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Johnny Damon Returns to Fenway Park

This post isn't about books (though there are some great books about the Boston Red Sox, especially Fenway Park From a to Z, a Childrens Book By the Red Sox Wives and For the Love of the Red Sox: An A-To-Z Primer for Red Sox Fans of All Ages, both of which all Red Sox fans with small children should own).

No, today's post is about Johnny Damon, the traitor who left the Red Sox to go play for the evil empire, the Yankees, leaving behind many devastated fans. Today, Johnny Damon will  return to Fenway Park in his Yankee's uniform for the first time. I'll be interested to see how the fans greet him. Red Sox fans often remain on perfectly friendly terms with former players (Orlando Cabrerra comes to mind). We understand that baseball is a business, and that people get traded away. But this is a special case. Johnny was a tremendous fan favorite, and he abandoned us over money, to go to the Dark Side.

Mheir and I don't know what to do with our signed Johnny Damon ball (acquired during the 2004 season, after the Red Sox swept the Oakland A's). We remain convinced that our mystical devotion to this ball helped the Red Sox to win the 2004 World Series (you have to be a Red Sox fan to even begin to understand that). We put it in a special case, prominently displayed in our living room. What do we do with it now? I'm not sure of the answer to that, but I'm sure that I'll be watching at 4:00 PST (thank goodness for satellite TV) to see how the fans who are fortunate enough to be at Fenway respond. At least we were able to snatch Doug Mirabelli back from the precipice, and I know that Mirabelli get a tremendous welcome today (especially from Tim Wakefield)!

Anyway, since this is a blog about books, here are some books that Mheir and I have picked up since the 2004 World Series:

Happy Summer!