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Children's Literacy Round-Up: Feb. 17

Another Children's Literature Reference on Lost

Last night I noticed another children's literature reference on my favorite TV show, Lost (see my previous post about literature references in Lost here). In last night's episode (this is not much of a spoiler if you haven't watched yet), the ever-abrasive Sawyer calls the less-than-svelte Hurley "Babar". Surely this is a reference to the beloved children's classic Babar Books by Jean de Brunhoff.

Babar, for those of you who don't remember him, is a young elephant. Not the kindest children's book reference to choose in describing Hurley, but in keeping with Sawyer's character. Personally, I think Hurley is more like Paddington Bear, but with a more wry sense of humor. Though actually, now that I think about it, Babar is pretty lovable, too.