siege. It takes time to read with a kid. A good adult can decode a story in a way that keeps the kid happy.

"Turn off the TV for an hour a night," he advises. "Read in front of your kids. Have books in the house.""

Everything he said sounds great to me! I suggest that everyone with kids, whether in Canada or not, should take these words to heart, and celebrate Family Literacy Day. You can also visit Robert Munsch's website. Happy Reading -- Jen