Children's Literacy Round-Up: March 10
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Programs That Focus on Giving Books to Kids

Earlier this week, I wrote about Three Programs that Put Books into People's Hands. Gregory K. of the new blog GottaBook commented on that post, and suggested a couple of other southern California-based programs. He also mentioned in a post on his blog the Wonder of Reading's Explore-A-Story fundraiser, to be held tomorrow, March 12th. So many great programs that focus on getting kids excited about books, and on putting books into kids' hands!

This back and forth with Gregory inspired me to start a new list of links in my blog sidebar (look on the right-hand side, and scroll down to immediately below the Books on Raising Readers section) of Programs That Focus on Giving Books to Kids. I've classified the programs by location first, so that you can quickly look for programs in your state. I only actually have a half-dozen or so listed so far, but I welcome suggestions for others.

One of my current favorites is the Cops-N-Kids program, through which police officers give books to local kids, thus promoting a positive interest in books, and strengthening ties between local kids and the police officers.

Of course there are lots of other wonderful literacy-related programs, too, and I link to many in another sidebar list. But I thought that a state-by-state listing of programs that focus on providing books to kids would be nice to have. Happy Reading! -- Jen