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Like Fibs, I'm Famous, Too

Last Friday I wrote a post called Fibs are Famous, congratulating Gregory K. for the tremendous success of his new poetry form, the Fib. Today I learned, through her kind email, that Melissa McNamara quoted my post in her weekly Blogophile column about must-read blogs on In one section of the column, Melissa re-caps the Fib phenomenon, closing the section with this quote from me: "I just think that it's amazing that a blogger can have a neat idea, see it catch on across the blog universe, and end up in the mainstream media. Very, very cool!

I continue to enjoy watching the spread of the Fib phenomenon, secure in the knowledge that I was an "early adopter" to the trend. Even apart from the reference to myself, I enjoyed the rest of Melissa's column, too. The section on "How Not to Get a Job" is particularly entertaining.

Happy Blogging, All!