Another Kid Lit Reference on Lost
One More Lost Literary Reference: Henry Gale

Adults Reading Children's Books

Thanks to Kelly at Big A little a for pointing out this article by Katherine A. Powers in yesterday's Boston Globe. The article is entitled "A drafty castle and other teenage troubles". It's about the reading of children's books by adults, which regular readers of this blog will know is something that I have long advocated. My favorite line from Ms. Powers' article is "I like nothing so much as sitting around reading novels written for children." I couldn't agree more!

I have to admit that I'm not quite with her on enjoying Jonathan Stroud's ''Bartimaeus Trilogy", which I tried to listen to on MP3 and found off-putting. But I'm behind her 100% philosophically on the idea that adults should read and re-read the best children's books. You should check out the article yourself.