Booked by Three: Children's Books
Literacy Advocate Shares His Passion for Kids Reading

Investing in the Libary Children's Section

Thanks to the Read Alert blog (a youth literature blog from the State Library of Victoria in Australia) for linking to a column that I enjoyed from the latest edition of Bookslut. The column, written by James Stegall, urges investment in the children's section of the library. Mr. Stegall, a "single parent on a budget" considers children's library books to be "investments in the future, and vital if we want libraries of the future to be anything more than Internet cafes." He goes into considerable detail about factors that he has noticed in different libraries that "make some better than others." Although many of the things that he describes cost money, he also discusses other things that matter, particularly volunteers. As a library volunteer myself (for the Foundation and Friends of the Santa Clara City Library) I was pleased to see his call for volunteers. And as a supporter of both children's books and libraries, I loved this description:

"A great children's section at the library is a respite for children and parents, a place where kids can feel safe and surrounded by knowledge and wonder."

Who could ask for more than that? If the above description warmed your heart a little, I recommend that you read James Stegall's column. And, of course, visit your library children's section whenver you have the chance. Happy Reading! -- Jen