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More Programs that Focus on Children's Literacy

Gregory K. over at Gotta Book (now famous for his invention of Fibonacci-series-based poems called Fibs) sent me this link. It's to a web page maintained by Lee & Low Books that contains links to "organizations that offer educational and/or literacy grants." Lee & Low's list includes several programs that I was not familiar with, including:

  • The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. The mission of this foundation is "to establish literacy as a value in every family in America." The foundation has an annual grant competition. Winners were announced on April 7, 2006. Winners were awarded "a total of $637,851.09 to develop or expand ten programs that will improve the literacy skills of parents and their children." You can find the list of winners here.
  • The Carnegie Corporation of New York Advancing Literacy Initiative. "Advancing Literacy, a relatively new subprogram of the Education Division, was developed after an extensive review that included consultations with the nation’s leading practitioners and researchers. We learned that the teaching of reading in kindergarten through the third grade is well supported with research, practice and policy, but that the knowledge base for how to teach reading for grades beyond this point is very thin." The initiative thus focuses on examining and supporting literacy research for grades 4 through 12.
  • Global Fund for Children Books for Kids. "Global Fund for Children donates materials to children through community organizations that demonstrate a pressing need. These donations help local groups expand their educational resources and facilitate dialogue about diversity and multiculturalism."
  • The Milagro Foundation. This organization makes grants to grass-roots, community-based organizations that work with children in the area of health, education, and the arts. "Priority is given to programs that can prove to make a lasting impact on children" (as literacy programs would, I imagine).

Other literacy programs mentioned on the Lee & Low page include those from: Barnes and Noble, First Book, National Endowment for the Humanities, Starbucks, Target, and The Wallace Foundation. They also have a great list of programs that give grants to schools, and several links to grant-writing resources. My thanks to Gregory for pointing out this great resource to me!