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Recent Children's Book Recommendations from Friends

Recent Children's Book Recommendations from the Web

Here is a recap of book recommendations that I've read lately around the web that have inspired me to add books to my Kids Recommended list.

  • CAROLYN CRIMI and JOHN MANDERS (illustrator). Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies (ages 4-8). I added this after reading a review on the Kid Lit blog, maintained by Tasha Saecker, the director of the Caestecker Public Library in Green Lake, WI. The book is about a pirate bunny who is a bookworm, and eventually saves the day through his book knowledge.
  • ANNA DALE: Dawn Undercover (ages 9-12). I read a great review of it at Kelly Herold's Big A little a blog. It's about an ordinary 11-year-old whose very invisibility causes her to be recruited as a sply.
  • BRUCE MCMILLAN: The Problem With Chickens (New York Times Best Illustrated Books (Awards)) (ages 4-8). This book is on the NY Times and Publishers Weekly top 10 lists for best children's books of 2005, and was also recommended by Parents Magazine. It's about two old women in Iceland who get chickens to lay eggs, but have a problem when the chickens stop laying eggs. The artwork is by an artist from Iceland. I read about it in a children's book newsletter put out by Publisher's Weekley.
  • SEBASTIAN MESCHENMOSER: Learning to Fly (baby/preschool). This book is not yet published, but I read a review of it at the Big A little a blog. It's about a penguin trying to learn to fly, and was translated from German.
  • MICHAELA MUNTEAN: Do Not Open This Book. This book recently received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly. It's apparently a funny book with reverse psychology (why are you reading this, I told you not to open it) that will be good for read-aloud.
  • LEMONY SNICKET: The End of the Series of Unfortunate Events. On Friday, January 13th Harper Collins announced that the next Friday the 13th (in October) will bring about publication of hte final book in this unfortunate series. I read the announcement at the Book Moot website. Despite the prophecies of doom, I know that kids will be happy about the book's publication.
  • DUGALD STEER, ANNE YVONNE GILBERT, and HELEN WARD: Pirateology (Ologies). I read on the Wands and Worlds blog that this book has been slated for publication on July 11th (at least according to Amazon). I know several kids who will be eagerly awaiting the book's release.

I hope that you find these recommendations useful. Thanks for reading! -- Jen

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