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Literacy Advocate Shares His Passion for Kids Reading

The Cochrane Times in Alberta, Canada had an article today about Canadian author and literacy champion David Bouchard. According to the article, Mr. Bouchard is so passionate about getting kids reading that he inspires audiences in both the U.S. and Canda. "Something I have felt for years now is that the one single greatest thing we can offer our kids that we’re not doing is give them the gift of reading," he is quoted as saying.

Mr. Bouchard is a particularly strong advocate of the idea that for kids to grow up loving books, their parents have to also read books (though he assures parents that they don't have to read well - they just have to enjoy reading). He has a couple of books on this topic (For the Love of Reading: Books to Build Lifelong Readers and The Gift of Reading: A Guide for Educators and Parents), which are high up on my "to read" list.

The Cochrane Times article also said that Mr. Bouchard gives out books instead of candy on Halloween. How cool is that? (OK, I would have wanted books AND chocolate as a kid, but if everyone else was giving out candy, I would have found the house giving out books pretty darned cool.) Anyway, check out the full article for other interesting tidbits. You can also visit Mr. Bouchard's very slick website (it's set up a like a book, with pages that you turn by clicking in the lower corner). Happy Reading! -- Jen