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Fibs are Famous

Congratulations to Gregory K., inventor of the new poetry format the Fib (see my earlier description of Fibs here, and Greg's initial post about Fibs here)! As announced yesterday on several blogs, the New York Times published an article about Fibs and their creator. The article includes a picture of Greg, as well as the text of several Fibs. I just think that it's amazing that a blogger can have a neat idea, see it catch on across the blog universe, and end up in the mainstream media. Very, very cool!

Also, in a funny example of synchronicity, I happened to read just yesterday a children's book that features Fibonacci numbers: Justine Larbalestier's Magic or Madness. The main character, Reason, adds up Fibonacci numbers in her head to keep herself centered during stressful situations. She also notes occurrences of Fibonacci numbers in nature, and takes note when she happens to see a number anywhere (like a phone number) that is a Fibonacci number. Like Gregory K., Reason affectionately refers to Fibonacci numbers as Fibs (not the poems, just the numbers). Fibs truly are everywhere. Happy Friday!