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Booklist Top 10 Mystery and Suspense

I've been on a bit of a kids mystery kick recently, so I was pleased to see that the May 1st issue of Booklist features a list of Top 10 Mystery/Suspense Books for Youth. Written by Gillian Engberg, the list highlights books reviewed by Booklist within the past 12 months. Amazingly, I've only read two of the books on the list: Down the Rabbit Hole : An Echo Falls Mystery by Peter Abrahms (reviewed here) and Shakespeare's Secret by Elise Broach (reviewed here). However, three of the other books on the list were already on my to read list (Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator, Fake I.D., and The Case of the Missing Marquess). I'll have to look into the other five, too. Fortunately, the Booklist article has links to reviews of the books. Some of the reviews require a Booklist online subscription to view them, but others do not. Overall, this list is a must-read for fans of children's mystery and suspense novels.

Hat tip to Kids Lit for sending me to Booklist online.