Children's Literacy Round-Up: Feb. 10
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Bonus Questions on Favorite Children's Book Meme

On February 7th I took up a challenge posted by Shelly about listing favorite children's series, favorite non-series books, and favorite children's characters. You can see my answers to Shelly's three questions here.

Shelly's "booked by three" question has since been re-christened a "meme", and has been making the rounds of children's book blogs. I've seen it on Mental Multivitamin, Once Upon a Story, A Chair, A Fireplace And a Tea Cozy, Big A little a, Chicken Spaghetti, Book Moot, Here in the Bonny Glen, and Scholar's Blog. There are many great books discussed - reflecting on beloved books is obviously an irresistable topic - and I recommend that you check out some of the discussion.

Along the way, Susan at Chicken Spaghetti added three bonus questions, to which I will respond here.

1. Who wrote your least favorite childhood books?

This is tough, because I didn't spend time with books that I didn't like. But I was traumatized by an audio version of The Hobbit, filled with high-pitched singing of poems. It was like fingernails on a chalkboard. I still shudder thinking about it. So I would have to say Tolkien. But I don't really dislike his books as a whole.

2. What was the saddest  moment in  your childhood reading?

While it's hard to top Beth dying in Little Women, I also cried over the news of Sara's father's death in A Little Princess.

3. Which adult book scared the bejeezus out of you?

I'm going to list three here. I was completely creeped out by The Amityville Horror, Sybil, and Flowers In The Attic.