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Children's Books as Comfort Reading

Starting Kids on the Path to Reading

Today's Whistler Question (from British Columbia, Canada) includes a column by Jomichele Seidl, the children’s and youth services librarian at the Whistler Public Library. The column is about "Starting kids on the reading path". Ms. Seidl discusses why literacy is important, reviews a new literacy program for babies in Canada, and concludes with some concrete tips for keeping kids reading. Her suggestions are very straightforward, such as:

"As much as possible, let children choose whatever is appealing to them. Don’t insist that they choose all of their books at a prescribed reading level, and try to refrain from criticizing their taste in books. Sometimes they just need a nice, comfortable, entertaining book that isn’t so challenging."

The Whistler's formatting of the web article could use a bit of work, but the article is still a nice reminder about the importance of raising kids who love books. You should take a look! -- Jen