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Read from the Start: The Library Lady

The Library Lady (a children's librarian and mother of two) has just begun a series of articles dedicated to helping parents to boost reading skills in their children. This first entry in the series is about building babies' language skills - why it's important, when and how to start, and what types of books you should read to infants specifically. She particularly recommends books with color photos, saying:

"Babies will respond a great deal more to pictures of familiar objects, particularly when they are full face front types. Side profiles and cluttered pictures are more than their developing eyesight can handle at first. And they will especially love pictures of other babies--especially baby faces."

The article is filled with these sorts of concrete recommendations, as well as book suggestions. If you are interested in teaching children to love books, you should definitely check it out. You might also enjoy The Library Lady's earlier article about remembering picture books from childhood. There's a great discussion in the comments section in which readers reminisce about their own childhood favorites. Happy Reading! -- Jen